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Release 2.0.0 - ???
* Remove deprecated Metadata keys/properties (TIKA-1974).
Other changes
* Mime magic improvements for Olympus RAW (TIKA-2658), interpreted
server-side languages via HTTP (TIKA-2648), MHTML (TIKA-2723)
Release 1.19 9/18/2018
* Require Java 8 (TIKA-2679).
* Enable building with Java 11 (TIKA-2668)
* Add an option to make tika-server robust against infinite loops,
OOMs, and memory leaks (TIKA-2725).
* Allow configuration of the Tesseract parser via the standard
tika-config.xml options (TIKA-2705).
* Improve handling of empty cells across table-based
formats (TIKA-2479).
* Add a Standards compliant HTML encoding detector
via Gerard Bouchar (TIKA-2673).
* Improved XML parsing -- limited default entity expansions to 20.
To raise this limit, add -Djdk.xml.entityExpansionLimit=XXX to
your commandline.
* Mime magic improvements for Olympus RAW (TIKA-2658), interpreted
server-side languages via HTTP (TIKA-2648), MHTML (TIKA-2723)
* Add absolute timeout to ForkParser rather than testing
for active (TIKA-2656).
* Make the RecursiveParserWrapper work with the ForkParser (TIKA-2655).
* Allow the ForkParser to specify a directory containing tika-app.jar
for use by the ForkServer. This allows users to keep most of the
parser dependencies out of their code; and it allows for an easy
addition of optional jars for Parser dependencies,
such as the xerial sqlite jar (TIKA-2653).
* Use a pool for SAXParsers and DOMBuilders rather than creating
a new parser/builder for every parse.
For better performance, set XMLReaderUtils.setPoolSize() to the
number of threads you're using with Tika (TIKA-2645).
* Add the RecursiveParserWrapperHandler to improve the RecursiveParserWrapper
API slightly (TIKA-2644).
* Upgraded to Commons-Compress 1.18 (TIKA-2707).
* Upgraded to Apache POI 4.0.0 (TIKA-2552).
* Upgraded to Apache PDFBox 2.0.11 (TIKA-2681).
* Upgraded to deeplearning4j 1.0.0-beta2 (TIKA-2672).
* Upgraded jmatio to 1.4 (TIKA-2667)
* Upgraded Apache Lucene to 7.4.0 in tika-eval and tika-examples (TIKA-2695).
* Upgraded junrar to 1.0.1 (TIKA-2664).
* Numerous other upgrades (TIKA-2692).
* Excluded Spring as a transitive dependency (TIKA-2721).
Release 1.18 - 4/20/2018
* Upgrade jackson to 2.9.5 (TIKA-2634).
* Add support for brotli (TIKA-2621).
* Upgrade PDFBox to 2.0.9 and include new jbig2-imageio
from org.apache.pdfbox (TIKA-2579 and TIKA-2607).
* Support for TIFF images in PDF files (TIKA-2338)
* Detection of full encrypted 7z files (TIKA-2568)
* Various new mimes and typo fixes in tika-mimetypes.xml
via Andreas Meier (TIKA-2527).
* Revert to listenForAllRecords=false in ExcelExtractor
via Grigoriy Alekseev (TIKA-2590)
* Add workaround to identify TIFFs that might confuse
commons-compress's tar detection via Daniel Schmidt
* Ignore non-IANA supported charsets in HTML meta-headers
during charset detection in HTMLEncodingDetector
via Andreas Meier (TIKA-2592)
* Add detection and parsing of zstd (if user provides
com.github.luben:zstd-jni) via Andreas Meier (TIKA-2576)
* Allow for RFC822 detection for files starting with "dkim-"
and/or "x-" via Andreas Meier (TIKA-2578 and TIKA-2587)
* Extract xlsx files embedded in OLE objects within PPT and PPTX
via Brian McColgan (TIKA-2588).
* Extract files embedded in HTML and javascript inside HTML
that are stored in the Data URI scheme (TIKA-2563).
* Extract text from grouped text boxes in PPT (TIKA-2569).
* Extract language metadata item from PDF files via Matt Sheppard (TIKA-2559)
* RFC822 with multipart/mixed, first text element should be treated
as the main body of the email, not an attachment (TIKA-2547).
* Swap out com.tdunning:json for com.github.openjson:openjson to avoid
jar conflicts (TIKA-2556).
* No longer hardcode HtmlParser for XML files in tika-server (TIKA-2551).
* Require Java 8 (TIKA-2553).
* Add a parser for XPS (TIKA-2524).
* Mime magic for Dolby Digital AC3 and EAC3 files
* Fixed bug where TesseractOCRParser ignores configured ImageMagickPath,
and set rotation script to ignore Python warnings (TIKA-2509)
* Upgrade geo-apis to 3.0.1 (TIKA-2535)
* Mime definition and magic improvements for text-based programming
and config formats (TIKA-2554, TIKA-2567, TIKA-1141)
* Added local Docker image build using dockerfile-maven-plugin to allow
images to be built from source (TIKA-1518).
* Support for SAS7BDAT data files (TIKA-2462)
* Handle .epub files using .htm rather than .html extensions for the
embedded contents (TIKA-1288)
* Mime magic for ACES Images (TIKA-2628) and DPX Images (TIKA-2629)
* For sparse XLSX and XLSB files, always output missing cells to
the left of filled ones (matching XLS), and optionally output
missing rows on all 3 formats if requested via the
OfficeParserContext (TIKA-2479)
Release 1.17 - 12/8/2017
ON Java 7. The next versions will require Java 8***
* Fix thread-safety in ChmExtractor (TIKA-2519).
* Upgrade cxf to 3.0.16 (TIKA-2516).
* Allow users to configure maxMainMemoryBytes for PDFs via shrike (PR-213).
* Extract underline and strikethrough in docx (TIKA-2347 and TIKA-2512).
* Cache TikaConfig in EmbeddedDocumentUtil for better performance
in documents with large number of attachments (TIKA-2511).
* Extract media files from ooxml (TIKA-2510).
* Standardize the way the Image and Video captioning
dockers and extraction work (TIKA-2400, GitHub-208)
* Upgrade to xmpcore 5.1.3 (TIKA-2034).
* Upgrade to metadata-extractor 2.10.1 (TIKA-2486).
* Upgrade to OpenNLP 1.8.3 (TIKA-2502).
* Upgrade to Jackson 2.9.2 (TIKA-2501).
* Catch potential NPE in getting InputStream for attachments
in PST file (TIKA-2488).
* Upgrade to PDFBox 2.0.8 (TIKA-2489).
* Allow configuration of markLimit in EncodingDetectors
via tika-config.xml (TIKA-2485).
* RFC822Parser now selects the best alternative for
multipart/alternative body components. This aligns with the
behavior of the OutlookParser (TIKA-2478). Users can select
legacy behavior via the "extractAllAlternatives" parameter
in the RFC822 parser definition in tika-config.xml.
* Narrow mime detection for ms-owner files and add detection
for .nls files (TIKA-2469).
* Fix bug in CharsetDetector that led to different detected charsets
depending on whether user setText with a byte[] or an InputStream
via Sean Story (TIKA-2475).
* Remove JAXB for easier use with Java 9 via Robert Munteanu (TIKA-2466).
* Upgrade to POI 3.17 (TIKA-2429).
* Enabling extraction of standard references from text (TIKA-2449).
* Load external custom mimetypes XML from system property
tika.custom-mimetypes (TIKA-2460).
* Extract number of tiffs in a multi-page tiff (TIKA-2451).
* Fix detection of emails extracted from mbox (TIKA-2456).
* Add OverrideDetector and allow PSTParser to specify body content type
as text or html -- to avoid incorrect auto-detection of
rfc/mbox, etc. (TIKA-2454)
* AutoDetectParser throws ZeroByteFileException for zero-byte files after
detection on the file extension (TIKA-2450).
* Extract phonetic runs in docx with experimental SAX parser (TIKA-2448).
* Extract phonetic runs from xls and allow users to turn off extraction
of phonetic runs in both xls and xlsx (TIKA-2440).
* OOXML locale should be set by POI's LocaleUtil not Locale.getDefault().
Fix unit tests to be robust against different locales in OOXML
and ExcelParser (TIKA-2438).
* Upgrade to PDFBox 2.0.7 (TIKA-2431).
* Tika now has support for automatic image captioning, that
combines Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing to
automatically generate a readable caption for an image
(TIKA-2262, TIKA-2355, TIKA-2402, Gh-198, Gh-196, Gh-189).
* Add TestCorruptedFiles to allow devs to test parsers against
corrupted input files (TIKA-2430).
* Correct Mimetype definition for Windows batch files (CMD and BAT)
which are the same (TIKA-2445)
* PSDParser memory use improvements (TIKA-2447)
* Add underline extraction from Word documents (doc/docx) via Stuart Hendren
as well as strikethrough extraction in docx (TIKA-2347, GitHub-173)
* Corrected Tesseract OCR script and made it a configurable
option via Peter Weiss (TIKA-2385)
Release 1.16 - 7/7/2017
* Exclude jj2000 from edu.ucar grip to avoid potential
license conflicts with ASL 2.0
* Add Age recognition using Ensemble model for Linear regression
and Apache OpenNLP Maximum Entropy. Tika can now detect age from
text (TIKA-1988).
* Add Tika Deep Learning support for the VGG16 model for
Very Deep Convolutional Networks for Large-Scale Image Recognition.
Now Tika supports both Inception v3/v4 and VGG16 based image
recognition (TIKA-2298).
* Extract macros from PPT (TIKA-2089).
* Extract absolute path for last saved location when available
in .xlsx and .xlsb (TIKA-2335).
* Rename SentimentParser to SentimentAnalysisParser to
prevent conflict with dependency (TIKA-2368).
* tika-app now extracts inline images in PDFs by
default, and it includes a warning to users that this is not the
default behavior elsewhere in Tika (TIKA-2374).
* Allow configurability of warnings for problems during
parser initialization (TIKA-2389).
* Upgrade to Jackcess 2.1.8 (TIKA-2380).
* Upgrade to POI 3.17-beta1 (TIKA-2336).
* Remove non-ASL-2.0-compatible org.json (TIKA-1804).
* Allow extraction of <script> elements in HTML as embedded "MACRO".
Users must turn this on via TikaConfig (TIKA-2391).
* Allow users to turn off extraction of headers and footers
from .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .xlsb (TIKA-2362)
* Extract text from charts in .docx, .pptx, .xlsx and .xlsb
* Extract text from diagrams in .docx, .pptx, .xlsx and .xlsb
* Fix bug in tika-server that led to an attempt to close the
input stream twice (TIKA-2384).
