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…onal acker-per-worker config (#3346)
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# Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one
# or more contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file
# distributed with this work for additional information
# regarding copyright ownership. The ASF licenses this file
# to you under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the
# "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
# with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
########### These all have default values as shown
########### Additional configuration goes into storm.yaml
java.library.path: "/usr/local/lib:/opt/local/lib:/usr/lib:/usr/lib64"
### storm.* configs are general configurations
# the local dir is where jars are kept
storm.local.dir: "storm-local"
storm.log4j2.conf.dir: "log4j2"
- "localhost"
storm.zookeeper.port: 2181
storm.zookeeper.root: "/storm"
storm.zookeeper.session.timeout: 20000
storm.zookeeper.connection.timeout: 15000
storm.zookeeper.retry.times: 5
storm.zookeeper.retry.interval: 1000
storm.zookeeper.retry.intervalceiling.millis: 30000
storm.zookeeper.auth.user: null
storm.zookeeper.auth.password: null
storm.exhibitor.port: 8080
storm.exhibitor.poll.uripath: "/exhibitor/v1/cluster/list"
storm.cluster.mode: "distributed" # can be distributed or local
storm.local.mode.zmq: false
storm.thrift.transport: "" 600000
storm.principal.tolocal: "" "" null
storm.messaging.transport: "org.apache.storm.messaging.netty.Context"
storm.nimbus.retry.times: 5
storm.nimbus.retry.interval.millis: 2000
storm.nimbus.retry.intervalceiling.millis: 60000
storm.nimbus.zookeeper.acls.check: true
storm.nimbus.zookeeper.acls.fixup: true
storm.auth.simple-white-list.users: [] "org.apache.storm.cluster.ZKStateStorageFactory"
storm.meta.serialization.delegate: "org.apache.storm.serialization.GzipThriftSerializationDelegate"
storm.codedistributor.class: "org.apache.storm.codedistributor.LocalFileSystemCodeDistributor"
storm.workers.artifacts.dir: "workers-artifacts" "healthchecks" 5000
storm.disable.symlinks: false
### nimbus.* configs are for the master
nimbus.seeds : ["localhost"]
nimbus.thrift.port: 6627
nimbus.thrift.threads: 64
nimbus.thrift.max_buffer_size: 1048576
nimbus.childopts: "-Xmx1024m"
nimbus.task.timeout.secs: 30
nimbus.supervisor.timeout.secs: 60
nimbus.monitor.freq.secs: 10
nimbus.cleanup.inbox.freq.secs: 600
nimbus.inbox.jar.expiration.secs: 3600
nimbus.code.sync.freq.secs: 120
nimbus.task.launch.secs: 120
nimbus.file.copy.expiration.secs: 600
nimbus.topology.validator: "org.apache.storm.nimbus.DefaultTopologyValidator"
topology.min.replication.count: 1
topology.max.replication.wait.time.sec: 60
nimbus.credential.renewers.freq.secs: 600
nimbus.queue.size: 100000
scheduler.display.resource: false
nimbus.local.assignments.backend.class: "org.apache.storm.assignments.InMemoryAssignmentBackend"
nimbus.assignments.service.threads: 10
nimbus.assignments.service.thread.queue.size: 100
nimbus.worker.heartbeats.recovery.strategy.class: "org.apache.storm.nimbus.TimeOutWorkerHeartbeatsRecoveryStrategy" 300000
### ui.* configs are for the master
ui.port: 8080
ui.childopts: "-Xmx768m"
ui.actions.enabled: true
ui.filter: null
ui.filter.params: null
ui.users: null
ui.header.buffer.bytes: 4096
ui.pagination: 20
ui.disable.http.binding: true
ui.disable.spout.lag.monitoring: true
logviewer.port: 8000
