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@HoustonPutman HoustonPutman released this 17 Nov 16:05
· 150 commits to main since this release

Upgrade Notes & Compatibility Warnings

  • Please refer to the documentation for a complete list of upgrade warnings
  • The minimum supported Kubernetes version is now v1.19
  • Remove Persistence option for SolrBackup. by @HoustonPutman in #357

New Features


  • Upgrade to use Kubebuilder 3 by @HoustonPutman in #321
  • Allow for managed restarts across multiple SolrCloud resources. by @HoustonPutman in #349
  • Enable leader election for the operator by default. by @HoustonPutman in #367
  • Add example on how to trigger manual restart to docs by @nosvalds in #354
  • Refactor security related code into a separate solr_security_util.go vs. sprinkled throughout the codebase. by @thelabdude in #334
  • Start documenting Solr features supported in future versions. by @HoustonPutman in #342
  • Clear up difference between SolrCloud CRD and Solr Helm chart options by @HoustonPutman in #362
  • Better messaging around supported Solr images. by @HoustonPutman in #373

Bug Fixes

  • Fix imagePullSecrets bug when updating Zookeeper Clusters by @HoustonPutman in #344
  • Properly resolve the name of the basic auth secret for a SolrCloud when calling the backup API by @thelabdude in #370