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[SPARK-25768][SQL] fix constant argument expecting UDAFs

## What changes were proposed in this pull request?

Without this PR some UDAFs like `GenericUDAFPercentileApprox` can throw an exception because expecting a constant parameter (object inspector) as a particular argument.

The exception is thrown because `toPrettySQL` call in `ResolveAliases` analyzer rule transforms a `Literal` parameter to a `PrettyAttribute` which is then transformed to an `ObjectInspector` instead of a `ConstantObjectInspector`.
The exception comes from `getEvaluator` method of `GenericUDAFPercentileApprox` that actually shouldn't be called during `toPrettySQL` transformation. The reason why it is called are the non lazy fields in `HiveUDAFFunction`.

This PR makes all fields of `HiveUDAFFunction` lazy.

## How was this patch tested?

added new UT

Closes #22766 from peter-toth/SPARK-25768.

Authored-by: Peter Toth <>
Signed-off-by: Wenchen Fan <>
(cherry picked from commit f38594f)
Signed-off-by: Wenchen Fan <>
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peter-toth authored and cloud-fan committed Oct 19, 2018
1 parent 61b301c commit 353d328041397762e12acf915967cafab5dcdade
@@ -340,39 +340,40 @@ private[hive] case class HiveUDAFFunction(

// The UDAF evaluator used to consume raw input rows and produce partial aggregation results.
private lazy val partial1ModeEvaluator = newEvaluator()
private case class HiveEvaluator(
evaluator: GenericUDAFEvaluator,
objectInspector: ObjectInspector)

// The UDAF evaluator used to consume raw input rows and produce partial aggregation results.
// Hive `ObjectInspector` used to inspect partial aggregation results.
private val partialResultInspector = partial1ModeEvaluator.init(
private lazy val partial1HiveEvaluator = {
val evaluator = newEvaluator()
HiveEvaluator(evaluator, evaluator.init(GenericUDAFEvaluator.Mode.PARTIAL1, inputInspectors))

// The UDAF evaluator used to merge partial aggregation results.
private lazy val partial2ModeEvaluator = {
val evaluator = newEvaluator()
evaluator.init(GenericUDAFEvaluator.Mode.PARTIAL2, Array(partialResultInspector))
evaluator.init(GenericUDAFEvaluator.Mode.PARTIAL2, Array(partial1HiveEvaluator.objectInspector))

// Spark SQL data type of partial aggregation results
private lazy val partialResultDataType = inspectorToDataType(partialResultInspector)
private lazy val partialResultDataType =

// The UDAF evaluator used to compute the final result from a partial aggregation result objects.
private lazy val finalModeEvaluator = newEvaluator()

// Hive `ObjectInspector` used to inspect the final aggregation result object.
private val returnInspector = finalModeEvaluator.init(
private lazy val finalHiveEvaluator = {
val evaluator = newEvaluator()
evaluator.init(GenericUDAFEvaluator.Mode.FINAL, Array(partial1HiveEvaluator.objectInspector)))

// Wrapper functions used to wrap Spark SQL input arguments into Hive specific format.
@@ -381,7 +382,7 @@ private[hive] case class HiveUDAFFunction(
// Unwrapper function used to unwrap final aggregation result objects returned by Hive UDAFs into
// Spark SQL specific format.
private lazy val resultUnwrapper = unwrapperFor(returnInspector)
private lazy val resultUnwrapper = unwrapperFor(finalHiveEvaluator.objectInspector)

private lazy val cached: Array[AnyRef] = new Array[AnyRef](children.length)
@@ -391,7 +392,7 @@ private[hive] case class HiveUDAFFunction(

override def nullable: Boolean = true

override lazy val dataType: DataType = inspectorToDataType(returnInspector)
override lazy val dataType: DataType = inspectorToDataType(finalHiveEvaluator.objectInspector)

override def prettyName: String = name

@@ -401,13 +402,13 @@ private[hive] case class HiveUDAFFunction(

override def createAggregationBuffer(): AggregationBuffer =

private lazy val inputProjection = UnsafeProjection.create(children)

override def update(buffer: AggregationBuffer, input: InternalRow): AggregationBuffer = {
buffer, wrap(inputProjection(input), inputWrappers, cached, inputDataTypes))
@@ -417,12 +418,12 @@ private[hive] case class HiveUDAFFunction(
// buffer in the 3rd format mentioned in the ScalaDoc of this class. Originally, Hive converts
// this `AggregationBuffer`s into this format before shuffling partial aggregation results, and
// calls `GenericUDAFEvaluator.terminatePartial()` to do the conversion.
partial2ModeEvaluator.merge(buffer, partial1ModeEvaluator.terminatePartial(input))
partial2ModeEvaluator.merge(buffer, partial1HiveEvaluator.evaluator.terminatePartial(input))

override def eval(buffer: AggregationBuffer): Any = {

override def serialize(buffer: AggregationBuffer): Array[Byte] = {
@@ -439,9 +440,10 @@ private[hive] case class HiveUDAFFunction(

// Helper class used to de/serialize Hive UDAF `AggregationBuffer` objects
private class AggregationBufferSerDe {
private val partialResultUnwrapper = unwrapperFor(partialResultInspector)
private val partialResultUnwrapper = unwrapperFor(partial1HiveEvaluator.objectInspector)

private val partialResultWrapper = wrapperFor(partialResultInspector, partialResultDataType)
private val partialResultWrapper =
wrapperFor(partial1HiveEvaluator.objectInspector, partialResultDataType)

private val projection = UnsafeProjection.create(Array(partialResultDataType))

@@ -451,7 +453,8 @@ private[hive] case class HiveUDAFFunction(
// `GenericUDAFEvaluator.terminatePartial()` converts an `AggregationBuffer` into an object
// that can be inspected by the `ObjectInspector` returned by `GenericUDAFEvaluator.init()`.
// Then we can unwrap it to a Spark SQL value.
mutableRow.update(0, partialResultUnwrapper(partial1ModeEvaluator.terminatePartial(buffer)))
mutableRow.update(0, partialResultUnwrapper(
val unsafeRow = projection(mutableRow)
val bytes = ByteBuffer.allocate(unsafeRow.getSizeInBytes)
@@ -638,6 +638,20 @@ class HiveUDFSuite extends QueryTest with TestHiveSingleton with SQLTestUtils {
Row(3) :: Row(3) :: Nil)

test("SPARK-25768 constant argument expecting Hive UDF") {
withTempView("inputTable") {
withUserDefinedFunction("testGenericUDAFPercentileApprox" -> false) {
val numFunc = spark.catalog.listFunctions().count()
sql(s"CREATE FUNCTION testGenericUDAFPercentileApprox AS '" +
sql("SELECT testGenericUDAFPercentileApprox(id, 0.5) FROM inputTable"),

class TestPair(x: Int, y: Int) extends Writable with Serializable {

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