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@HoustonPutman HoustonPutman released this 30 Apr 18:04
· 218 commits to main since this release

Upgrade Notes & Compatibility Warnings

  • Please refer to the documentation for a complete list of upgrade warnings.
  • The Solr Operator is now an Apache project managed by the Apache Solr PMC.
    • The CRDs are now under the group instead of
  • The Zookeeper Operator is now up-to-date with the most recent release, v0.2.9 (#231)

New Features

  • The Solr Operator now fully supports running Solr in a secure and locked down way
    • Basic Auth support is now built in when requested in the SolrCloud CRD (#218)
    • Solr can be run with TLS (optional mTLS, if provided to the operator) (#209, #255)
  • Support custom log4j2 config from user-provided ConfigMap (#193)
  • Override Prometheus exporter config XML via a user-supplied ConfigMap (#189)
  • The Zookeeper Operator can be installed as a helm chart dependency, with the Solr Operator (#231)
  • Added support for the Kubernetes Horizontal Pod Autoscaler (HPA) (#254)


  • Allow the definition of multiple imagePullSecrets (#216)
  • More helm chart options are provided to customize running the Solr Operator (#250)
  • Solr pod shutdown is more graceful, has better coordination between Kubernetes and Solr (#226)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed ignored options in podOptions probes (#208)


  • Upgrade Go to 1.16 (#239)
  • Use Ingress. (#217)