* Enable base32 encoding of digests and enable BouncyCastle implementations
of digest algorithms (TIKA-2386).
* Add snap builds to codebase (TIKA-2401)
* Canonical Mimetype of WAVE audio changed to match RFC 2361 defined
version, audio/vnd.wave, older audio/x-wav remains as an alias
* Upgrade "provided" xerial to 3.19.3 (TIKA-2412).
* Upgrade Gson to 2.8.1 (TIKA-2414).
* Upgrade mime4j to 0.8.1 (TIKA-2413).
* Mime magic improvements for GraphViz (TIKA-2422), HTML files which
claim to be XML but aren't quite valid XML (TIKA-2419) and QuickTime
/ MP4 (TIKA-2418)
Release 1.15 - 05/23/2017
* Tika now has a module for Deep Learning powered by the
DL4J toolkit. The initial included model is for InceptionV3
and so using this module, natively in Java, Tika can use
Deep learning for metadata/text extraction from Images using
the power of the Inception model (Github-165).
* A new parser for sentiment analysis using a categorical
(multi-class, anry, sad, neutral, like, love) and binary
(positive/negative) was added leveraging the USC data
science work (TIKA-2016).
* Tika now has the ability to automatically detect objects in videos,
using OpenCV and Tensorflow (TIKA-2322).
* Change default behavior to parse embedded documents even if the user
forgets to specify a Parser.class in the ParseContext (TIKA-2096).
Users who wish to parse only the container document should set
an EmptyParser as the Parser.class in the ParseContext.
* Change default behavior of Office Parsers to _not_ extract
Macros. User needs to setExtractMacros to "true" (TIKA-2302).
* Added tika-eval module (TIKA-1332).
* Unified logging across Tika: SLF4J as logging API, Apache Log4j as
implementation with JCL and JUL bridges in standalone tools like
tika-app, tika-batch and tika-server (TIKA-2245).
* Add parser for XLSB files (TIKA-1195).
* Add parsers for EMF/WMF files (TIKA-2246/TIKA-2247).
* Add parsers for WordPerfect and QuattroPro (.qpw) files.
Contributed by Pascal Essiembre (TIKA-1946 and TIKA-2228).
* Add experimental SAX parser for .pptx files. To select this parser,
set useSAXPptxExtractor(true) on OfficeParserConfig (TIKA-2210).
* Add experimental SAX parser for .docx files. To select this parser,
set useSAXDocxExtractor(true) on OfficeParserConfig (TIKA-1321, TIKA-2191).
* Add mime detection and parser for Word 2006ML format (TIKA-2179).
* Bug fix for WordPerfect via Pascal Essiembre (TIKA-2352).
* Added "text-main" equivalent option to tika-server via
/tika/main (TIKA-2343).
* Enabled configuration of the EncodingDetector used by
parsers that extend AbstractEncodingDetectorParser (TIKA-2273).
* Prevent easily preventable OOMs for both detection and parsing
of some compression formats (TIKA-2330).
* Extract images and thumbnails from ODT via Sam Bayer (TIKA-2295).
* Fix potential NPE in FeedParser via Julien Nioche (TIKA-2269).
* Official mime types for BMP, EMF and WMF have been registered with
IANA, so switch to these (image/bmp image/emf image/wmf) (TIKA-2250)
* Be more parsimonious with BufferedInputStreams via Josh Hight
* Enable handling of hyphenated language codes in TesseractOCRParser
via Graham Russell (TIKA-2231).
* Improve style tags in ODT (TIKA-2242).
* Add container detection for embedded MSEquation files (TIKA-2238).
* Add parsing of JBIG2 and extraction of JBIG2 from PDFs when
required dependencies are added to class path by user.
Contributed by Pascal Essiembre (TIKA-2232).
* Mime magic for the OneNote family (.one / .onetoc / .onepkg), no parser
* Add configurability of "preserve-interword-spacing" to
TesseractOCRParser (TIKA-2190).
* Upgrade to PDFBox 2.0.6 and JempBox 1.8.13 (TIKA-2209/TIKA-2236/TIKA-2361).
* Refactor MockParser to consolidate service loading
and mime types into tika-core/src/test (TIKA-2195).
* Enabled extraction of embedded objects from headers, footers,
footnotes, endnotes and comments in legacy .docx parser (TIKA-2192).
* Allow extraction of PDActions (including Javascript) from
PDFs (TIKA-2090). This is turned off by default. Users
must setExtractActions(true) on the PDFParserConfig.
* Change default behavior in experimental .docx parser to ignore
deleted text to align with .doc (TIKA-2187).
* Upgrade to POI 3.16 (TIKA-2116, TIKA-2181, TIKA-2329).
* Allow configuration of timeout for ForkParser (TIKA-2170).
* Add extraction of .jpx inline images from PDFs when required
dependencies are added by user to class path (TIKA-2175).
* Add .jpx, .jp2, .ppm to formats handled by Tesseract (TIKA-2174).
* Upgrade SQLite "provided" dependency to 3.16.1 (TIKA-2334).
* Update Apache CXF version to 3.0.12 (TIKA-2292).
* Add Lingo24 Language Detector (TIKA-2297).
* Further mime magic for WebVTT (TIKA-1772)
* Extend support for increased PSM options up to 13 for modern
versions of Tesseract (TIKA-2357).
* Prevent potential resource leak by closing TrueTypeFont
via Cameron Rollheiser (TIKA-2370).
Release 1.14 - 10/19/2016
* Extract all headers from MSG/RFC822 (TIKA-2122).
* Upgrade metadata-extractor to 2.9.1 (TIKA-2113).
* Extract PDF DocInfo metadata into separate keys to prevent
overwriting by XMP metadata (TIKA-2057).
* Re-enable fileUrl for tika-server (TIKA-2081). If you choose,
to use this feature, beware of the security vulnerabilities!
* Add Tesseract's hOCR output format as an option, via Eric Pugh
* Extract macros from MSOffice files (TIKA-2069).
* Maintain passed-in mime in TXTParser (TIKA-2047).
* Upgrade to POI.3-15 (TIKA-2013).
* Upgrade to PDFBox 2.0.3 (TIKA-2051).
* Fix hyperlinks with formatting in DOC and DOCX (TIKA-1255
and TIKA-2078)
* Tika now is integrated with the Tensorflow library from Google
and it can use its Inception v3 image classification model to
identify objects in images (TIKA-1993).
* Parser configuration is now type-safe and parameters for parsers
can have assigned types (TIKA-1508, TIKA-1986).
* Prevent OOM/permanent hang on some corrupt CHM files (TIKA-2040).
* Upgrade ICU4J charset detection components to fix multithreading
bug (TIKA-2041).
* Upgrade to Jackcess 2.1.4 (TIKA-2039).
* Maintain more significant digits in cells of "General" format
in XLS and XLSX (TIKA-2025).
* Avoid mark/reset issues when extracting or detecting embedded resources
in RFC822 emails (TIKA-2037).
* Improving accuracy of Tesseract for better extraction of numeric
and alphanumeric text from images (TIKA-2021, TIKA-2031).
* Improve extraction of embedded documents from PPT, PPTX and XLSX
* Add parser for applefile (AppleSingle) (TIKA-2022).
* Add mime types, mime magic and/or globs for:
* Endnote Import File (TIKA-2011)
* DJVU files (TIKA-2009)
* MS Owner File (TIKA-2008)
* Windows Media Metafile (TIKA-2004)
* iCal and vCalendar (TIKA-2006)
* MBOX (TIKA-2042)
* Stata DTA (TIKA-2064)
* Add configurable maximum threshold for number of events extracted
from the XMP Media Management Schema in JempboxExtractor (TIKA-1999).
* Integrate TesseractOCR with full page image rendering for PDFs (TIKA-1994).
* Add mime detection via Nick C and parser for DBF files (TIKA-1513).
* Add mime detection and parsers for MSOffice 2003 XML Word
and Excel formats (TIKA-1958).
* Extract hyperlinks from PPT, PPTX, XSLX (TIKA-1454).
* Upgrade to Commons Compress 1.12 (supports progress on TIKA-1358)
Release 1.13 - 05/08/2016
* Upgrade to PDFBox 2.0.1 (TIKA-1285/TIKA-1959).
* The classic sequential parser is no longer available.
* Tiff files are no longer extracted by default. See
for optional components to process Tiff files.
* Some truncated/corrupted files that had some content extracted
with 1.8.x may have no content extracted in 2.0.x (see TIKA-1912).
* The MIT-NLP Information Extraction (MITIE) Named Entity
Recognition (NER) system is now supported in Tika
(TIKA-1913, GitHub-108).
* Tika now supports the use of the Yandex translation
service (TIKA-1943, GitHub-106).
* Tika now uses NER to extract scientific measurements
from text using either GROBID Quantities which uses
conditional random fields and NLTK which uses regular
expressesions (TIKA-1917, GitHub-104).
* Fixed JournalParser to handle null responses from
GROBID and to log a message (TIKA-1925).
* Refactored Language Detector into tika-landetect module,
added default N-Gram implementation, Optimaize Lang
Detector and MIT Text.jl implementation
(TIKA-1872, TIKA-1696, TIKA-1723).
* Extract metadata from MP4 videos whether or not the
PooledTimeSeries parser is available via Aditya Dhulipala
* Fix NPE when trying to get embedded image identifier in
WordParser (TIKA-1956).
* Improvements to MIME database for detection of Scientific
and other formats present in the TREC-DD-Polar dataset
(TIKA-1881, GitHub-85, TIKA-1883, TIKA-1884, TIKA-1886,
* LinkContentHandler now extracts links from script tags
via Joseph Naegele (TIKA-1937).
* Handle per page IOExceptions more robustly in PDFParser (TIKA-1948).
* Upgrade commons-compress to 1.11 (TIKA-1949).
* Add detection for embedded MSChart.Graph files (TIKA-1033).
* Fix NPE in Sqlite parser from Nick C (TIKA-1927).
* Fix NPE in Open Document parser from Nick C (TIKA-1916).
* Upgrade mp4parser's isoparser to 1.1.7 (TIKA-1924 and TIKA-1931).
* Upgrade BouncyCastle to 1.54 (TIKA-1923).
* Upgrade Jackcess to 2.1.3 (TIKA-1922).
* Upgrade Drew Noakes' metadata-extractor to 2.8.1 (TIKA-1921).
* Upgrade Gson in tika-serialization to 2.6.2 (TIka-1920).
* Upgrade commons-cli in tika-batch to 1.3.1 (TIKA-1919).
* Add XMPMM support to PDFParser and JpegParser via Jempbox (TIKA-1894).
* Move serialization of TikaConfig to tika-core and enable dumping
of the config file via tika-app (TIKA-1657).
