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Docs index

Click below contents if you want to understand more.

Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

Build From Code

Build From Code Guide

Apache Submarine Community

Apache Submarine Community Guide

Submarine Workbench

Submarine Workbench Guide


Here're some examples about Submarine usage.

Running Distributed CIFAR 10 Tensorflow Job

Running Standalone CIFAR 10 PyTorch Job


Submarine Project Development Guide

Submarine Project Database Guide


How to write Dockerfile for Submarine TensorFlow jobs

How to write Dockerfile for Submarine PyTorch jobs

Install Dependencies

Note: You need to install dependencies when using Hadoop YARN 3.1.x + or above.

Submarine project may use YARN Service (When Submarine YARN service runtime is being used, see QuickStart, Docker container, and GPU (when GPU hardware available and properly configured).

That means as an admin you may have to properly setup YARN Service related dependencies, including:

  • YARN Registry DNS

Docker related dependencies, including:

  • Docker binary with expected versions.
  • Docker network which allows Docker container can talk to each other across different nodes.

And when GPU plans to be used:

  • GPU Driver.
  • Nvidia-docker.

For your convenience, we provide installation documents to help you to set up your environment. You can always choose to have them installed in your own way.

Use Submarine installer to install dependencies: EN CN

Alternatively, you can follow manual install dependencies: EN CN

Once you have installed dependencies, please follow following guide to TestAndTroubleshooting.

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