logviewer.childopts: "-Xmx128m"
logviewer.cleanup.age.mins: 10080 "A1"
logviewer.max.sum.worker.logs.size.mb: 4096
logviewer.max.per.worker.logs.size.mb: 2048
logviewer.disable.http.binding: true
logviewer.filter: null
logviewer.filter.params: null
logs.users: null
drpc.port: 3772
drpc.worker.threads: 64
drpc.max_buffer_size: 1048576
drpc.queue.size: 128
drpc.invocations.port: 3773
drpc.invocations.threads: 64
drpc.request.timeout.secs: 600
drpc.childopts: "-Xmx768m"
drpc.http.port: 3774
drpc.https.port: -1
drpc.https.keystore.password: ""
drpc.https.keystore.type: "JKS"
drpc.authorizer.acl.filename: "drpc-auth-acl.yaml"
drpc.authorizer.acl.strict: false
drpc.disable.http.binding: true
transactional.zookeeper.root: "/transactional"
transactional.zookeeper.servers: null
transactional.zookeeper.port: null
## blobstore configs
supervisor.blobstore.class: "org.apache.storm.blobstore.NimbusBlobStore" 5 3 10240 30000
supervisor.localizer.update.blob.interval.secs: 30
nimbus.blobstore.class: "org.apache.storm.blobstore.LocalFsBlobStore"
nimbus.blobstore.expiration.secs: 600
storm.blobstore.inputstream.buffer.size.bytes: 65536
storm.blobstore.dependency.jar.upload.chunk.size.bytes: 1048576
client.blobstore.class: "org.apache.storm.blobstore.NimbusBlobStore"
storm.blobstore.replication.factor: 3
# For secure mode we would want to change this config to true
storm.blobstore.acl.validation.enabled: false
### supervisor.* configs are for node supervisors
# Define the amount of workers that can be run on this machine. Each worker is assigned a port to use for communication
- 6700
- 6701
- 6702
- 6703
supervisor.childopts: "-Xmx256m" false
#how long supervisor will wait to ensure that a worker process is started
supervisor.worker.start.timeout.secs: 120
#how long between heartbeats until supervisor considers that worker dead and tries to restart it
supervisor.worker.timeout.secs: 30
#How many seconds to allow for graceful worker shutdown when killing workers before resorting to force kill
supervisor.worker.shutdown.sleep.secs: 3
#how frequently the supervisor checks on the status of the processes it's monitoring and restarts if necessary
supervisor.monitor.frequency.secs: 3
#how frequently the supervisor heartbeats to the cluster state (for nimbus)
supervisor.heartbeat.frequency.secs: 5
#max timeout for a node worker heartbeats when master gains leadership
supervisor.worker.heartbeats.max.timeout.secs: 600
#For topology configurable heartbeat timeout, maximum allowed heartbeat timeout.
worker.max.timeout.secs: 600
supervisor.enable: true
supervisor.supervisors: []
supervisor.supervisors.commands: []
supervisor.memory.capacity.mb: 4096.0
#By convention 1 cpu core should be about 100, but this can be adjusted if needed
# using 100 makes it simple to set the desired value to the capacity measurement
# for single threaded bolts
supervisor.cpu.capacity: 400.0
#Supervisor thrift config
supervisor.thrift.port: 6628
supervisor.queue.size: 128
supervisor.thrift.threads: 16
supervisor.thrift.max_buffer_size: 1048576 5000
### worker.* configs are for task workers
worker.heap.memory.mb: 768
worker.childopts: "-Xmx%HEAP-MEM%m -XX:+PrintGCDetails -Xloggc:artifacts/gc.log -XX:+PrintGCDateStamps -XX:+PrintGCTimeStamps -XX:+UseGCLogFileRotation -XX:NumberOfGCLogFiles=10 -XX:GCLogFileSize=1M -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError -XX:HeapDumpPath=artifacts/heapdump"
worker.gc.childopts: ""
