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updated date of 3.5-beta6 in the docs

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Yegor Kozlov
Yegor Kozlov committed Jun 11, 2009
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@@ -148,7 +148,7 @@ under the License.
<property name="apache.repository" value="scp://"/>
<property name="snapshots.repository" value="scp://"/>
<property name="" value="poi"/>
- <property name="" value="3.5-beta7"/>
+ <property name="" value="3.5-beta6"/>
<property name="halt.on.test.failure" value="true"/>
<property name="jdk.version.source" value="1.5"
@@ -31,21 +31,21 @@
- <section><title>POI 3.5 beta 5, and Office Open XML Support (2009-02-19)</title>
+ <section><title>POI 3.5 beta 6, and Office Open XML Support (2009-06-21)</title>
<p>We are currently working to support the new Office Open XML
file formats, such as XLSX and PPTX, which were introduced in
Office 2007.</p>
<p>Development for this is in a svn branch, but we are please to
announce our first preview release containing this support.
Users interested in the OOXML support should download the
- <link href="">POI 3.5 beta 5</link>
+ <link href="">POI 3.5 beta 6</link>
the source and binaries from their
<link href="">local mirror</link>.
People interested should also follow the
<link href="mailinglists.html">dev list</link> to track progress.</p>
The release is also available from the central Maven repository
- under Group ID "org.apache.poi" and Version "3.5-beta5".
+ under Group ID "org.apache.poi" and Version "3.5-beta6".
<section><title>POI 3.2-FINAL Released (2008-10-19)</title>
@@ -32,9 +32,7 @@
- <release version="3.5-beta7" date="2009-??-??">
- </release>
- <release version="3.5-beta6" date="2009-06-??">
+ <release version="3.5-beta6" date="2009-06-21">
<action dev="POI-DEVELOPERS" type="fix">47294 - Fixed XSSFWorkbook#setRepeatingRowsAndColumns to tolerate sheet names with quotes</action>
<action dev="POI-DEVELOPERS" type="fix">47309 - Fixed logic in HSSFCell.getCellComment to handle sheets with more than 65536 comments</action>
<action dev="POI-DEVELOPERS" type="fix">46776 - Added clone() method to MulBlankRecord to fix crash in Sheet.cloneSheet()</action>

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