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as3 THRIFT-(1418|1507|3983|4120|4178|4259|4294): Multiple issues Jan 24, 2018
c_glib THRIFT-4648: Use correct namespace in type names Oct 12, 2018
cl THRIFT-82: Add Common Lisp support Mar 2, 2018
cocoa Fix comparison of integers of different signs Aug 3, 2018
cpp Remove redundant source files in project libthrift.vcxproj (#1614) Oct 17, 2018
csharp THRIFT-4609 keep InnerException wherever appropriate Aug 7, 2018
d dub.json for integration into Dlang package registry and fix depricat… Sep 16, 2018
dart THRIFT-4187 Allow dart framed transport to read incomplete frame Mar 20, 2018
delphi THRIFT-4642 FPU ctrl word settings may cause an unexpected "denormali… Sep 24, 2018
erl THRIFT-4582: Fix Xenial CI build issues (#1563) Jun 10, 2018
go Replace imports with Oct 19, 2018
haxe THRIFT-4396 inconsistent (or plain wrong) version numbers in master/t… Nov 30, 2017
hs THRIFT-4545: fix haskell build on windows, fix appveyor stale packages Nov 11, 2018
java THRIFT-4494: Increase Java Socket Buffer Size (#1608) Oct 5, 2018
javame THRIFT-2410: Add UTF-16 to UTF-8 converter and use for convert the es… Nov 23, 2015
js THRIFT-4653: ES6 classes support (#1615) Oct 28, 2018
json THRIFT-4238 JSON generator: make annotation-aware Jul 1, 2017
lua THRIFT-3863: fix automake lua library list dependency ordering Oct 4, 2018
netcore THRIFT-4524: .NET Core Server doesn't close properly when cancelled Mar 20, 2018
nodejs THRIFT-4653: ES6 classes support (#1615) Oct 28, 2018
ocaml THRIFT-2364: use oasis to build thrift for ocaml Feb 15, 2017
perl THRIFT-4382: Replace the use of Indirect Object Syntax calls to new() Oct 17, 2018
php fix build errors related to updated static code analysis tools for py… Nov 6, 2018
py THRIFT-4621 Add THeader for Python Sep 1, 2018
rb THRIFT-4289: fix ruby unit test compatibility for 2.4 Fixnum Integer … Jun 10, 2018
rs THRIFT-4664: Cannot create ReadHalf/WriteHalf Nov 12, 2018
st THRIFT-3148 Markdown links to coding_standards are dead May 13, 2015
swift Better consistency with module names, fix module name for Errors Sep 13, 2018
ts THRIFT-3588 Using TypeScript with --noImplicitAny fails Jan 30, 2016
xml THRIFT-3803 - Remove file attribute from include elements in XML gene… Apr 29, 2016 THRIFT-82: Add Common Lisp support Mar 2, 2018