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Apache Rave Change Log
See* (where * is the number of the issue below)
Rave - Version 0.3-INCUBATING
** Bug
* [RAVE-57] - wikipedia gadget is not rendering
* [RAVE-58] - Refactor Delete
* [RAVE-78] - rave-shindig incorrect dependency scope on shindig-social-api pulls in el-api jar breaking JSPs
* [RAVE-86] - Drag and drop error for widgets in IE 9
* [RAVE-88] - Gadgets don't render when JavaScript console is not available
* [RAVE-105] - PersonServiceDb: call addFilterClause with 'special' property adds nothing
* [RAVE-117] - "Widget Store" and "Logout" links are disabled when a gadget is in canvas view.
* [RAVE-118] - Error messages are not displayed on login.jsp after failed logins
* [RAVE-162] - Missing DISCLAIMER file for rave-commons
* [RAVE-168] - LICENSE/NOTICE/DISCLAIMER files missing from Maven generated -sources and -javadoc artifacts
* [RAVE-190] - javascript form validation only works for password field
* [RAVE-197] - JPA*RepositoryTest's cannot be run from an IDE due to classloading issues
* [RAVE-208] - Duplicate dataSourcePopulator definition in Rave-Shindig test configuration
** Improvement
* [RAVE-45] - Portal host/ip configuration (Non-localhost support)
* [RAVE-65] - Add JRebel configuration to the documentation and split up 'source code' page
* [RAVE-87] - Move javaagent property to parent pom
* [RAVE-91] - CSS and layout updates
* [RAVE-94] - Update donated UI
* [RAVE-149] - Upgrade to OpenJPA 2.1.1
* [RAVE-169] - Only provide and maintain appendable LICENSE/NOTICE file fragments for rave-commons similar to rave-portal and rave-shindig
* [RAVE-191] - Update rave-master-pom to extend apache-10 master pom
* [RAVE-196] - Add paging support to "All widgets" view in widget store
** New Feature
* [RAVE-20] - Implement container/shindig auth
* [RAVE-89] - Provide basic new user registration feature
** Story
* [RAVE-27] - Implement User Prefs
* [RAVE-53] - Need to add support for canvas views, canvas/home view toggling
* [RAVE-62] - Create a common project and apply common patterns to both rave-portal and rave-shindig
* [RAVE-67] - Users can search for a widget in the widget repository using free text search
* [RAVE-76] - Users can submit a Widget for inclusion in the Widget Repository
* [RAVE-77] - Widgets can be hidden from users until they have been flagged as approved by the site owner
* [RAVE-96] - Create tabbed interface
* [RAVE-150] - Implement encrypted security token support for OpenSocial widgets
* [RAVE-163] - Page Management (CRUD)
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