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Apache Rave Change Log
See* (where * is the number of the issue below)
Release Notes - Rave - Version 0.5-INCUBATING
** Bug
* [RAVE-252] - error in result of osapi.people.getViewer when called in gadget
* [RAVE-291] - Exception in Render Service results in JSP exception
* [RAVE-292] - Security token encryption key cannot be read if its path contains a space
* [RAVE-298] - Page manipulations are unchecked
* [RAVE-313] - Incorrect dependency scopes for slf4j and log4j jars
* [RAVE-319] - Updating a Widget or Adding a New Widget is not working
* [RAVE-304] - Permissions based security for models
** Story
* [RAVE-30] - Render W3C widgets on Page in iFrames
* [RAVE-304] - Permissions based security for models
* [RAVE-34] - Implement AppData
* [RAVE-116] - Create menu in gadget chrome
* [RAVE-245] - Integrate Cobertura maven plugin
* [RAVE-261] - Move widgets between pages
* [RAVE-269] - Widget Render Order
* [RAVE-293] - Create basic setup for portal administration pages
* [RAVE-300] - As a portal administrator I want to be able to manage User data other than my own
* [RAVE-301] - As a portal administrator I want to manage Widget settings
** Task
* [RAVE-230] - Implement function requestNavigateTo
* [RAVE-232] - Add GrantedAuthorities to user
* [RAVE-314] - Add Dutch translations
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