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* Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more
* contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file distributed with
* this work for additional information regarding copyright ownership.
* The ASF licenses this file to You under the Apache License, Version 2.0
* (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with
* the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
package org.apache.spark.ui
import java.util.EnumSet
import javax.servlet.DispatcherType
import javax.servlet.http.{HttpServlet, HttpServletRequest}
import scala.collection.mutable.ArrayBuffer
import scala.collection.mutable.HashMap
import scala.xml.Node
import org.eclipse.jetty.servlet.{FilterHolder, FilterMapping, ServletContextHandler, ServletHolder}
import org.json4s.JsonAST.{JNothing, JValue}
import org.apache.spark.{SecurityManager, SparkConf, SSLOptions}
import org.apache.spark.internal.Logging
import org.apache.spark.internal.config._
import org.apache.spark.ui.JettyUtils._
import org.apache.spark.util.Utils
* The top level component of the UI hierarchy that contains the server.
* Each WebUI represents a collection of tabs, each of which in turn represents a collection of
* pages. The use of tabs is optional, however; a WebUI may choose to include pages directly.
private[spark] abstract class WebUI(
val securityManager: SecurityManager,
val sslOptions: SSLOptions,
port: Int,
conf: SparkConf,
basePath: String = "",
name: String = "")
extends Logging {
protected val tabs = ArrayBuffer[WebUITab]()
protected val handlers = ArrayBuffer[ServletContextHandler]()
protected val pageToHandlers = new HashMap[WebUIPage, ArrayBuffer[ServletContextHandler]]
protected var serverInfo: Option[ServerInfo] = None
protected val publicHostName = Option(conf.getenv("SPARK_PUBLIC_DNS")).getOrElse(
private val className = Utils.getFormattedClassName(this)
def getBasePath: String = basePath
def getTabs: Seq[WebUITab] = tabs.toSeq
def getHandlers: Seq[ServletContextHandler] = handlers.toSeq
def getDelegatingHandlers: Seq[DelegatingServletContextHandler] = { DelegatingServletContextHandler(_)).toSeq
/** Attaches a tab to this UI, along with all of its attached pages. */
def attachTab(tab: WebUITab): Unit = {
tabs += tab
/** Detaches a tab from this UI, along with all of its attached pages. */
def detachTab(tab: WebUITab): Unit = {
tabs -= tab
/** Detaches a page from this UI, along with all of its attached handlers. */
def detachPage(page: WebUIPage): Unit = {
/** Attaches a page to this UI. */
def attachPage(page: WebUIPage): Unit = {
val pagePath = "/" + page.prefix
val renderHandler = createServletHandler(pagePath,
(request: HttpServletRequest) => page.render(request), conf, basePath)
val renderJsonHandler = createServletHandler(pagePath.stripSuffix("/") + "/json",
(request: HttpServletRequest) => page.renderJson(request), conf, basePath)
val handlers = pageToHandlers.getOrElseUpdate(page, ArrayBuffer[ServletContextHandler]())
handlers += renderHandler
handlers += renderJsonHandler
/** Attaches a handler to this UI. */
def attachHandler(handler: ServletContextHandler): Unit = synchronized {
handlers += handler
serverInfo.foreach(_.addHandler(handler, securityManager))
/** Attaches a handler to this UI. */
def attachHandler(contextPath: String, httpServlet: HttpServlet, pathSpec: String): Unit = {
val ctx = new ServletContextHandler()
ctx.addServlet(new ServletHolder(httpServlet), pathSpec)
/** Detaches a handler from this UI. */
def detachHandler(handler: ServletContextHandler): Unit = synchronized {
handlers -= handler
* Detaches the content handler at `path` URI.
* @param path Path in UI to unmount.
def detachHandler(path: String): Unit = {
handlers.find(_.getContextPath() == path).foreach(detachHandler)
* Adds a handler for static content.
* @param resourceBase Root of where to find resources to serve.
* @param path Path in UI where to mount the resources.
def addStaticHandler(resourceBase: String, path: String = "/static"): Unit = {
attachHandler(JettyUtils.createStaticHandler(resourceBase, path))
/** A hook to initialize components of the UI */
def initialize(): Unit
/** Binds to the HTTP server behind this web interface. */
def bind(): Unit = {
assert(serverInfo.isEmpty, s"Attempted to bind $className more than once!")
try {
val host = Option(conf.getenv("SPARK_LOCAL_IP")).getOrElse("")
val server = startJettyServer(host, port, sslOptions, conf, name)
handlers.foreach(server.addHandler(_, securityManager))
serverInfo = Some(server)
logInfo(s"Bound $className to $host, and started at $webUrl")
} catch {
case e: Exception =>
logError(s"Failed to bind $className", e)
/** @return Whether SSL enabled. Only valid after [[bind]]. */
def isSecure: Boolean =
/** @return The scheme of web interface. Only valid after [[bind]]. */
def scheme: String = if (isSecure) "https://" else "http://"
/** @return The url of web interface. Only valid after [[bind]]. */
def webUrl: String = s"${scheme}$publicHostName:${boundPort}"
/** @return The actual port to which this server is bound. Only valid after [[bind]]. */
def boundPort: Int = => si.securePort.getOrElse(si.boundPort)).getOrElse(-1)
/** Stops the server behind this web interface. Only valid after [[bind]]. */
def stop(): Unit = {
s"Attempted to stop $className before binding to a server!")
* A tab that represents a collection of pages.
* The prefix is appended to the parent address to form a full path, and must not contain slashes.
private[spark] abstract class WebUITab(parent: WebUI, val prefix: String) {
val pages = ArrayBuffer[WebUIPage]()
val name = prefix.capitalize
/** Attach a page to this tab. This prepends the page's prefix with the tab's own prefix. */
def attachPage(page: WebUIPage): Unit = {
page.prefix = (prefix + "/" + page.prefix).stripSuffix("/")
pages += page
/** Get a list of header tabs from the parent UI. */
def headerTabs: Seq[WebUITab] = parent.getTabs
def basePath: String = parent.getBasePath
* A page that represents the leaf node in the UI hierarchy.
* The direct parent of a WebUIPage is not specified as it can be either a WebUI or a WebUITab.
* If the parent is a WebUI, the prefix is appended to the parent's address to form a full path.
* Else, if the parent is a WebUITab, the prefix is appended to the super prefix of the parent
* to form a relative path. The prefix must not contain slashes.
private[spark] abstract class WebUIPage(var prefix: String) {
def render(request: HttpServletRequest): Seq[Node]
def renderJson(request: HttpServletRequest): JValue = JNothing
private[spark] class DelegatingServletContextHandler(handler: ServletContextHandler) {
def prependFilterMapping(
filterName: String,
spec: String,
types: EnumSet[DispatcherType]): Unit = {
val mapping = new FilterMapping()
def addFilter(
filterName: String,
className: String,
filterParams: Map[String, String]): Unit = {
val filterHolder = new FilterHolder()
filterParams.foreach { case (k, v) => filterHolder.setInitParameter(k, v) }
def filterCount(): Int = {
def getContextPath(): String = {
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