* Tika now incorporates the Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK) from the
Python community as an option for Named Entity Recognition (TIKA-1876).
* Add support for XFA extraction via Pascal Essiembre (TIKA-1857).
* Upgrade to sqlite-jdbc (TIKA-1861). NOTE: this dependency
is still <scope>provided</scope>. You need to include this dependency
in order to parse sqlite files.
* Upgrade to POI 3.15-beta1 (TIKA-1895).
* Upgrade to Jackson 2.7.1 (TIKA-1869).
* Upgrade to Apache SIS 0.6 (TIKA-1878).
* RichTextContentHandler moved from the Server package to Core (TIKA-1870).
* Added ZeroSizeFileDetector to support application/x-zerovalue via
Adesh Gupta (TIKA-1885).
* Addition of types information to Grobid quantities parser via
Can Menekse (TIKA-1965).
Release 1.12 - 01/24/2016
* Support for iFrames and element link extraction is provided in
the link Content Handler (TIKA-1835).
* Slide notes are now linked to the slide XHTML in the PPT output
* JSON tests in Tika server were updated to remove impossible casts
* Fix bug in GeoTopicParser where NER is reused instead of instantiated
with each request (TIKA-1834).
* Upgrade rome to 1.5.1 && Downgrade Rome dependency to 0.9 to avoid
nasty NPE (TIKA-1820, TIKA-1516)
* The NamedEntityParser was enhanced to generate text content
in addition to metadata (TIKA-1815, TIKA-1816).
* A significant speed-up is made to the GeoTopicParser by
using the new REST server capabilities from Lucene Geo
Gazetteer (TIKA-1803).
* A parser to compute motion properties in Videos, e.g.,
Histogram of Oriented Gradients and Histogram of Optical Flows
using the Pooled Time Series algorithm, was added (TIKA-1798).
* Provide NamedEntityParser which exposes Named Entity Recognition
from OpenNLP and Stanford NER providers (TIKA-1787, GitHub-61,
* Allow XHTMLContentHandler to pass attributes of html element
via Markus Jelsma (TIKA-1782).
* Fix regression with spacing in PPT via Andreas Beeker (TIKA-1777).
* Tika Facade parse methods for Path and File added which take a
Metadata object, to mirror the existing InputStream one (GitHub-60)
* GeoParser fix for loading the NER model from a jar file (TIKA-1791)
Release 1.11 - 10/18/2015
* Java7 API support for allowing java.nio.file.Path as method arguments
was added to Tika and to ParsingReader, TikaFileTypeDetector, and to
Tika Config (TIKA-1745, TIKA-1746, TIKA-1751).
* MIME support was added for WebVTT: The Web Video Text Tracks Format
files (TIKA-1772).
* MIME magic improved to ensure emails detected as message/rfc822
* Upgrade to Jackcess Encrypt 2.1.1 to avoid binary incompatibility
with Bouncy Castle (TIKA-1736).
* Make div and other markup more consistent between PPT and
PPTX (TIKA-1755).
* Parse multiple authors from MSOffice's semi-colon delimited
author field (TIKA-1765).
* Include within tika-parsers resources
by default (TIKA-1741).
* Prevent infinite recursion when processing inline images
in PDF files by limiting extraction of duplicate images
within the same page (TIKA-1742).
* Upgrade to POI 3.13-final (via Andreas Beeker) (TIKA-1707).
* Upgraded tika-batch to use Path throughout (TIKA-1747 and
* Upgraded to Path in TikaInputStream (via Yaniv Kunda) (TIKA-1744).
* Changed default content handler type for "/rmeta" in tika-server
to "xml" to align with "-J" option in tika-app.
Clients can now specify handler types via PathParam. (TIKA-1716).
* The fantastic GROBID (or Grobid) GeneRation Of BIbliographic Data
for machine learning from PDF files is now integrated as a
Tika parser (TIKA-1699, TIKA-1712).
* The ability to specify the Tesseract Config Path was added
to the OCR Parser (TIKA-1703).
* Upgraded to ASM 5.0.4 (TIKA-1705).
* Corrected Tika Config XML detector definition explicit loading
of MimeTypes (TIKA-1708)
* In Tika Parsers, Batch, Server, App and Examples, use Apache
Commons IO instead of inlined ex-Commons classes, and the Java 7
Standard Charset definitions (TIKA-1710)
* Upgraded to Commons Compress 1.10, which enables zlib compressed
archives support (TIKA-1718)
Release 1.10 - 8/1/2015
* Tika Config XML can now be used to create composite detectors,
and exclude detectors that DefaultDetector would otherwise
have used. This brings support in-line with Parsers. (TIKA-1702)
* Reverted to legacy sort order of parsers that was
mistakenly reversed in Tika 1.9 (TIKA-1689).
* Upgrade to POI 3.13-beta1 (TIKA-1667).
* Upgrade to PDFBox 1.8.10 (TIKA-1588).
* MimeTypes now tries to find a registered type with and
without parameters (TIKA-1692).
* Added more robust error handling for encoding detection
of .MSG files (TIKA-1238).
* Fixed bug in Tika's use of the Jackcess parser that
prevented reading of v97 Access files (TIKA-1681).
* Upgrade's sqlite-jdbc to NOTE:
as of Tika 1.9, this jar is "provided." Make sure
to upgrade your provided jar! (TIKA-1687).
* Add header/footer extraction to xls (via Aeham Abushwashi)
* Drop the source file name from the embedded file path in
RecursiveParserWrapper's "X-TIKA:embedded_resource_path"
* Upgraded to Java 7 (TIKA-1536).
* Non-standards compliant emails are now correctly detected
as message/rfc822 (TIKA-1602).
* Added parser for MS Access files via Jackcess. Many thanks
to Health Market Science, Brian O'Neill and James Ahlborn
for relicensing Jackcess to Apache v2! (TIKA-1601)
* GDALParser now correctly sets "nitf" as a supported
MediaType (TIKA-1664).
* Added DigestingParser to calculate digest hashes
and record them in metadata. Integrated with
tika-app and tika-server (TIKA-1663).
* Fixed ZipContainerDetector to detect all IPA files
Release 1.9 - 6/6/2015
* The ability to use the cTAKES clinical text
knowledge extraction system for biomedical data is
now included as a Tika parser (TIKA-1645, TIKA-1642).
* Tika-server allows a user to specify the Tika config
from the command line (TIKA-1652, TIKA-1426).
* Matlab file detection has been improved (TIKA-1634).
* The EXIFTool was added as an External parser
* If FFMPEG is installed and on the PATH, it is a
usable Parser in Tika now (TIKA-1510).
* Fixes have been applied to the ExternalParser to make
it functional (TIKA-1638).
* Tika service loading can now be more verbose with the
org.apache.tika.service.error.warn system property (TIKA-1636).
* Tika Server now allows for metadata extraction from remote
URLs and in addition it outputs the detected language as a
metadata field (TIKA-1625).
* OUTPUT_FILE_TOKEN not being replaced in ExternalParser
contributed by Pascal Essiembre (TIKA-1620).
* Tika REST server now supports language identification
* All of the example code from the Tika in Action book has
been donated to Tika and added to tika-examples (TIKA-1562).
* Tika server now logs errors determining ContentDisposition
* An algorithm for using Byte Histogram frequencies to construct
a Neural Network and to perform MIME detection was added
* A Bayesian algorithm for MIME detection by probabilistic
means was added (TIKA-1517).
* Tika now incorporates the Apache Spatial Information
System capability of parsing Geographic ISO 19139
files (TIKA-443). It can also detect those files as
* Update the MimeTypes code to support inheritance
* Provide ability to parse and identify Global Change
Master Directory Interchange Format (GCMD DIF)
scientific data files (TIKA-1532).
* Improvements to detect CBOR files by extension (TIKA-1610).
* Change's sqlite-jdbc jar to "provided" (TIKA-1511).
Users will now need to add sqlite-jdbc to their classpath for
the Sqlite3Parser to work.
* ExternalParser.check now catches (suppresses) SecurityException
and returns false, so it's OK to run Tika with a security policy
that does not allow execution of external processes (TIKA-1628).
Release 1.8 - 4/13/2015
* Fix null pointer when processing ODT footer styles (TIKA-1600).
* Upgrade to com.drewnoakes' metadata-extractor to 2.0 and
add parser for webp metadata (TIKA-1594).
* Duration extracted from MP3s with no ID3 tags (TIKA-1589).
* Upgraded to PDFBox 1.8.9 (TIKA-1575).
* Tika now supports the IsaTab data standard for bioinformatics
both in terms of MIME identification and in terms of parsing
* Tika server can now enable CORS requests with the command line
"--cors" or "-C" option (TIKA-1586).
* Update jhighlight dependency to avoid using LGPL license. Thank
@kkrugler for his great contribution (TIKA-1581).
* Updated HDF and NetCDF parsers to output file version in
metadata (TIKA-1578 and TIKA-1579).
* Upgraded to POI 3.12-beta1 (TIKA-1531).
* Added tika-batch module for directory to directory batch
processing. This is a new, experimental capability, and the API will
likely change in future releases (TIKA-1330).
* Translator.translate() Exceptions are now restricted to
TikaException and IOException (TIKA-1416).
* Tika now supports MIME detection for Microsoft Extended
Makefiles (EMF) (TIKA-1554).
* Tika has improved delineation in XML and HTML MIME detection
* Upgraded the Drew Noakes metadata-extractor to version 2.7.2
* Added basic style support for ODF documents, contributed by
Axel Dörfler (TIKA-1063).
* Move Tika server resources and writers to separate
org.apache.tika.server.resource and writer packages (TIKA-1564).
* Upgrade UCAR dependencies to 4.5.5 (TIKA-1571).
* Fix Paths in Tika server welcome page (TIKA-1567).
* Fixed infinite recursion while parsing some PDFs (TIKA-1038).
* XHTMLContentHandler now properly passes along body attributes,
contributed by Markus Jelsma (TIKA-995).
* TikaCLI option --compare-file-magic to report mime types known to
the file(1) tool but not known / fully known to Tika.
* MediaTypeRegistry support for returning known child types.
* Support for excluding (blacklisting) certain Parsers from being
used by DefaultParser via the Tika Config file, using the new
parser-exclude tag (TIKA-1558).
* Detect Global Change Master Directory (GCMD) Directory
Interchange Format (DIF) files (TIKA-1561).
* Tika's JAX-RS server can now return stacktraces for
parse exceptions (TIKA-1323).
* Added MockParser for testing handling of exceptions, errors
and hangs in code that uses parsers (TIKA-1553).
* The ForkParser service removed from Activator. Rollback of (TIKA-1354).
