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walking98 and vongosling Code Refactor, decouple API from native RocketMQ (#139)
* new feature in spring-boot-starter #101

* add transactional annotations

* Add @RocketMQTransactionListener

* update doc and format

* remove null name txProducer

* add unit test for txProducer

* modify README for transtional message

* refactor the code to support more sendMessageInTransaction() methods

* refactor comments and docment format

* refactor transaction message code in spring-boot-starter, decopule API with native rocketmq

* trival changes according to review comments
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.github Add issue and pr template Mar 20, 2018
dev [ROCKETMQ-236] Script to merge github pull request Jul 3, 2017
rocketmq-console Fix the cluster switch selection doesn't work in console Sep 19, 2018
rocketmq-cpp [FEATURE REQUEST #488]Export C-style APIs for RocketMQ client (#131) Oct 18, 2018
rocketmq-docker [ISSUE #104]Add docker images for rocketmq-4.3.0 (#106) Sep 19, 2018
rocketmq-flink ISSUE-61: Added javadocs for RocketMQ-Flink (#63) Jun 7, 2018
rocketmq-flume This closes #64 Apr 27, 2018
rocketmq-go Go-Client remoting and RocketMqClient common method implement, closes #… May 7, 2017
rocketmq-hbase Added rocketmq-hbase (provides integration with the HBase datastore).… Aug 20, 2018
rocketmq-iot-bridge [ISSUE 111] rocketmq-iot-bridge (#112) Oct 15, 2018
rocketmq-jms Change the method name "headExits" to "exists". (#65) Jun 7, 2018
rocketmq-mysql Prepare release mysql replicator 1.1.0 version Aug 22, 2017
rocketmq-php [ROCKETMQ-171] Initialized the PHP_SDK basic structure closes #9 Apr 11, 2017
rocketmq-python Init the python repo Nov 8, 2018
rocketmq-redis [ISSUE #141]Upgrade redis-replicator to 3.0.1 so that support redis-5… Nov 7, 2018
rocketmq-sentinel Rename sentinel module Jul 28, 2018
rocketmq-serializer ROCKETMQ-157: Serializer & Deserializer support for RocketMQ (#42) Jun 11, 2018
rocketmq-spark Refine document (#95) Aug 9, 2018
rocketmq-spring-boot-starter Code Refactor, decouple API from native RocketMQ (#139) Nov 12, 2018
samples/rocketmq-spring-boot-starter-sample Code Refactor, decouple API from native RocketMQ (#139) Nov 12, 2018
.gitignore [BugFix]: Fix event_base looping lags behind Jun 5, 2018
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README.md Setup the maturity model for the community projects Nov 6, 2018


RocketMQ Externals

There are many of the Apache RocketMQ external projects, which is born from Apache RocketMQ Improvement Proposal and contributed and maintained by community. The PMC will lean towards developer community support, to help discovery and initial steps towards incubation in the external repository. Incubator Projects could graduate if they meet the following requirements.

  • Require 3+1 vote from the PMC
  • Used successfully in production by at least three independent end users which, in the PMC judgement, are of adequate quality and scope.
  • Have a healthy number of committers

Graduated Projects

Incubator Projects


A newly designed RocketMQ's console using spring-boot.


RocketMQ's JMS 1.1 spec. implementation.


Flume RocketMQ source and sink implementation.


Integration of Apache Flink and Apache RocketMQ. For more details please refer to README.


Integration of Apache Spark and Apache RocketMQ. Both push & pull consumers are provided. For more details please refer to README.


Apache RocketMQ Docker provides Dockerfile and bash scripts for building and running docker image.


This project is a data replicator between MySQL and other systems. For more details please refer to README.


A stable, widely used C++ client sdk of Apache RocketMQ, donated by Alibaba Group.


RocketMQ-Druid, RocketMQ-Ignite and RocketMQ-Storm integration can be found in those repositories.


We are always very happy to have contributions, whether for trivial cleanups or big new features. We want to have high quality, well documented codes for each programming language, as well as the surrounding ecosystem of integration tools that people use with RocketMQ.

Nor is code the only way to contribute to the project. We strongly value documentation, integration with other project, and gladly accept improvements for these aspects.

More info please refer to How To Contribute.