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@@ -25,17 +25,9 @@ Checkstyle: this project uses the Apache Maven checkstyle configuration for ide
Site: to test site generation, just run: mvn site. If you want more reporting (javadoc, pmd, checkstyle, jxr, changelog from jira entries), use: mvn site -Preporting.
-To deploy site, use: mvn clean site-deploy -Preporting. The site will be deployed to${project.version}
+To deploy site, use: mvn clean site-deploy scm-publish:publish-scm -Dusername=$svnuid -Dpassword=$svnpwd -Preporting . The site will be deployed to$svnuid is your asf id, $svnpwd is your asf password)
-Note you need some configuration in ~/.m2/settings.xml:
- <server>
- <id></id>
- <username>your asf id</username>
- <filePermissions>664</filePermissions>
- <directoryPermissions>775</directoryPermissions>
- </server>
-If you have a nice ssh key in ~/.ssh/ no need of configuring password, privateKey, passphrase.
+When releasing deploy with -Psite-release

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