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[SPARK-23143][SS][PYTHON] Added python API for setting continuous tri…


## What changes were proposed in this pull request?

## How was this patch tested?
New python tests.

Author: Tathagata Das <>

Closes #20309 from tdas/SPARK-23143.

(cherry picked from commit 2d41f04)
Signed-off-by: Tathagata Das <>
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tdas committed Jan 18, 2018
1 parent bfdbdd3 commit e6e8bbe84625861f3a4834a2d71cb2f0fe7f6b5a
Showing with 25 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +19 −4 python/pyspark/sql/
  2. +6 −0 python/pyspark/sql/
@@ -786,7 +786,7 @@ def queryName(self, queryName):

def trigger(self, processingTime=None, once=None):
def trigger(self, processingTime=None, once=None, continuous=None):
"""Set the trigger for the stream query. If this is not set it will run the query as fast
as possible, which is equivalent to setting the trigger to ``processingTime='0 seconds'``.
@@ -802,23 +802,38 @@ def trigger(self, processingTime=None, once=None):
>>> writer = sdf.writeStream.trigger(processingTime='5 seconds')
>>> # trigger the query for just once batch of data
>>> writer = sdf.writeStream.trigger(once=True)
>>> # trigger the query for execution every 5 seconds
>>> writer = sdf.writeStream.trigger(continuous='5 seconds')
params = [processingTime, once, continuous]

if params.count(None) == 3:
raise ValueError('No trigger provided')
elif params.count(None) < 2:
raise ValueError('Multiple triggers not allowed.')

jTrigger = None
if processingTime is not None:
if once is not None:
raise ValueError('Multiple triggers not allowed.')
if type(processingTime) != str or len(processingTime.strip()) == 0:
raise ValueError('Value for processingTime must be a non empty string. Got: %s' %
interval = processingTime.strip()
jTrigger =

elif once is not None:
if once is not True:
raise ValueError('Value for once must be True. Got: %s' % once)
jTrigger =

raise ValueError('No trigger provided')
if type(continuous) != str or len(continuous.strip()) == 0:
raise ValueError('Value for continuous must be a non empty string. Got: %s' %
interval = continuous.strip()
jTrigger =

self._jwrite = self._jwrite.trigger(jTrigger)
return self

@@ -1538,6 +1538,12 @@ def test_stream_trigger(self):
except ValueError:

# Should not take multiple args
df.writeStream.trigger(processingTime='5 seconds', continuous='1 second')
except ValueError:

# Should take only keyword args
df.writeStream.trigger('5 seconds')

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