# Unlocking commercial features requires a special license from Oracle.
# See
# For this reason, profiler features are disabled by default.
worker.profiler.enabled: false
worker.profiler.childopts: "-XX:+UnlockCommercialFeatures -XX:+FlightRecorder"
worker.profiler.command: "flight.bash"
worker.heartbeat.frequency.secs: 1
# check whether dynamic log levels can be reset from DEBUG to INFO in workers
worker.log.level.reset.poll.secs: 30
# control how many worker receiver threads we need per worker
topology.worker.receiver.thread.count: 1
# Executor metrics reporting interval.
# Cause the ui only show built in metrics, we should keep sync with the built in metrics interval,
# also the metrics consumer's collecting interval.
# See topology.builtin.metrics.bucket.size.secs and storm.cluster.metrics.consumer.publish.interval.secs.
executor.metrics.frequency.secs: 60
task.heartbeat.frequency.secs: 3
task.refresh.poll.secs: 10
task.credentials.poll.secs: 30
# Used by workers to communicate
storm.messaging.netty.server_worker_threads: 1
storm.messaging.netty.client_worker_threads: 1
storm.messaging.netty.buffer_size: 5242880 #5MB buffer
# The netty write buffer high watermark in bytes.
# If the number of bytes queued in the netty's write buffer exceeds this value, the netty client will block
# until the value falls below the low water mark.
storm.messaging.netty.buffer.high.watermark: 16777216 # 16 MB
# The netty write buffer low watermark in bytes.
# Once the number of bytes queued in the write buffer exceeded the high water mark and then
# dropped down below this value, any blocked clients will unblock and start processing further messages.
storm.messaging.netty.buffer.low.watermark: 8388608 # 8 MB
# Since nimbus.task.launch.secs and supervisor.worker.start.timeout.secs are 120, other workers should also wait at least that long before giving up on connecting to the other worker. The reconnection period need also be bigger than storm.zookeeper.session.timeout(default is 20s), so that we can abort the reconnection when the target worker is dead.
storm.messaging.netty.max_wait_ms: 1000
storm.messaging.netty.min_wait_ms: 100
# If the Netty messaging layer is busy(netty internal buffer not writable), the Netty client will try to batch message as more as possible up to the size of storm.messaging.netty.transfer.batch.size bytes, otherwise it will try to flush message as soon as possible to reduce latency.
storm.messaging.netty.transfer.batch.size: 262144
# Sets the backlog value to specify when the channel binds to a local address
storm.messaging.netty.socket.backlog: 500
# By default, the Netty SASL authentication is set to false. Users can override and set it true for a specific topology.
storm.messaging.netty.authentication: false
# Default plugin to use for automatic network topology discovery org.apache.storm.networktopography.DefaultRackDNSToSwitchMapping
# default number of seconds group mapping service will cache user group 120
### topology.* configs are for specific executing storms
topology.enable.message.timeouts: true
topology.debug: false
topology.workers: 1
topology.acker.executors: null
topology.ras.acker.executors.per.worker: 1
topology.eventlogger.executors: 0
topology.tasks: null
# maximum amount of time a message has to complete before it's considered failed
topology.message.timeout.secs: 30
topology.multilang.serializer: "org.apache.storm.multilang.JsonSerializer"
topology.shellbolt.max.pending: 100
topology.skip.missing.kryo.registrations: false
topology.max.task.parallelism: null
topology.max.spout.pending: null # ideally should be larger than topology.producer.batch.size. (esp. if topology.batch.flush.interval.millis=0)
topology.state.synchronization.timeout.secs: 60
topology.stats.sample.rate: 0.05
topology.builtin.metrics.bucket.size.secs: 60 true
topology.worker.childopts: null
