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krichter722 STORM-3071: change checkstyle plugin setting logViolationsToConsole t…
…o true

- Logging checkstyle violations to console which is now possible since all violations have been fixed
- Remove unnecessary maxAllowedViolations from configurations of projects
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This module contains example topologies demonstrating storm-kafka-client spout and Trident usage. Please ensure you have a Kafka instance running at localhost:9092 before you deploy the topologies.

The module is built by running mvn clean package -Dstorm.kafka.client.version=<kafka_broker_version>, where the property should match the Kafka version you want to use. For example, for Kafka the <kafka_broker_version> would be This will generate the target/storm-kafka-client-examples-VERSION.jar file. The jar contains all dependencies and can be submitted to Storm via the Storm CLI, e.g.

storm jar storm-kafka-client-examples-2.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar org.apache.storm.kafka.spout.KafkaSpoutTopologyMainNamedTopics

will submit the topologies set up by KafkaSpoutTopologyMainNamedTopics to Storm.

Note that this example produces a jar containing all dependencies for ease of use. When you deploy your own topologies in a production environment you may want to reduce the jar size by extracting some dependencies (e.g. org.apache.kafka:kafka-clients) from the jar. You can do this by setting the dependencies you don't want to include in the jars to provided scope, and then using the --artifacts flag for the storm jar command to fetch the dependencies when submitting the topology. See the CLI documentation for syntax.

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