* Increased the speed of language identification by
a factor of two -- contributed by Toke Eskildsen (TIKA-1549).
* Added parser for Sqlite3 db files. Some users will need to
exclude the dependency on's sqlite-jdbc because
it contains native libs (TIKA-1511).
* Use POST instead of PUT for tika-server form methods
* A basic wrapper around the UNIX file command was
added to extract Strings. In addition a parse to
handle Strings parsing from octet-streams using Latin1
charsets as added (TIKA-1541, TIKA-1483).
* Add test files and detection mechanism for Gridded
Binary (GRIB) files (TIKA-1539).
* The RAR parser was updated to handle Chinese characters
using the functionality provided by allowing encoding to
be used within ZipArchiveInputStream (TIKA-936).
* Fix out of memory error in surefire plugin (TIKA-1537).
* Build a parser to extract data from GRIB formats (TIKA-1423).
* Upgrade to Commons Compress 1.9 (TIKA-1534).
* Include media duration in metadata parsed by MP4Parser (TIKA-1530).
* Support password protected 7zip files (using a PasswordProvider,
in keeping with the other password supporting formats) (TIKA-1521).
* Password protected Zip files should not trigger an exception (TIKA-1028).
Release 1.7 - 1/9/2015
* Fixed resource leak in OutlookPSTParser that caused TikaException
when invoked via AutoDetectParser on Windows (TIKA-1506).
* HTML tags are properly stripped from content by FeedParser
* Tika Server support for selecting a single metadata key;
wrapped MetadataEP into MetadataResource (TIKA-1499).
* Tika Server support for JSON and XMP views of metadata (TIKA-1497).
* Tika Parent uses dependency management to keep duplicate
dependencies in different modules the same version (TIKA-1384).
* Upgraded slf4j to version 1.7.7 (TIKA-1496).
* Tika Server support for RecursiveParserWrapper's JSON output
(endpoint=rmeta) equivalent to (TIKA-1451's) -J option
in tika-app (TIKA-1498).
* Tika Server support for providing the password for files on a
per-request basis through the Password http header (TIKA-1494).
* Simple support for the BPG (Better Portable Graphics) image format
(TIKA-1491, TIKA-1495).
* Prevent exceptions from being thrown for some malformed
mp3 files (TIKA-1218).
* Reformat pom.xml files to use two spaces per indent (TIKA-1475).
* Fix warning of slf4j logger on Tika Server startup (TIKA-1472).
* Tika CLI and GUI now have option to view JSON rendering of output
of RecursiveParserWrapper (TIKA-1451).
* Tika now integrates the Geospatial Data Abstraction Library
(GDAL) for parsing hundreds of geospatial formats (TIKA-605,
* ExternalParsers can now use Regexs to specify dynamic keys
* Thread safety issues in ImageMetadataExtractor were resolved
* The ForkParser service is now registered in Activator
* The Rome Library was upgraded to version 1.5 (TIKA-1435).
* Add markup for files embedded in PDFs (TIKA-1427).
* Extract files embedded in annotations in PDFS (TIKA-1433).
* Upgrade to PDFBox 1.8.8 (TIKA-1419, TIKA-1442).
* Add RecursiveParserWrapper (aka Jukka's and Nick's)
RecursiveMetadataParser (TIKA-1329)
* Add example for how to dump TikaConfig to XML (TIKA-1418).
* Allow users to specify a tika config file for tika-app (TIKA-1426).
* PackageParser includes the last-modified date from the archive
in the metadata, when handling embedded entries (TIKA-1246)
* Created a new Tesseract OCR Parser to extract text from images.
Requires installation of Tesseract before use (TIKA-93).
* Basic parser for older Excel formats, such as Excel 4, 5 and 95,
which can get simple text, and metadata for Excel 5+95 (TIKA-1490)
Release 1.6 - 08/31/2014
* Parse output should indicate which Parser was actually used
* Use the forbidden-apis Maven plugin to check for unsafe Java
operations (TIKA-1387).
* Created an ExternalTranslator class to interface with command
line Translators (TIKA-1385).
* Created a MosesTranslator as a subclass of ExternalTranslator
that calls the Moses Decoder machine translation program (TIKA-1385).
* Created the tika-example module. It will have examples of how to
use the main Tika interfaces (TIKA-1390).
* Upgraded to Commons Compress 1.8.1 (TIKA-1275).
* Upgraded to POI 3.11-beta1 (TIKA-1380).
* Tika now extracts SDTCell content from tables in .docx files (TIKA-1317).
* Tika now supports detection of the Persian/Farsi language.
* The Tika Detector interface is now exposed through the JAX-RS
server (TIKA-1336, TIKA-1336).
* Tika now has support for parsing binary Matlab files as part of
our larger effort to increase the number of scientific data formats
supported. (TIKA-1327)
* The Tika Server URLs for the unpacker resources have been changed,
to bring them under a common prefix (TIKA-1324). The mapping is
/unpacker/{id} -> /unpack/{id}
/all/{id} -> /unpack/all/{id}
* Added module and core Tika interface for translating text between
languages and added a default implementation that call's Microsoft's
translate service (TIKA-1319)
* Added an Translator implementation that calls Lingo24's Premium
Machine Translation API (TIKA-1381)
* Made RTFParser's list handling slightly more robust against corrupt
list metadata (TIKA-1305)
* Fixed bug in CLI json output (TIKA-1291/TIKA-1310)
* Added ability to turn off image extraction from PDFs (TIKA-1294).
Users must now turn on this capability via the PDFParserConfig.
* Upgrade to PDFBox 1.8.6 (TIKA-1290, TIKA-1231, TIKA-1233, TIKA-1352)
* Zip Container Detection for DWFX and XPS formats, which are OPC
based (TIKA-1204, TIKA-1221)
* Added a user facing welcome page to the Tika Server, which
says what it is, and a very brief summary of what is available.
* Added Tika Server endpoints to list the available mime types,
Parsers and Detectors, similar to the --list-<foo> methods on
the Tika CLI App (TIKA-1270)
* Improvements to NetCDF and HDF parsing to mimic the output of
ncdump and extract text dimensions and spatial and variable
information from scientific data files (TIKA-1265)
* Extract attachments from RTF files (TIKA-1010)
* Support Outlook Personal Folders File Format *.pst (TIKA-623)
* Added mime entries for additional Ogg based formats (TIKA-1259)
* Updated the Ogg Vorbis plugin to v0.4, which adds detection for a wider
range of Ogg formats, and parsers for more Ogg Audio ones (TIKA-1113)
* PDF: Images in PDF documents can now be extracted as embedded resources.
* Fixed RuntimeException thrown for certain Word Documents (TIKA-1251).
* CLI: TikaCLI now has another option: --list-parser-details-apt, which outputs
the list of supported parsers in APT format. This is used to generate the list
on the formats page (TIKA-411).
Release 1.5 - 02/04/2014
* Fixed bug in handling of embedded file processing in PDFs (TIKA-1228).
* Added SourceCodeParser to support java, Groovy, C++ files (TIKA-1224).
* Updated Tika Server to support multipart/form-data payloads (TIKA-1198).
* Updated Tika Server to CXF 2.7.8 (TIKA-1197).
* Updated Tika Server to accept requests over wildcard addresses (TIKA-1196).
* Added option to use alternate NonSequentialPDFParser (TIKA-1201).
* Content from PDF AcroForms is now extracted (TIKA-973).
* Fixed invalid asterisks from master slide in PPT (TIKA-1171).
* Added test cases to confirm handling of auto-date in PPT and PPTX (TIKA-817).
* Text from tables in PPT files is once again extracted correctly (TIKA-1076).
* Text is extracted from text boxes in XLSX (TIKA-1100).
* Tika no longer hangs when processing Excel files with custom fraction format (TIKA-1132).
* Disconcerting stacktrace from missing beans no longer printed for some DOCX files (TIKA-792).
* Upgraded POI to 3.10-beta2 (TIKA-1173).
* Upgraded PDFBox to 1.8.4 (TIKA-1230).
* Made HtmlEncodingDetector more flexible in finding meta
header charset (TIKA-1001).
* Added sanitized test HTML file for local file test (TIKA-1139).
* Fixed bug that prevented attachments within a PDF from being processed
if the PDF itself was an attachment (TIKA-1124).
* Text from paragraph-level structured document tags in DOCX files is now extracted (TIKA-1130).
* RTF: Fixed ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when parsing list override (TIKA-1192).
* CLI: TikaCLI now escapes invalid filename characters as hex
characters (TIKA-1078).
Release 1.4 - 06/15/2013
* Removed a test HTML file with a poorly chosen GPL text in it (TIKA-1129).
* Improvements to tika-server to allow it to produce text/html and
text/xml content (TIKA-1126, TIKA-1127).
* Improvements were made to the Compressor Parser to handle g'zipped files
that require the decompressConcatenated option set to true (TIKA-1096).
* Addressed a typographic error that was preventing from detection of
awk files (TIKA-1081).
* Added a new end-point to Tika's JAX-RS REST server that only detects
the media-type based on a small portion of the document submitted
* RTF: Ordered and unordered lists are now extracted (TIKA-1062).
* MP3: Audio duration is now extracted (TIKA-991)
* Java .class files: upgraded from ASM 3.1 to ASM 4.1 for parsing
the Java bytecodes (TIKA-1053).
* Mime Types: Definitions extended to optionally include Link (URL) and
UTI, along with details for several common formats (TIKA-1012 / TIKA-1083)
* Exceptions when parsing OLE10 embedded documents, when parsing
summary information from Office documents, and when saving
embedded documennts in TikaCLI are now logged instead
of aborting extraction (TIKA-1074)
* MS Word: line tabular character is now replaced with newline
* XML: ElementMetadataHandlers can now optionally accept duplicate
and empty values (TIKA-1133)
Release 1.3 - 01/19/2013
* Mimetype definitions added for more common programming languages,
including common extensions, but not magic patterns. (TIKA-1055)
* MS Word: When a Word (.doc) document contains embedded files or
links to external documents, Tika now places a <div
class="embedded" id="_XXX"/> placeholder into the XHTML so you can
see where in the main text the embedded document occurred
(TIKA-956, TIKA-1019). Embedded Wordpad/RTF documents are now
recognized (TIKA-982).
* PDF: Text from pop-up annotations is now extracted (TIKA-981).
Text from bookmarks is now extracted (TIKA-1035).
* PKCS7: Detached signatures no longer through NullPointerException
* iWork: The chart name for charts embedded in numbers documents is
now extracted (TIKA-918).