topology.worker.logwriter.childopts: "-Xmx64m"
topology.tick.tuple.freq.secs: null
topology.worker.shared.thread.pool.size: 4
# Spout Wait Strategy - employed when there is no data to produce
topology.spout.wait.strategy: "org.apache.storm.policy.WaitStrategyProgressive"
topology.spout.wait.park.microsec : 100 # park time for org.apache.storm.policy.WaitStrategyPark. Busy spins if set to 0. 0 # number of iterations to spend in level 1 [no sleep] of WaitStrategyProgressive, before progressing to level 2 0 # number of iterations to spend in level 2 [parkNanos(1)] of WaitStrategyProgressive, before progressing to level 3 1 # sleep duration for idling iterations in level 3 of WaitStrategyProgressive
# Bolt Wait Strategy - employed when there is no data in its receive buffer to process
topology.bolt.wait.strategy : "org.apache.storm.policy.WaitStrategyProgressive"
topology.bolt.wait.park.microsec : 100 # park time for org.apache.storm.policy.WaitStrategyPark. Busy spins if set to 0. 1 # number of iterations to spend in level 1 [no sleep] of WaitStrategyProgressive, before progressing to level 2 1000 # number of iterations to spend in level 2 [parkNanos(1)] of WaitStrategyProgressive, before progressing to level 3 1 # sleep duration for idling iterations in level 3 of WaitStrategyProgressive
# BackPressure Wait Strategy - for any producer (spout/bolt/transfer thread) when the downstream Q is full
topology.backpressure.wait.strategy: "org.apache.storm.policy.WaitStrategyProgressive"
topology.backpressure.wait.park.microsec: 100 # park time for org.apache.storm.policy.WaitStrategyPark. Busy spins if set to 0. 1 # number of iterations to spend in level 1 [no sleep] of WaitStrategyProgressive, before progressing to level 2 1000 # number of iterations to spend in level 2 [parkNanos(1)] of WaitStrategyProgressive, before progressing to level 3 1 # sleep duration for idling iterations in level 3 of WaitStrategyProgressive
topology.backpressure.check.millis: 50 # how often to check if backpressure has relieved on executors under BP, for informing other workers to resume sending msgs to them. Must be > 0
topology.executor.overflow.limit: 0 # max items in overflowQ of any bolt/spout. When exceeded, worker will drop incoming messages (from the workers) destined to that overflowing spout/bolt. Set to 0 to disable overflow limiting. Enabling this may degrade perf slightly.
topology.error.throttle.interval.secs: 10 5
topology.kryo.factory: "org.apache.storm.serialization.DefaultKryoFactory"
topology.tuple.serializer: "org.apache.storm.serialization.types.ListDelegateSerializer"
topology.trident.batch.emit.interval.millis: 500
topology.testing.always.try.serialize: false
topology.classpath: null
topology.environment: null
topology.transfer.buffer.size: 1000 # size of recv queue for transfer worker thread
topology.transfer.batch.size: 1 # can be no larger than half of `topology.transfer.buffer.size`
topology.executor.receive.buffer.size: 32768 # size of recv queue for spouts & bolts. Will be internally rounded up to next power of 2 (if not already a power of 2)
topology.producer.batch.size: 1 # can be no larger than half of `topology.executor.receive.buffer.size`
topology.batch.flush.interval.millis: 1 # Flush tuples are disabled if this is set to 0 or if (topology.producer.batch.size=1 and topology.transfer.batch.size=1).
topology.spout.recvq.skips: 3 # Check recvQ once every N invocations of Spout's nextTuple() [when ACKs disabled]
topology.disable.loadaware.messaging: false 1000
topology.localityaware.higher.bound: 0.8
topology.localityaware.lower.bound: 0.2
topology.serialized.message.size.metrics: false
# Configs for Resource Aware Scheduler
# topology priority describing the importance of the topology in decreasing importance starting from 0 (i.e. 0 is the highest priority and the priority importance decreases as the priority number increases).
