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Thrift Changelog
+Version 0.6.1
+THRIFT-1074 Build .keystore and .truststore are missing from the 0.6.0 distribution (Jake Farrell)
+THRIFT-1131 C# C# JSON Protocol is unable to decode escaped characters in string (Maciek Weksej)
+THRIFT-363 Java Maven Deploy (Jake Farrell)
+THRIFT-1109 Java Deploy fb303 along side libthrift to maven repo (Jake Farrell)
+THIRFT-1133 JavaScript Java and JavaScript tutorial is broken since we have Java maven deployment (Roger Meier, Jake Farrell)
Version 0.6.0
THRIFT-940 Build 'make check' fails if boost is not in the std include and link paths (Christian Lavoie)

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