* CLI: TikaCLI -m now handles multi-valued metadata keys correctly
(previously it only printed the first value). (TIKA-920)
* MS Word (.docx): When a Word (.docx) document contains embedded
files, Tika now places a <div class="embedded" id="XXX"/> into the
XHTML so you can see where in the main text the embedded document
occurred. The id (rId) is included in the Metadata of each
embedded document as the new Metadata.EMBEDDED_RELATIONSHIP_ID
key, and TikaCLI prepends the rId (if present) onto the filename
it extracts (TIKA-989). Fixed NullPointerException when style is
null (TIKA-1006). Text inside text boxes is now extracted
* RTF: Page, word, character count and creation date metadata are
now extracted for RTF documents (TIKA-999).
* MS PowerPoint (.pptx): When a PowerPoint (.pptx) document contains
embedded files, Tika now places a <div class="embedded" id="XXX"/> into the
XHTML so you can see where in the main text the embedded document
occurred. The id (rId) is included in the Metadata of each
embedded document as the new Metadata.EMBEDDED_RELATIONSHIP_ID
key, and TikaCLI prepends the rId (if present) onto the filename
it extracts (TIKA-997, TIKA-1032).
* MS PowerPoint (.ppt): When a PowerPoint (.ppt) document contains
embedded files, Tika now places a <div class="embedded" id="XXX"/> into the
XHTML so you can see where in the main text the embedded document
occurred (TIKA-1025). Text from the master slide is now extracted
* MHTML: fixed Null charset name exception when a mime part has an
unrecognized charset (TIKA-1011).
* MP3: if an ID3 tag was encoded in UTF-16 with only the BOM then on
certain JVMs this would incorrectly extract the BOM as the tag's
value (TIKA-1024).
* ZIP: placeholders (<div class="embedded" id="<entry name>"/>) are
now left in the XHTML so you can see where each archive member
appears (TIKA-1036). TikaCLI would hit FileNotFoundException when
extracting files that were under sub-directories from a ZIP
archive, because it failed to create the parent directories first
* XML: a space character is now added before each element
Release 1.2 - 07/10/2012
* Tika's JAX-RS based Network server now is based on Apache CXF,
which is available in Maven Central and now allows the server
module to be packaged and included in our release
(TIKA-593, TIKA-901).
* Tika: parseToString now lets you specify the max string length
per-call, in addition to per-Tika-instance. (TIKA-870)
* Tika now has the ability to detect FITS (Flexible Image Transport System)
files (TIKA-874).
* Images: Fixed file handle leak in ImageParser. (TIKA-875)
* iWork: Comments in Pages files are now extracted (TIKA-907).
Headers, footers and footnotes in Pages files are now extracted
(TIKA-906). Don't throw NullPointerException on passsword
protected iWork files, even though we can't parse their contents
yet (TIKA-903). Text extracted from Keynote text boxes and bullet
points no longer runs together (TIKA-910). Also extract text for
Pages documents created in layout mode (TIKA-904). Table names
are now extracted in Numbers documents (TIKA-924). Content added
to master slides is also extracted (TIKA-923).
* Archive and compression formats: The Commons Compress dependency was
upgraded from 1.3 to 1.4.1. With this change Tika can now parse also
Unix dump archives and documents compressed using the XZ and Pack200
compression formats. (TIKA-932)
* KML: Tika now has basic support for Keyhole Markup Language documents
(KML and KMZ) used by tools like Google Earth. See also (TIKA-941)
* CLI: You can now use the TIKA_PASSWORD environment variable or the
--password=X command line option to specify the password that Tika CLI
should use for opening encrypted documents (TIKA-943).
* Character encodings: Tika's character encoding detection mechanism was
improved by adding integration to the juniversalchardet library that
implements Mozilla's universal charset detection algorithm. The slower
ICU4J algorithms are still used as a fallback thanks to their wider
coverage of custom character encodings. (TIKA-322, TIKA-471)
* Charset parameter: Related to the character encoding improvements
mentioned above, Tika now returns the detected character encoding as
a "charset" parameter of the content type metadata field for text/plain
and text/html documents. For example, instead of just "text/plain", the
returned content type will be something like "text/plain; charset=UTF-8"
for a UTF-8 encoded text document. Character encoding information is still
present also in the content encoding metadata field for backwards
compatibility, but that field should be considered deprecated. (TIKA-431)
* Extraction of embedded resources from OLE2 Office Documents, where
the resource isn't another office document, has been fixed (TIKA-948)
Release 1.1 - 3/7/2012
* Link Extraction: The rel attribute is now extracted from
links per the LinkConteHandler. (TIKA-824)
* MP3: Fixed handling of UTF-16 (two byte) ID3v2 tags (previously
the last character in a UTF-16 tag could be corrupted) (TIKA-793)
* Performance: Loading of the default media type registry is now
significantly faster. (TIKA-780)
* PDF: Allow controlling whether overlapping duplicated text should
be removed. Disabling this (the default) can give big
speedups to text extraction and may workaround cases where
non-duplicated characters were incorrectly removed (TIKA-767).
Allow controlling whether text tokens should be sorted by their x/y
position before extracting text (TIKA-612); this is necessary for
certain PDFs. Fixed cases where too many </p> tags appear in the
XHTML output, causing NPE when opening some PDFs with the GUI
* RTF: Fixed case where a font change would result in processing
bytes in the wrong font's charset, producing bogus text output
(TIKA-777). Don't output whitespace in ignored group states,
avoiding excessive whitespace output (TIKA-781). Binary embedded
content (using \bin control word) is now skipped correctly;
previously it could cause the parser to incorrectly extract binary
content as text (TIKA-782).
* CLI: New TikaCLI option "--list-detectors", which displays the
mimetype detectors that are available, similar to the existing
"--list-parsers" option for parsers. (TIKA-785).
* Detectors: The order of detectors, as supplied via the service
registry loader, is now controlled. User supplied detectors are
prefered, then Tika detectors (such as the container aware ones),
and finally the core Tika MimeTypes is used as a backup. This
allows for specific, detailed detectors to take preference over
the default mime magic + filename detector. (TIKA-786)
* Microsoft Project (MPP): Filetype detection has been fixed,
and basic metadata (but no text) is now extracted. (TIKA-789)
* Outlook: fixed NullPointerException in TikaGUI when messages with
embedded RTF or HTML content were filtered (TIKA-801).
* Ogg Vorbis and FLAC: Parser added for Ogg Vorbis and FLAC audio
files, which extract audio metadata and tags (TIKA-747)
* MP4: Improved mime magic detection for MP4 based formats (including
QuickTime, MP4 Video and Audio, and 3GPP) (TIKA-851)
* MP4: Basic metadata extracting parser for MP4 files added, which includes
limited audio and video metadata, along with the iTunes media metadata
(such as Artist and Title) (TIKA-852)
* Document Passwords: A new ParseContext object, PasswordProvider,
has been added. This provides a way to supply the password for
a document during processing. Currently, only password protected
PDFs and Microsoft OOXML Files are supported. (TIKA-850)
Release 1.0 - 11/4/2011
The most notable changes in Tika 1.0 over previous releases are:
* API: All methods, classes and interfaces that were marked as
deprecated in Tika 0.10 have been removed to clean up the API
(TIKA-703). You may need to adjust and recompile client code
accordingly. The declared OSGi package versions are now 1.0, and
will thus not resolve for client bundles that still refer to 0.x
versions (TIKA-565).
* Configuration: The context class loader of the current thread is
no longer used as the default for loading configured parser and
detector classes. You can still pass an explicit class loader
to the configuration mechanism to get the previous behaviour.
* OSGi: The tika-core bundle will now automatically pick up and use
any available Parser and Detector services when deployed to an OSGi
environment. The tika-parsers bundle provides such services based on
for all the supported file formats for which the upstream parser library
is available. If you don't want to track all the parser libraries as
separate OSGi bundles, you can use the tika-bundle bundle that packages
tika-parsers together with all its upstream dependencies. (TIKA-565)
* RTF: Hyperlinks in RTF documents are now extracted as an <a
href=...>...</a> element (TIKA-632). The RTF parser is also now
more robust when encountering too many closing {'s vs. opening {'s
* MS Word: From Word (.doc) documents we now extract optional hyphen
as Unicode zero-width space (U+200B), and non-breaking hyphen as
Unicode non-breaking hyphen (U+2011). (TIKA-711)
* Outlook: Tika can now process also attachments in Outlook messages.
* MS Office: Performance of extracting embedded office docs was improved.
* PDF: The PDF parser now extracts paragraphs within each page
(TIKA-742) and can now optionally extract text from PDF
annotations (TIKA-738). There's also an option to enable (the
default) or disable auto-space insertion (TIKA-724).
* Language detection: Tika can now detect Belarusian, Catalan,
Esperanto, Galician, Lithuanian (TIKA-582), Romanian, Slovak,
Slovenian, and Ukrainian (TIKA-681).
* Java: Tika no longer ships retrotranslated Java 1.4 binaries along
with the normal ones that work with Java 5 and higher. (TIKA-744)
* OpenOffice documents: header/footer text is now extracted for text,
presentation and spreadsheet documents (TIKA-736)
Tika 1.0 relies on the following set of major dependencies (generated using
mvn dependency:tree from tika-parsers):
+- org.apache.tika:tika-core:jar:1.0:compile
+- edu.ucar:netcdf:jar:4.2-min:compile
| \- org.slf4j:slf4j-api:jar:1.5.6:compile
+- org.apache.james:apache-mime4j-core:jar:0.7:compile
+- org.apache.james:apache-mime4j-dom:jar:0.7:compile
+- org.apache.commons:commons-compress:jar:1.3:compile
+- commons-codec:commons-codec:jar:1.5:compile
+- org.apache.pdfbox:pdfbox:jar:1.6.0:compile
| +- org.apache.pdfbox:fontbox:jar:1.6.0:compile
| +- org.apache.pdfbox:jempbox:jar:1.6.0:compile
| \- commons-logging:commons-logging:jar:1.1.1:compile
+- org.bouncycastle:bcmail-jdk15:jar:1.45:compile
+- org.bouncycastle:bcprov-jdk15:jar:1.45:compile
+- org.apache.poi:poi:jar:3.8-beta4:compile
+- org.apache.poi:poi-scratchpad:jar:3.8-beta4:compile
+- org.apache.poi:poi-ooxml:jar:3.8-beta4:compile
| +- org.apache.poi:poi-ooxml-schemas:jar:3.8-beta4:compile
| | \- org.apache.xmlbeans:xmlbeans:jar:2.3.0:compile
| \- dom4j:dom4j:jar:1.6.1:compile
+- org.apache.geronimo.specs:geronimo-stax-api_1.0_spec:jar:1.0.1:compile
+- org.ccil.cowan.tagsoup:tagsoup:jar:1.2.1:compile
+- asm:asm:jar:3.1:compile
+- com.drewnoakes:metadata-extractor:jar:2.4.0-beta-1:compile
+- de.l3s.boilerpipe:boilerpipe:jar:1.1.0:compile
+- rome:rome:jar:0.9:compile
\- jdom:jdom:jar:1.0:compile
The following people have contributed to Tika 1.0 by submitting or commenting
on the issues resolved in this release:
Andrzej Bialecki
Antoni Mylka
Benson Margulies
Chris A. Mattmann
Cristian Vat
Dave Meikle
David Smiley
Dennis Adler
Erik Hetzner
Ingo Renner
Jeremias Maerki
Jeremy Anderson
Jeroen van Vianen
John Bartak
Jukka Zitting
Julien Nioche
Ken Krugler
Mark Butler
Maxim Valyanskiy
Michael Bryant
Michael McCandless
Nick Burch
Pablo Queixalos
Uwe Schindler
Žygimantas Medelis
See for more details on these contributions.
