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[SPARK-27358][UI] Update jquery to 1.12.x to pick up security fixes

Update jquery -> 1.12.4, datatables -> 1.10.18, mustache -> 2.3.12.
Add missing mustache license

I manually tested the UI locally with the javascript console open and didn't observe any problems or JS errors. The only 'risky' change seems to be mustache, but on reading its release notes, don't think the changes from 0.8.1 to 2.x would affect Spark's simple usage.

Closes #24288 from srowen/SPARK-27358.

Authored-by: Sean Owen <>
Signed-off-by: Sean Owen <>
(cherry picked from commit 23bde44)
Signed-off-by: Sean Owen <>
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srowen committed Apr 5, 2019
1 parent 06df899 commit 69346290cda0150026d9cca1253c2f7d65cca3c6

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