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Remove comment about tapestry-component-report, which is long gone

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1 parent 5f76acd commit b174ff945e10854f30d0bb4fa03d35ce2895354a @hlship hlship committed Oct 19, 2011
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@@ -2,5 +2,4 @@ include "plastic", "tapestry5-annotations", "tapestry-test", "tapestry-func", "t
include "tapestry-hibernate-core", "tapestry-hibernate", "tapestry-jmx", "tapestry-upload", "tapestry-spring"
include "tapestry-beanvalidator", "tapestry-yuicompressor", "tapestry-jpa", "tapestry-kaptcha"
include "tapestry-javadoc", "quickstart"
-// TODO (LATER): tapestry-component-report

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