Release 0.10 - 09/25/2011
The most notable changes in Tika 0.10 over previous releases are:
* A parser for CHM help files was added. (TIKA-245)
* TIKA-698: Invalid characters are now replaced with the Unicode
replacement character (U+FFFD), whereas before such characters were
replaced with spaces, so you may need to change your processing of
Tika's output to now handle U+FFFD.
* The RTF parser was rewritten to perform its own direct shallow
parse of the RTF content, instead of using RTFEditorKit from
javax.swing. This fixes several issues in the old parser,
including doubling of Unicode characters in certain cases
(TIKA-683), exceptions on mal-formed RTF docs (TIKA-666), and
missing text from some elements (header/footer, hyperlinks,
footnotes, text inside pictures).
* Handling of temporary files within Tika was much improved
(TIKA-701, TIKA-654, TIKA-645, TIKA-153)
* The Tika GUI got a facelift and some extra features (TIKA-635)
* The apache-mime4j dependency of the email message parser was upgraded
from version 0.6 to 0.7 (TIKA-716). The parser also now accepts a
MimeConfig object in the ParseContext as configuration (TIKA-640).
Tika 0.10 relies on the following set of major dependencies (generated using
mvn dependency:tree from tika-parsers):
+- org.apache.tika:tika-core:jar:0.10:compile
+- edu.ucar:netcdf:jar:4.2-min:compile
| \- org.slf4j:slf4j-api:jar:1.5.6:compile
+- org.apache.james:apache-mime4j-core:jar:0.7:compile
+- org.apache.james:apache-mime4j-dom:jar:0.7:compile
+- org.apache.commons:commons-compress:jar:1.1:compile
+- commons-codec:commons-codec:jar:1.4:compile
+- org.apache.pdfbox:pdfbox:jar:1.6.0:compile
| +- org.apache.pdfbox:fontbox:jar:1.6.0:compile
| +- org.apache.pdfbox:jempbox:jar:1.6.0:compile
| \- commons-logging:commons-logging:jar:1.1.1:compile
+- org.bouncycastle:bcmail-jdk15:jar:1.45:compile
+- org.bouncycastle:bcprov-jdk15:jar:1.45:compile
+- org.apache.poi:poi:jar:3.8-beta4:compile
+- org.apache.poi:poi-scratchpad:jar:3.8-beta4:compile
+- org.apache.poi:poi-ooxml:jar:3.8-beta4:compile
| +- org.apache.poi:poi-ooxml-schemas:jar:3.8-beta4:compile
| | \- org.apache.xmlbeans:xmlbeans:jar:2.3.0:compile
| \- dom4j:dom4j:jar:1.6.1:compile
+- org.apache.geronimo.specs:geronimo-stax-api_1.0_spec:jar:1.0.1:compile
+- org.ccil.cowan.tagsoup:tagsoup:jar:1.2.1:compile
+- asm:asm:jar:3.1:compile
+- com.drewnoakes:metadata-extractor:jar:2.4.0-beta-1:compile
+- de.l3s.boilerpipe:boilerpipe:jar:1.1.0:compile
+- rome:rome:jar:0.9:compile
\- jdom:jdom:jar:1.0:compile
The following people have contributed to Tika 0.10 by submitting or commenting
on the issues resolved in this release:
Alain Viret
Alex Ott
Alexander Chow
Andreas Kemkes
Andrew Khoury
Babak Farhang
Benjamin Douglas
Benson Margulies
Chris A. Mattmann
chris hudson
Chris Lott
Cristian Vat
Curt Arnold
Cynthia L Wong
Dave Brosius
David Benson
Enrico Donelli
Erik Hetzner
Erna de Groot
Gabriele Columbro
Geoff Jarrad
Gregory Kanevsky
gunter rombauts
Henning Gross
Henri Bergius
Ingo Renner
Ingo Wiarda
Izaak Alpert
Jan H√∏ydahl
Jens Wilmer
Jeremy Anderson
Joseph Vychtrle
Joshua Turner
Jukka Zitting
Julien Nioche
Karl Heinz Marbaise
Ken Krugler
Kostya Gribov
Luciano Leggieri
Mads Hansen
Mark Butler
Matt Sheppard
Maxim Valyanskiy
Michael McCandless
Michael Pisula
Murad Shahid
Nick Burch
Oleg Tikhonov
Pablo Queixalos
Paul Jakubik
Raimund Merkert
Rajiv Kumar
Robert Trickey
Sami Siren
Selva Ganesan
Sjoerd Smeets
Stephen Duncan Jr
Tran Nam Quang
Uwe Schindler
Vitaliy Filippov
See for more details on these contributions.
Release 0.9 - 02/13/2011
The most notable changes in Tika 0.9 over previous releases are:
* A critical bugfix preventing metadata from printing to the
command line when the underlying Parser didn't generate
XHTML output was fixed. (TIKA-596)
* The 0.8 version of Tika included a NetCDF jar file that pulled
in tremendous amounts of redundant dependencies. This has
been addressed in Tika 0.9 by republishing a minimal NetCDF
jar and changing Tika to depend on that. (TIKA-556)
* MIME detection for iWork, and OpenXML documents has been
improved. (TIKA-533, TIKA-562, TIKA-588)
* A critical backwards incompatible bug in PDF parsing that
was introduced in Tika 0.8 has been fixed. (TIKA-548)
* Support for forked parsing in separate processes was added.
* Tika's language identifier now supports the Lithuanian
language. (TIKA-582)
Tika 0.9 relies on the following set of major dependencies (generated using
mvn dependency:tree from tika-parsers):
+- org.apache.tika:tika-core:jar:0.9:compile
+- edu.ucar:netcdf:jar:4.2-min:compile
| \- org.slf4j:slf4j-api:jar:1.5.6:compile
+- commons-httpclient:commons-httpclient:jar:3.1:compile
| +- commons-logging:commons-logging:jar:1.1.1:compile (version managed from 1.0.4)
| \- commons-codec:commons-codec:jar:1.2:compile
+- org.apache.james:apache-mime4j:jar:0.6:compile
+- org.apache.commons:commons-compress:jar:1.1:compile
+- org.apache.pdfbox:pdfbox:jar:1.4.0:compile
| +- org.apache.pdfbox:fontbox:jar:1.4.0:compile
| \- org.apache.pdfbox:jempbox:jar:1.4.0:compile
+- org.bouncycastle:bcmail-jdk15:jar:1.45:compile
+- org.bouncycastle:bcprov-jdk15:jar:1.45:compile
+- org.apache.poi:poi:jar:3.7:compile
+- org.apache.poi:poi-scratchpad:jar:3.7:compile
+- org.apache.poi:poi-ooxml:jar:3.7:compile
| +- org.apache.poi:poi-ooxml-schemas:jar:3.7:compile
| | \- org.apache.xmlbeans:xmlbeans:jar:2.3.0:compile
| \- dom4j:dom4j:jar:1.6.1:compile
+- org.apache.geronimo.specs:geronimo-stax-api_1.0_spec:jar:1.0.1:compile
+- org.ccil.cowan.tagsoup:tagsoup:jar:1.2:compile
+- asm:asm:jar:3.1:compile
+- com.drewnoakes:metadata-extractor:jar:2.4.0-beta-1:compile
+- de.l3s.boilerpipe:boilerpipe:jar:1.1.0:compile
+- rome:rome:jar:0.9:compile
\- jdom:jdom:jar:1.0:compile
The following people have contributed to Tika 0.9 by submitting or commenting
on the issues resolved in this release:
Alex Skochin
Alexander Chow
Antoine L.
Antoni Mylka
Benjamin Douglas
Benson Margulies
Chris A. Mattmann
Cristian Vat
Cyriel Vringer
David Benson
Erik Hetzner
Gabriel Miklos
Geoff Jarrad
Jukka Zitting
Ken Krugler
Kostya Gribov
Leszek Piotrowicz
Martijn van Groningen
Maxim Valyanskiy
Michel Tremblay
Nick Burch
Paul Pearcy
Peter van Raamsdonk
Piotr Bartosiewicz
Reinhard Schwab
Scott Severtson
Shinsuke Sugaya
Staffan Olsson
Steve Kearns
Tom Klonikowski
≈Ωygimantas Medelis
See for more details on these contributions.
Release 0.8 - 11/07/2010
The most notable changes in Tika 0.8 over previous releases are:
* Language identification is now dynamically configurable,
managed via a config file loaded from the classpath. (TIKA-490)
* Tika now supports parsing Feeds by wrapping the underlying
Rome library. (TIKA-466)
* A quick-start guide for Tika parsing was contributed. (TIKA-464)
* An approach for plumbing through XHTML attributes was added. (TIKA-379)
* Media type hierarchy information is now taken into account when
selecting the best parser for a given input document. (TIKA-298)
* Support for parsing common scientific data formats including netCDF
and HDF4/5 was added (TIKA-400 and TIKA-399).
