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Apache Rave Change Log (select the version of release and output as text to create this file)
Release Notes - Rave - Version 0.10
** Sub-task
* [RAVE-519] - Centralize JavaScript imports
* [RAVE-520] - Concatenate and Minify Rave JavaScript files
* [RAVE-522] - Administrative Preference to choose which JavaScript file to serve
** Bug
* [RAVE-485] - W3C widgets sometimes render on screen outside of the container object
* [RAVE-504] - Sub Pages are not in correct render order
* [RAVE-512] - OpenSocial gadgets on non-active Person Profile tabs are not autosizing properly
* [RAVE-526] - Support height attribute of open social gadget definition
** Improvement
* [RAVE-492] - Although wookie is now bundled with rave, a user is still unable to add a w3c widget.
* [RAVE-495] - Unable to login to Wookie as admin user when currently deployed with rave.
* [RAVE-507] - Update all Spring XSD references to 3.1
* [RAVE-510] - Use localized datetime in categories admin screen
* [RAVE-518] - JavaScript Improvements
** New Feature
* [RAVE-506] - Static Content Fetcher
* [RAVE-541] - Create the Default User page automatically based on a Page Template
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