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(the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with
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Apache Tomcat 6.0 Patch Proposals
[ start all new proposals below, under PATCHES PROPOSED. ]
[ New proposals should be added at the end of the list ]
* Fix the maven stuff for the maven repo.
Before it does't find tomcat-juli.jar and the remoteRepository seems broken .
+1: jfclere
-1: fhanik - easier to pass in the root path (lib/bin) to the macro instead of hacking around it
if we remove the SCP auto feature, then there should be something to replace it with
+1: kkolinko: +1 for the updated patch (maven.patch.100711)
I still think that it is not so good to remove the old code of <remoteRepository/>,
because it ignores ${maven.repo.url} parameter provided by deploy-snapshot,
deploy-staging and deploy-release targets. Maybe leave old code as a comment
and fix it later if needed? I think that actually nobody besides the release manager
uses this, so I am letting this pass.
* Add StuckThreadDetectionValve
+1: slaurent
+1: kkolinko: several comments are below
kkolinko: To view/download this as a patch file you add ".diff" to the URL above. That is:
kkolinko: Minor glitches:
- In mbeans-descriptors.xml:
- There are no properties "asyncSupported", "stateName" in TC6 version of this valve.
- In valve.xml:
- s/tomcat log/Tomcat log/ (or Apache Tomcat log)
- In
- private classes CompletedStuckThread, MonitoredThread: make them static (r1175897)
- Use Long.valueOf() and explicit boxing/unboxing (r1138132, r1175897)
- getStuckThreadIds() returns a list of ids. It might be useful to
have a similar method that returns Thread.getName() names.
* Fix
Apply FIPS mode patch from TC7:
+1: schultz, jfclere
-1: kkolinko: It needs to include more preceding and followup
changes. Updated patch proposed below.
* Backport AprLifecycleListener improvements from TC7
This includes:
- Use consistent external synchronization object for private
initialization methods. Turn initialization flags to false after APR
has been terminated. That is, to terminate it only once.
(rev. 946671 + several after it)
- Use ExceptionUtils.handleThrowable() for fatal errors
(rev. 1001904)
- Do not allow to change SSL options if SSL engine has already been
(rev. 1199985 + several after it)
- Fix
Enable FIPS mode to be set in AprLifecycleListener.
Based upon a patch from Chris Beckey.
(rev. 1199985 + several after it)
kkolinko: I tested only that it does not break things with the current
released tcnative version 1.1.22 that does not have FIPS mode support.
+1: kkolinko
* Fix autodeployment of applications that have configuration errors.
If autodeployment fails, create DeployedApplication object and register
what we deployed (xml or war or dir - a single file) as redeployResource.
If it is updated the application will be redeployed.
+ ContainerBase patch adds display of failed apps in manager. They can be
listed and undeployed.
+1: kkolinko
* Backport JSP unloading patch (BZ48358).
The patch has substantially changed since the original version.
Original revisions are: 937787, 1028377, 1028389, 1028396, 1028861, 1028862, 1028863,
1028935, 1028939, 1028940, 1028944, 1028950, 1030014, 1030037
Combined TC 6 patch:
+1: rjung
-0: markt - suggests there may be
a memory leak in this code somewhere. I'd like to get to the
bottom of that before porting this
rjung: I started a discussion about JSPs and memory on the dev list.
The updated patch fixes a race condition.
We can stall this item until we get some feedback about 7.0.5.
markt - r1172614 needs to be included in this proposal. With that patch,
my testing shows that the unloading works as designed
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