* Unit tests for Windows have been fixed, allowing TestParsers
to complete. (TIKA-398)
Tika 0.8 relies on the following set of major dependencies (generated using
mvn dependency:tree from tika-parsers):
+- org.apache.tika:tika-core:jar:0.8:compile
+- edu.ucar:netcdf:jar:4.2:compile
| \- org.slf4j:slf4j-api:jar:1.5.6:compile
+- commons-httpclient:commons-httpclient:jar:3.1:compile
| +- commons-logging:commons-logging:jar:1.1.1:compile (version managed from 1.0.4)
| \- commons-codec:commons-codec:jar:1.2:compile
+- org.apache.commons:commons-compress:jar:1.1:compile
+- org.apache.pdfbox:pdfbox:jar:1.3.1:compile
| +- org.apache.pdfbox:fontbox:jar:1.3.1:compile
| \- org.apache.pdfbox:jempbox:jar:1.3.1:compile
+- org.bouncycastle:bcmail-jdk15:jar:1.45:compile
+- org.bouncycastle:bcprov-jdk15:jar:1.45:compile
+- org.apache.poi:poi:jar:3.7:compile
+- org.apache.poi:poi-scratchpad:jar:3.7:compile
+- org.apache.poi:poi-ooxml:jar:3.7:compile
| +- org.apache.poi:poi-ooxml-schemas:jar:3.7:compile
| | \- org.apache.xmlbeans:xmlbeans:jar:2.3.0:compile
| \- dom4j:dom4j:jar:1.6.1:compile
+- org.apache.geronimo.specs:geronimo-stax-api_1.0_spec:jar:1.0.1:compile
+- org.ccil.cowan.tagsoup:tagsoup:jar:1.2:compile
+- asm:asm:jar:3.1:compile
+- com.drewnoakes:metadata-extractor:jar:2.4.0-beta-1:compile
+- de.l3s.boilerpipe:boilerpipe:jar:1.1.0:compile
+- rome:rome:jar:0.9:compile
\- jdom:jdom:jar:1.0:compile
The following people have contributed to Tika 0.8 by submitting or commenting
on the issues resolved in this release:
Łukasz Wiktor
Adam Wilmer
Alex Baranau
Alex Ott
André Ricardo
Andrey Barhatov
Andrey Sidorenko
Antoni Mylka
Arturo Beltran
Attila Kir√°ly
Brad Greenlee
Bruno Dumon
Chris A. Mattmann
Chris Bamford
Christophe Gourmelon
Dave Meikle
David Weekly
Dmitry Kuzmenko
Erik Hetzner
Geoff Jarrad
Gerd Bremer
Grant Ingersoll
Jan H√∏ydahl
Jean-Philippe Ricard
Jeremias Maerki
Joao Garcia
Jukka Zitting
Julien Nioche
Ken Krugler
Liam O'Boyle
Mads Hansen
Marcel May
Markus Goldbach
Martijn van Groningen
Maxim Valyanskiy
Mike Hays
Miroslav Pokorny
Nick Burch
Otis Gospodnetic
Peter van Raamsdonk
Peter Wolanin
Piotr Bartosiewicz
Rajiv Kumar
Reinhard Schwab
rick cameron
Robert Muir
Sanjeev Rao
Simon Tyler
Sjoerd Smeets
Slavomir Varchula
Staffan Olsson
Tom De Leu
Uwe Schindler
Victor Kazakov
See for more details on these contributions.
Release 0.7 - 3/31/2010
The most notable changes in Tika 0.7 over previous releases are:
* MP3 file parsing was improved, including Channel and SampleRate
extraction and ID3v2 support (TIKA-368, TIKA-372). Further, audio
parsing mime detection was also improved for the MIDI format. (TIKA-199)
* Tika no longer relies on X11 for its RTF parsing functionality. (TIKA-386)
* A Thread-safe bug in the AutoDetectParser was discovered and
addressed. (TIKA-374)
* Upgrade to PDFBox 1.0.0. The new PDFBox version improves PDF parsing
performance and fixes a number of text extraction issues. (TIKA-380)
The following people have contributed to Tika 0.7 by submitting or commenting
on the issues resolved in this release:
Adam Rauch
Benson Margulies
Brett S.
Chris A. Mattmann
Daan de Wit
Dave Meikle
Ingo Renner
Jukka Zitting
Ken Krugler
Kenny Neal
Markus Goldbach
Maxim Valyanskiy
Nick Burch
Sami Siren
Uwe Schindler
See for more details on these contributions.
Release 0.6 - 01/20/2010
The most notable changes in Tika 0.6 over the previous release are:
* Mime-type detection for HTML (and all types) has been improved, allowing malformed
HTML files and those HTML files that require a bit more observed content
before the type is properly detected, are now correctly identified by
the AutoDetectParser. (TIKA-327, TIKA-357, TIKA-366, TIKA-367)
* Tika now has an additional OSGi bundle packaging that includes all the
required parser libraries. This bundle package makes it easy to use all
Tika features in an OSGi environment. (TIKA-340, TIKA-342)
* The Apache POI dependency used for parsing Microsoft Office file formats
has been upgraded to version 3.6. The most visible improvement in this
version is the notably reduced ooxml jar file size. The tika-app jar size
is now down to 15MB from the 25MB in Tika 0.5. (TIKA-353)
* Handling of character encoding information in input metadata and HTML
<meta> tags has been improved. When no applicable encoding information is
available, the encoding is detected by looking at the input data.
(TIKA-332, TIKA-334, TIKA-335, TIKA-341)
* Some document types like Excel spreadsheets contain content like
numbers or formulas whose exact text format depends on the current locale.
So far Tika has used the platform default locale in such cases, but
clients can now explicitly specify the locale by passing a Locale instance
in the parse context. (TIKA-125)
* The default text output encoding of the tika-app jar is now UTF-8
when running on Mac OS X. This is because the default encoding used
by Java is not compatible with the console application in Mac OS X.
On all other platforms the text output from tika-app still uses
the platform default encoding. (TIKA-324)
* A flash video (video/x-flv) parser has been added. (TIKA-328)
* The handling of Number and Date cell formatting within the Microsoft Excel
documents has been added. This include currencies, percentages and
scientific formats. (TIKA-103)
The following people have contributed to Tika 0.6 by submitting or commenting
on the issues resolved in this release:
Andrzej Bialecki
Bertrand Delacretaz
Chris A. Mattmann
Dave Meikle
Erik Hetzner
Felix Meschberger
Jukka Zitting
Julien Nioche
Ken Krugler
Luke Nezda
Maxim Valyanskiy
Niall Pemberton
Peter Wolanin
Piotr B.
Sami Siren
Yuan-Fang Li
See for more details on these contributions.
Release 0.5 - 11/14/2009
The most notable changes in Tika 0.5 over the previous release are:
* Improved RDF/OWL mime detection using both MIME magic as well as
pattern matching (TIKA-309)
* An org.apache.tika.Tika facade class has been added to simplify common
text extraction and type detection use cases. (TIKA-269)
* A new parse context argument was added to the Parser.parse() method.
This context map can be used to pass things like a delegate parser or
other settings to the parsing process. The previous parse() method
signature has been deprecated and will be removed in Tika 1.0. (TIKA-275)
* A simple ngram-based language detection mechanism has been added along
with predefined language profiles for 18 languages. (TIKA-209)
* The media type registry in Tika was synchronized with the MIME type
configuration in the Apache HTTP Server. Tika now knows about 1274
different media types and can detect 672 of those using 927 file
extension and 280 magic byte patterns. (TIKA-285)
* Tika now uses the Apache PDFBox version 0.8.0-incubating for parsing PDF
documents. This version is notably better than the 0.7.3 release used
earlier. (TIKA-158)
The following people have contributed to Tika 0.5 by submitting or commenting
on the issues resolved in this release:
Alex Baranov
Bart Hanssens
Benson Margulies
Chris A. Mattmann
Daan de Wit
Erik Hetzner
Frank Hellwig
Jeff Cadow
Joachim Zittmayr
Jukka Zitting
Julien Nioche
Ken Krugler
Maxim Valyanskiy
Paul Borgermans
Piotr B.
Robert Newson
Sascha Szott
Ted Dunning
Thilo Goetz
Uwe Schindler
Yuan-Fang Li
See for more details on these contributions.
Release 0.4 - 07/14/2009
The most notable changes in Tika 0.4 over the previous release are:
* Tika has been split to three different components for increased
modularity. The tika-core component contains the key interfaces and
core functionality of Tika, tika-parsers contains all the adapters
to external parser libraries, and tika-app bundles everything together
in a single executable jar file. (TIKA-219)
* All the three Tika components are packaged as OSGi bundles. (TIKA-228)
* Tika now uses the new Commons Compress library for improved support
of compression and packaging formats like gzip, bzip2, tar, cpio,
ar, zip and jar. (TIKA-204)
* The memory use of parsing Excel sheets with lots of numbers
has been considerably reduced. (TIKA-211)
* The AutoDetectParser now has basic protection against "zip bomb"
attacks, where a specially crafted input document can expand to
practically infinite amount of output text. (TIKA-216)
* The ParsingReader class can now use a thread pool or a more complex
execution model (java.util.concurrent.Executor) for the background
parsing task. (TIKA-215)
* Automatic type detection of text- and XML-based documents has been
improved. (TIKA-225)
* Charset detection functionality from the ICU4J library was inlined
in Tika to avoid the dependency to the large ICU4J jar. (TIKA-229)
* Composite parsers like the AutoDetectParser now make sure that any
RuntimeExceptions, IOExceptions or SAXExceptions unrelated to the given
document stream or content handler are converted to TikaExceptions
before being passed to the client. (TIKA-198, TIKA-237)
The following people have contributed to Tika 0.4 by submitting or commenting
on the issues resolved in this release:
Chris A. Mattmann
Daan de Wit
Dave Meikle
David Weekly
Jeremias Maerki
Jonathan Koren
Jukka Zitting
Karl Heinz Marbaise
Keith R. Bennett
Maxim Valyanskiy
Niall Pemberton
Robert Burrell Donkin
Sami Siren
Siddharth Gargate
Uwe Schindler
See for more details on these contributions.
Release 0.3 - 03/09/2009
The most notable changes in Tika 0.3 over the previous release are:
* Tika now supports mime type glob patterns specified using
standard JDK 1.4 (and beyond) syntax via the isregex attribute
on the glob tag. See:
for more information. (TIKA-194)
* Tika now supports the Office Open XML format used by
Microsoft Office 2007. (TIKA-152)
* All the metadata keys for Microsoft Office document properties are now
included as constants in the MSOffice interface. Clients should use
these constants instead of the raw string values to refer to specific
metadata items. (TIKA-186)
* Automatic detection of document types in Tika has been improved.
For example Tika can now detect plain text just by looking at the first
few bytes of the document. (TIKA-154)
* Tika now disables the loading of all external entities in XML files
that it parses as input documents. This improves security and avoids
problems with potentially broken references. (TIKA-185)
* Tika now replaces all invalid XML characters in the extracted text
content with spaces. This prevents problems when output from Tika
is processed with XML tools. (TIKA-180)
* The Tika CLI now correctly flushes its buffers when invoked with the
--text argument. This prevents the end of the text output from being
lost. (TIKA-179)
* Embedded text in MIDI files is now extracted. For example many karaoke
files contain song lyrics embedded as MIDI text.
