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rezazadeh commented Apr 6, 2014

Provide Implementation of DIMSUM for squaring a Tall and Skinny Matrix as described in: http://arxiv.org/abs/1304.1467

Also, refactor Matrix squaring into a MatrixAlgebra object.

Scaling this up now until it breaks. This PR is currently only a request for comments. Will update with scaling results once ready.

rezazadeh changed the title from Dimension Independent Similarity Computation to Dimension Independent Matrix Square Using MapReduce Apr 6, 2014

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@andrewor14 andrewor14 pushed a commit to andrewor14/spark that referenced this pull request Apr 7, 2014

@pwendell pwendell Merge pull request #336 from liancheng/akka-remote-lookup
Get rid of `Either[ActorRef, ActorSelection]'

In this pull request, instead of returning an `Either[ActorRef, ActorSelection]`, `registerOrLookup` identifies the remote actor blockingly to obtain an `ActorRef`, or throws an exception if the remote actor doesn't exist or the lookup times out (configured by `spark.akka.lookupTimeout`).  This function is only called when an `SparkEnv` is constructed (instantiating driver or executor), so the blocking call is considered acceptable.  Executor side `ActorSelection`s/`ActorRef`s to driver side `MapOutputTrackerMasterActor` and `BlockManagerMasterActor` are affected by this pull request.

`ActorSelection` is dangerous and should be used with care.  It's only absolutely safe to send messages via an `ActorSelection` when the remote actor is stateless, so that actor incarnation is irrelevant.  But as pointed by @ScrapCodes in the comments below, executor exits immediately once the connection to the driver lost, `ActorSelection`s are not harmful in this scenario.  So this pull request is mostly a code style patch.

mateiz commented Aug 27, 2014

@rezazadeh are you still updating this PR or have you sent a new one for DimSum now? If this one is stale, it would be great if you could close it.


rezazadeh commented Aug 27, 2014

Moved to #1778

rezazadeh closed this Aug 27, 2014

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