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Apache Rave Change Log
See* (where * is the number of the issue below)
Version 0.1 Released 2011-06-29
** Story
* [RAVE-12] - Render OpenSocial Gadgets on Page in iFrames
* [RAVE-32] - Create basic widget repository
* [RAVE-33] - Create the ability to move widgets on a page
** Technical task
* [RAVE-14] - Create basic object model to support rendering of widgets
* [RAVE-23] - Implement OpenID authentication
* [RAVE-15] - Implement basic JPA persistence layer
* [RAVE-16] - Create basic page rendering
* [RAVE-17] - Implement OpenSocial/Shindig Common Container
* [RAVE-18] - Implement basic user logon features
* [RAVE-19] - Add gadget container-side hooks
* [RAVE-66] - jstl-1.2 dependency cannot be resolved anymore from maven repository
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