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Module Description Module Status
openwhisk Apache OpenWhisk is an open source serverless cloud platform Build Status
openwhisk-apigateway Apache OpenWhisk API Gateway service for exposing actions as REST interfaces. Build Status
openwhisk-catalog Curated catalog of Apache OpenWhisk packages to interface with event producers and consumers Build Status
openwhisk-cli Apache OpenWhisk Command Line Interface (CLI) Build Status
openwhisk-composer Apache OpenWhisk Composer provides a high-level programming model in JavaScript for composing serverless functions Build Status
openwhisk-composer-python Apache OpenWhisk Composer Python provides a high-level programming model in Python for composing serverless functions Build Status
openwhisk-wskdeploy Apache OpenWhisk utility for deploying and managing OpenWhisk projects and packages Build Status


Module Description Module Status
openwhisk-client-go Go client library for the Apache OpenWhisk platform Build Status
openwhisk-client-js JavaScript client library for the Apache OpenWhisk platform Build Status


Module Description Module Status
openwhisk-runtime-deno Apache OpenWhisk Runtime Deno supports Apache OpenWhisk functions written in Deno Build Status
openwhisk-runtime-docker Apache OpenWhisk SDK for building Docker "blackbox" runtimes Build Status
openwhisk-runtime-dotnet Apache OpenWhisk Runtime .Net supports Apache OpenWhisk functions written in .Net languages Build Status
openwhisk-runtime-go Apache OpenWhisk Runtime Go supports Apache OpenWhisk functions written in Go Build Status
openwhisk-runtime-java Apache OpenWhisk Runtime Java supports Apache OpenWhisk functions written in Java and other JVM-hosted languages Build Status
openwhisk-runtime-nodejs Apache OpenWhisk Runtime NodeJS supports Apache OpenWhisk functions written in JavaScript for NodeJS Build Status
openwhisk-runtime-php Apache OpenWhisk Runtime PHP supports Apache OpenWhisk functions written in PHP Build Status
openwhisk-runtime-python Apache OpenWhisk Runtime Python supports Apache OpenWhisk functions written in Python Build Status
openwhisk-runtime-ruby Apache OpenWhisk Runtime Ruby supports Apache OpenWhisk functions written in Ruby Build Status
openwhisk-runtime-rust Apache OpenWhisk Runtime Rust supports Apache OpenWhisk functions written in Rust Build Status
openwhisk-runtime-swift Apache OpenWhisk Runtime Swift supports Apache OpenWhisk functions written in Swift Build Status


Module Description Module Status
openwhisk-deploy-kube The Apache OpenWhisk Kubernetes Deployment repository supports deploying the Apache OpenWhisk system on Kubernetes and OpenShift clusters. Build Status


Module Description Module Status
openwhisk-package-alarms Apache OpenWhisk package that can be used to create periodic, time-based alarms. Build Status
openwhisk-package-cloudant The Apache OpenWhisk cloudant package enables you to work with a Cloudant/CouchDB database Build Status
openwhisk-package-deploy Apache openwhisk Build Status
openwhisk-package-kafka Apache OpenWhisk package for communicating with Kafka or Message Hub Build Status
openwhisk-package-pushnotifications OpenWhisk Package for Bluemix Push Notifications Service Build Status
openwhisk-pluggable-provider Apache OpenWhisk pluggable trigger feed event provider Build Status

Samples and Examples

Module Description
openwhisk-slackinvite Invite for Apache OpenWhisk Team on Slack

Development Tools

Module Description
openwhisk-devtools Development tools for building and deploying Apache OpenWhisk
openwhisk-intellij-plugin Intellij plugin for Apache OpenWhisk
openwhisk-vscode-extension VSCode extension for Apache OpenWhisk
openwhisk-wskdebug Debugging and live development tool for Apache OpenWhisk


Module Description
openwhisk-release Tools and documentation for Apache OpenWhisk Release Managers
openwhisk-utilities Shared utilities used across Apache OpenWhisk project repositories.


Module Description
openwhisk-test Test repo. for Apache OpenWhisk client-side tooling.
openwhisk-website Apache OpenWhisk website ( content; built using Jekyll


Module Description
openwhisk-GitHubSlackBot [DEPRECATED] - Demonstration of integration of GitHub Pull Request management with Slack and using Alarms
openwhisk-client-python [DEPRECATED] - REST API of OpenWhisk can be used directly from Python
openwhisk-client-swift [DEPRECATED] - openwhisk-client-swift is a Swift client SDK for OpenWhisk with support for iOS, WatchOS2, and Darwin CLI apps
openwhisk-debugger [DEPRECATED] - The OpenWhisk debugger project
openwhisk-deploy-mesos Apache OpenWhisk deployment scripts and configuration files for running under Apache Mesos.
openwhisk-deploy-openshift [DEPRECATED] - This project can be used to deploy Apache OpenWhisk to the OpenShift platform
openwhisk-external-resources Curated list of awesome OpenWhisk things
openwhisk-package-jira [DEPRECATED] - Interact with JIRA software software development tool used for issue tracking, and project management functions
openwhisk-package-rss [DEPRECATED] - RSS feed package
openwhisk-package-template [DEPRECATED] - This is a template to be use when creating new packages for OpenWhisk
openwhisk-playground [DEPRECATED] - This library provides functionality of executing a snippet of source code as OpenWhisk action for OpenWhisk Xcode Source Editor Extension
openwhisk-podspecs [DEPRECATED] - CocoaPods Podspecs repo for openwhisk-client-swift
openwhisk-runtime-ballerina Apache OpenWhisk Runtime Ballerina supports Apache OpenWhisk functions written in Ballerina
openwhisk-sample-matos [DEPRECATED] - sample application with Message Hub and Object Store
openwhisk-sample-slackbot [DEPRECATED] - A proof-of-concept Slackbot to invoke OpenWhisk actions.
openwhisk-selfserve-test [DEPRECATED] - Apache openwhisk
openwhisk-tutorial [DEPRECATED] - An interactive learning environment for the Apache OpenWhisk command line
openwhisk-vscode [DEPRECATED] - Visual Studio Code extension (prototype) for authoring OpenWhisk actions inside the editor.
openwhisk-workshop [DEPRECATED] - OpenWhisk workshop to help developers learn how to build serverless applications using the platform.
openwhisk-xcode [DEPRECATED] - Collection of OpenWhisk tools for OS X implemented in Swift 3.