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Mirror of Apache Qpid Proton
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Qpid Proton - AMQP messaging toolkit

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Qpid Proton is a high-performance, lightweight messaging library. It can be used in the widest range of messaging applications, including brokers, client libraries, routers, bridges, proxies, and more. Proton makes it trivial to integrate with the AMQP 1.0 ecosystem from any platform, environment, or language


  • A flexible and capable reactive messaging API
  • Full control of AMQP 1.0 protocol semantics
  • Portable C implementation with bindings to popular languages
  • Pure-Java and pure-JavaScript implementations
  • Peer-to-peer and brokered messaging
  • Secure communication via SSL and SASL

Universal - Proton is designed to scale both up and down. Equally suitable for simple clients or high-powered servers, it can be deployed in simple peer-to-peer configurations or as part of a global federated messaging network.

Embeddable - Proton is carefully written to be portable and cross platform. It has minimal dependencies, and it is architected to be usable with any threading model, as well as with non-threaded applications. These features make it uniquely suited for embedding messaging capabilities into existing software.

Standard - Built around the AMQP 1.0 messaging standard, Proton is not only ideal for building out your own messaging applications but also for connecting them to the broader ecosystem of AMQP 1.0-based messaging applications.

Getting Started

See the included INSTALL file for build and install instructions and the DEVELOPERS file for information on how to modify and test the library code itself.

Please see for a more info.

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