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Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more
contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file distributed with
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The ASF licenses this file to You under the Apache License, Version 2.0
(the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with
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limitations under the License.
Apache Tomcat 6.0 Patch Proposals
[ start all new proposals below, under PATCHES PROPOSED. ]
[ New proposals should be added at the end of the list ]
* Fix the maven stuff for the maven repo.
Before it does't find tomcat-juli.jar and the remoteRepository seems broken .
+1: jfclere
-1: fhanik - easier to pass in the root path (lib/bin) to the macro instead of hacking around it
if we remove the SCP auto feature, then there should be something to replace it with
+1: kkolinko: +1 for the updated patch (maven.patch.100711)
I still think that it is not so good to remove the old code of <remoteRepository/>,
because it ignores ${maven.repo.url} parameter provided by deploy-snapshot,
deploy-staging and deploy-release targets. Maybe leave old code as a comment
and fix it later if needed? I think that actually nobody besides the release manager
uses this, so I am letting this pass.
* Expose the new WebappLoader flag in the VirtualWebappLoader,
but allow alternative name searchVirtualFirst to make it
consistent with the "virtual" terminology.
Now you can decide, whether the virtual paths will
be searched before the webapp or after it.
If searched before, external resources take precendence
over internal ones. Before that change one couldn't overwrite
resources already present in the webapp.
+1: rjung, funkman
-0: kkolinko: The patch itself is OK, but I think having a synonym will
cause confusion. I'd prefer not to invent a new name, but mention the
one that we already have when documenting virtualClasspath.
* Fix path parameter handling. Currently the following URL fails with a 404:
+1: kkolinko, markt
kkolinko: The old parseSessionId() method calls "clearRequestedSessionURL(request);"
when there is no sessionid in the path. The new code does not do that. Was that
call needed? It looks that it was not needed, but I might miss something.
kkolinko: Discussed in Re:r1005192 thread on dev@
* Backport JSP unloading patch (BZ48358).
The patch has substantially changed since the original version.
Original revisions are: 937787, 1028377, 1028389, 1028396, 1028861, 1028862, 1028863,
1028935, 1028939, 1028940, 1028944, 1028950, 1030014, 1030037
Combined TC 6 patch:
+1: rjung
-0: markt - suggests there may be
a memory leak in this code somewhere. I'd like to get to the
bottom of that before porting this
rjung: I started a discussion about JSPs and memory on the dev list.
The updated patch fixes a race condition.
We can stall this item until we get some feedback about 7.0.5.
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