# Recommended range of 0-29 but no hard limit set.
topology.priority: 29
topology.component.resources.onheap.memory.mb: 128.0
topology.component.resources.offheap.memory.mb: 0.0
topology.component.cpu.pcore.percent: 10.0
topology.worker.max.heap.size.mb: 768.0
topology.scheduler.strategy: "org.apache.storm.scheduler.resource.strategies.scheduling.DefaultResourceAwareStrategy"
resource.aware.scheduler.priority.strategy: "org.apache.storm.scheduler.resource.strategies.priority.DefaultSchedulingPriorityStrategy" 10_000 # The maximum number of states that will be searched looking for a solution in the constraint solver strategy 100_000 # Daemon limit on maximum number of states that will be searched looking for a solution in the constraint solver strategy false false
blacklist.scheduler.tolerance.time.secs: 300
blacklist.scheduler.tolerance.count: 3
blacklist.scheduler.resume.time.secs: 1800
blacklist.scheduler.reporter: "org.apache.storm.scheduler.blacklist.reporters.LogReporter"
blacklist.scheduler.strategy: "org.apache.storm.scheduler.blacklist.strategies.DefaultBlacklistStrategy"
blacklist.scheduler.assume.supervisor.bad.based.on.bad.slot: true
dev.zookeeper.path: "/tmp/dev-storm-zookeeper"
pacemaker.servers: []
pacemaker.port: 6699
pacemaker.base.threads: 10
pacemaker.max.threads: 50
pacemaker.client.max.threads: 2
pacemaker.thread.timeout: 10
pacemaker.childopts: "-Xmx1024m"
pacemaker.auth.method: "NONE"
pacemaker.kerberos.users: []
pacemaker.thrift.message.size.max: 10485760
#default storm daemon metrics reporter plugins
- "org.apache.storm.daemon.metrics.reporters.JmxPreparableReporter"
storm.metricstore.class: "org.apache.storm.metricstore.rocksdb.RocksDbStore"
storm.metricprocessor.class: "org.apache.storm.metricstore.NimbusMetricProcessor"
storm.metricstore.rocksdb.location: "storm_rocks"
storm.metricstore.rocksdb.create_if_missing: true
storm.metricstore.rocksdb.metadata_string_cache_capacity: 4000
storm.metricstore.rocksdb.retention_hours: 240
# configuration of cluster metrics consumer
storm.cluster.metrics.consumer.publish.interval.secs: 60
storm.resource.isolation.plugin: "org.apache.storm.container.cgroup.CgroupManager"
# Also determines whether the unit tests for cgroup runs.
# If storm.resource.isolation.plugin.enable is set to false the unit tests for cgroups will not run
storm.resource.isolation.plugin.enable: false
storm.cgroup.memory.enforcement.enable: false
storm.cgroup.inherit.cpuset.configs: false
# Configs for CGroup support
storm.cgroup.hierarchy.dir: "/cgroup/storm_resources"
- "cpu"
- "memory" "storm"
storm.supervisor.cgroup.rootdir: "storm"
storm.cgroup.cgexec.cmd: "/bin/cgexec"
storm.cgroup.memory.limit.tolerance.margin.mb: 0.0
storm.supervisor.memory.limit.tolerance.margin.mb: 128.0
storm.supervisor.hard.memory.limit.multiplier: 2.0
storm.supervisor.hard.memory.limit.overage.mb: 2024
storm.supervisor.low.memory.threshold.mb: 1024
storm.supervisor.medium.memory.threshold.mb: 1536 30000
storm.oci.cgroup.root: "/sys/fs/cgroup"
storm.oci.cgroup.parent: "/storm"
storm.oci.nscd.dir: "/var/run/nscd"
storm.worker.min.cpu.pcore.percent: 0.0
storm.topology.classpath.beginning.enabled: false
"CGroupMemory": "org.apache.storm.metric.cgroup.CGroupMemoryUsage"
"CGroupMemoryLimit": "org.apache.storm.metric.cgroup.CGroupMemoryLimit"
"CGroupCpu": "org.apache.storm.metric.cgroup.CGroupCpu"
"CGroupCpuGuarantee": "org.apache.storm.metric.cgroup.CGroupCpuGuarantee"
"CGroupCpuGuaranteeByCfsQuota": "org.apache.storm.metric.cgroup.CGroupCpuGuaranteeByCfsQuota"
# The number of buckets for running statistics
num.stat.buckets: 20