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Welcome to the Apache Solr project!

Solr is the popular, blazing fast open source search platform for all your enterprise, e-commerce, and analytics needs, built on Apache Lucene.

For a complete description of the Solr project, team composition, source code repositories, and other details, please see the Solr web site at


Downloads for Apache Solr distributions are available at

Running Solr

Installing Solr

The Reference Guide contains an entire Deployment Guide to walk you through installing Solr.

Running Solr in Docker

You can run Solr in Docker via the official image. Learn more about Solr in Docker

Running Solr on Kubernetes

Solr has official support for running on Kubernetes, in the official Docker image. Please refer to the Solr Operator home for details, tutorials and instructions.

How to Use

Solr includes a few examples to help you get started. To run a specific example, enter:

  bin/solr start -e <EXAMPLE> where <EXAMPLE> is one of:
    cloud:         SolrCloud example
    techproducts:  Comprehensive example illustrating many of Solr's core capabilities
    schemaless:    Schema-less example (schema is inferred from data during indexing)
    films:         Example of starting with _default configset and adding explicit fields dynamically    

For instance, if you want to run the techproducts example, enter:

  bin/solr start -e techproducts

For a more in-depth introduction, please check out the tutorials in the Solr Reference Guide.


Get Involved

Please review the Contributing to Solr Guide for information on contributing.

To get involved in the developer community:

Learn more about developing Solr by reading through the developer docs in ./dev-docs source tree.