* The text content of Microsoft Outlook message files no longer appears as
multiple copies in the extracted text. (TIKA-197)
* The ParsingReader class now makes most document metadata available
already before any of the extracted text is consumed. This makes it
easier for example to construct Lucene Document instances that contain
both extracted text and metadata. (TIKA-203)
See for a list of all changes in Tika 0.3.
The following people have contributed to Tika 0.3 by submitting or commenting
on the issues resolved in this release:
Andrzej Rusin
Chris A. Mattmann
Dave Meikle
Georger Ara√∫jo
Guillermo Arribas
Jonathan Koren
Jukka Zitting
Karl Heinz Marbaise
Kumar Raja Jana
Paul Borgermans
Peter Becker
Sébastien Michel
Uwe Schindler
See for more details on
these contributions.
Release 0.2 - 12/04/2008
1. TIKA-109 - WordParser fails on some Word files (Dave Meikle)
2. TIKA-105 - Excel parser implementation based on POI's Event API
(Niall Pemberton)
3. TIKA-116 - Streaming parser for OpenDocument files (Jukka Zitting)
4. TIKA-117 - Drop JDOM and Jaxen dependencies (Jukka Zitting)
5. TIKA-115 - Tika package with all the dependencies (Jukka Zitting)
6. TIKA-97 - Tika GUI (Jukka Zitting)
7. TIKA-96 - Tika CLI (Jukka Zitting)
8. TIKA-112 - Use Commons IO 1.4 (Jukka Zitting)
9. TIKA-127 - Add support for Visio files (Jukka Zitting)
10. TIKA-129 - node() support for the streaming XPath utility (Jukka Zitting)
11. TIKA-130 - self-or-descendant axis does not match self in streaming XPath
(Jukka Zitting)
12. TIKA-131 - Lazy XHTML prefix generation (Jukka Zitting)
13. TIKA-128 - HTML parser should produce XHTML SAX events (Jukka Zitting)
14. TIKA-133 - TeeContentHandler constructor should use varargs (Jukka Zitting)
15. TIKA-132 - Refactor Excel extractor to parse per sheet and add
hyperlink support (Niall Pemberton)
16. TIKA-134 - mvn package does not produce packages for bin/src
(Karl Heinz Marbaise)
17. TIKA-138 - Ignore HTML style and script content (Jukka Zitting)
18. TIKA-113 - Metadata (such as title) should not be part of content
(Jukka Zitting)
19. TIKA-139 - Add a composite parser (Jukka Zitting)
20. TIKA-142 - Include application/xhtml+xml as valid mime type for XMLParser
21. TIKA-143 - Add ParsingReader (Jukka Zitting)
22. TIKA-144 - Upgrade nekohtml dependency (Jukka Zitting)
23. TIKA-145 - Separate NOTICEs and LICENSEs for binary and source packages
(Jukka Zitting)
24. TIKA-146 - Upgrade to POI 3.1 (Jukka Zitting)
25. TIKA-99 - Support external parser programs (Jukka Zitting)
26. TIKA-149 - Parser for Zip files (Dave Meikle & Jukka Zitting)
27. TIKA-150 - Parser for tar files (Jukka Zitting)
28. TIKA-151 - Stream compression support (Jukka Zitting)
29. TIKA-156 - Some MIME magic patterns are ignored by MimeTypes
(Jukka Zitting)
30. TIKA-155 - Java class file parser (Dave Brosius & Jukka Zitting)
31. TIKA-108 - New Tika logos (Yongqian Li & Jukka Zitting)
32. TIKA-120 - Add support for retrieving ID3 tags from MP3 files
(Dave Meikle & Jukka Zitting)
33. TIKA-54 - Outlook msg parser
(Rida Benjelloun, Dave Meikle & Jukka Zitting)
34. TIKA-114 - PDFParser : Getting content of the document using
"writer.ToString ()" , some words are stuck together
(Dave Meikle)
35. TIKA-161 - Enable PMD reports (Jukka Zitting)
36. TIKA-159 - Add support for parsing basic audio types: wav, aiff, au, midi
(Sami Siren)
37. TIKA-140 - HTML parser unable to extract text
(Julien Nioche & Jukka Zitting)
38. TIKA-163 - GUI does not support drag and drop in Gnome or KDE (Dave Meikle)
39. TIKA-166 - Update HTMLParser to parse contents of meta tags (Dave Meikle)
40. TIKA-164 - Upgrade of the nekohtml dependency to 1.9.9 (Jukka Zitting)
41. TIKA-165 - Upgrade of the ICU4J dependency to version 3.8 (Jukka Zitting)
42. TIKA-172 - New Open Document Parser that emits structured XHTML content
(Uwe Schindler & Jukka Zitting)
43. TIKA-175 - Retrotranslate Tika for use in Java 1.4 environments (Jukka Zitting)
44. TIKA-177 - Improvements to build instruction in README (Chris Hostetter & Jukka Zitting)
45. TIKA-171 - New ContentHandler for plain text output that has no problem with
missing white space after XHTML block tags (Uwe Schindler & Jukka Zitting)
Release 0.1-incubating - 12/27/2007
1. TIKA-5 - Port Metadata Framework from Nutch (mattmann)
2. TIKA-11 - Consolidate test classes into a src/test/java directory tree (mattmann)
3. TIKA-15 - Utils.print does not print a Content having no value (jukka)
4. TIKA-19 - org.apache.tika.TestParsers fails (bdelacretaz)
5. TIKA-16 - Issues with data files used for testing by TestParsers (bdelacretaz)
6. TIKA-14 - MimeTypeUtils.getMimeType() returns the default mime type for
.odt (Open Office) file (bdelacretaz)
7. TIKA-12 - Add URL capability to MimeTypesUtils (jukka)
8. TIKA-13 - Fix obsolete package names in config.xml (siren)
9. TIKA-10 - Remove MimeInfoException catch clauses and import from TestParsers (siren)
10. TIKA-8 - Replaced the jmimeinfo dependency with a trivial mime type detector (jukka)
11. TIKA-7 - Added the Lius Lite code. Added missing dependencies to POM (jukka)
12. TIKA-18 - "Office" interface should be renamed "MSOffice" (mattmann)
13. TIKA-23 - Decouple Parser from ParserConfig (jukka)
14. TIKA-6 - Port Nutch (or better) MimeType detection system into Tika (J. Charron & mattmann)
15. TIKA-25 - Removed hardcoded reference to C:\oo.xml in OpenOfficeParser (K. Bennett & jukka)
16. TIKA-17 - Need to support URL's for input resources. (K. Bennett & mattmann)
17. TIKA-22 - Remove @author tags from the java source (mattmann)
18. TIKA-21 - Simplified configuration code (jukka)
19. TIKA-17 - Rename all "Lius" classes to be "Tika" classes (jukka)
20. TIKA-30 - Added utility constructors to TikaConfig (K. Bennett & jukka)
21. TIKA-28 - Rename config.xml to tika-config.xml or similar (mattmann)
22. TIKA-26 - Use Map<String, Content> instead of List<Content> (jukka)
23. TIKA-31 - protected Parser.parse(InputStream stream,
Iterable<Content> contents) (jukka & K. Bennett)
24. TIKA-36 - A convenience method for getting a document's content's text
would be helpful (K. Bennett & mattmann)
25. TIKA-33 - Stateless parsers (jukka)
26. TIKA-38 - TXTParser adds a space to the content it reads from a file (K. Bennett & ridabenjelloun)
27. TIKA-35 - Extract MsOffice properties, use RereadableInputStream devloped by K. Bennett (ridabenjelloun & K. Bennett)
28. TIKA-39 - Excel parsing improvements (siren & ridabenjelloun)
29. TIKA-34 - Provide a method that will return a default configuration
(TikaConfig) (K. Bennett & mattmann)
30. TIKA-42 - Content class needs (String, String, String) constructor (K. Bennett)
31. TIKA-43 - Parser interface (jukka)
32. TIKA-47 - Remove TikaLogger (jukka)
33. TIKA-46 - Use Metadata in Parser (jukka & mattmann)
34. TIKA-48 - Merge MS Extractors and Parsers (jukka)
35. TIKA-45 - RereadableInputStream needs to be able to read to
the end of the original stream on first rewind. (K. Bennett)
36. TIKA-41 - Resource files occur twice in jar file. (jukka)
37. TIKA-49 - Some files have old-style license headers, fixed (Robert Burrell Donkin & bdelacretaz)
38. TIKA-51 - Leftover temp files after running Tika tests, fixed (bdelacretaz)
39. TIKA-40 - Tika needs to support diverse character encodings (jukka)
40. TIKA-55 - ParseUtils.getParser() method variants should have consistent parameter orders
(K. Bennett)
41. TIKA-52 - RereadableInputStream needs to support not closing the input stream it wraps.
(K. Bennett via bdelacretaz)
42. TIKA-53 - XHTML SAX events from parsers (jukka)
43. TIKA-57 - Rename to (jukka)
44. TIKA-62 - Use TikaConfig.getDefaultConfig() instead of a hardcoded
config path in TestParsers (jukka)
45. TIKA-58 - Replace jtidy html parser with nekohtml based parser (siren)
46. TIKA-60 - Rename Microsoft parser classes (jukka)
47. TIKA-63 - Avoid multiple passes over the input stream in Microsoft parsers
48. TIKA-66 - Use Java 5 features in org.apache.tika.mime (jukka)
49. TIKA-56 - Mime type detection fails with upper case file extensions such as "PDF"
50. TIKA-65 - Add encode detection support for HTML parser (siren)
51. TIKA-68 - Add dummy parser classes to be used as sentinels (jukka)
52. TIKA-67 - Add an auto-detecting Parser implementation (jukka)
53. TIKA-70 - Better MIME information for the Open Document formats (jukka)
54. TIKA-71 - Remove ParserConfig and ParserFactory (jukka)
55. TIKA-83 - Create a org.apache.tika.sax package for SAX utilities (jukka)
56. TIKA-84 - Add MimeTypes.getMimeType(InputStream) (jukka)
57. TIKA-85 - Add glob patterns from the ASF svn:eol-style documentation (jukka)
58. TIKA-100 - Structured PDF parsing (jukka)
59. TIKA-101 - Improve site and build (mattmann)
60. TIKA-102 - Parser implementations loading a large amount of content
into a single String could be problematic (Niall Pemberton)
61. TIKA-107 - Remove use of assertions for argument checking (Niall Pemberton)
62. TIKA-104 - Add utility methods to throw IOException with the caused
intialized (jukka & Niall Pemberton)
63. TIKA-106 - Remove dependency on Jakarta ORO - use JDK 1.4 Regex
(Niall Pemberton)
64. TIKA-111 - Missing license headers (jukka)
65. TIKA-112 - XMLParser improvement (ridabenjelloun)