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VSCode OpenWhisk Extension

This is a prototype extension for Visual Studio Code that enables complete round trip cycles for authoring OpenWhisk actions inside the editor. The key point for this extension is that it has full round trip for open whisk actions (list, create new local, create new remote, update, import from remote system, invoke, etc…) without ever leaving the IDE and makes dev cycles far shorter and easier. It also works for both Swift and JS actions on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Download and run the installer for your platform from the Downloads Section.

Build Status License

Preview of VS Code OpenWhisk extension here:

VS Code OpenWhisk extension video


Latest stable: Download the packaged extension from the releases page.

To install download the extension and drag it into VSCode


OpenWhisk command can be invoked from the Command Palette using the prefix wsk. You can invoke the Command Palette by pressing F1 or by using the key combination CMD Shift P (OS X, there is an equivalent for Windows/Linux).

Command Palette Screenshot


Once you have the extension installed, you will have to run wsk property set inside of VS Code to set the auth and namespace values. These values can be retrieved from either the OpenWhisk CLI using wsk property get or from the web interface.

Util Commands

wsk commands:

 bluemix             launch OpenWhisk console on Bluemix
 docs                open OpenWhisk docs
 property set        set property
 property unset      unset property
 property get        get property
 action              see available commands for OpenWhisk actions

wsk action commands:

 init                create new action boilerplate file
 create              create new action
 sequence            create a new sequence of actions
 update              update an existing action
 invoke              invoke action
 get                 get action
 delete              delete action
 list                list all actions
 rest                display CURL rest invocation parameters


[DEPRECATED] - Visual Studio Code extension (prototype) for authoring OpenWhisk actions inside the editor.





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