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The sandbox is for experimental development of Tomcat components. The components
may provide new functionality or improve existing functionality.

Components may be targetted at one or more Tomcat versions.


The life-cycle of a sandbox component is:
1. Create new component in sandbox
2. Develop it
3. Do one of
   i)   Incorporate it in the standard Tomcat source trees
   ii)  Release it as a separate component
   iii) Archive it for future reference


Sandbox components should be developed in a sub-directory of the /tomcat/sandbox
directory. Developers may choose whether to add source directly under the
component's directory or to create the standard subversion /trunk/, /branches/
and /tags/ directories and add the source under the /trunk/ directory.

The svn commands to do this will look something like:
svn mkdir
svn mkdir
svn mkdir
svn mkdir

Alternatively, you can use the java/ directory. If possible:
1. create a new package ( or few ) for each module
2. if you have an external dependency for an optional component - create a new package.
3. Update the top level build.xml file with targets for your module - use <include> patterns instead
of exclude. 

The single tree may help increase visibility of the source code. We are in 2005 ( or more ), build tools
and IDEs have very good support for include/exclude patterns, we have tools to find dependencies between
packages, and we have a single community, so we don't need fragmented source trees and more, at least in 


Components may be released from the sandbox but only as alpha or beta. If
releases are made, then the standard subversion structure of /trunk/,
/branches/ and /tags/ must be used.

Stable releases may not be made from the sandbox.

All releases are subject to the same voting rules as any other Tomcat release.

If released as a separate component, and if it does not already exist,
a new top level directory (/tomcat/modules/) will need to be created and a
sub-directory for the new component should be created under the modules
directory. At this point, the standard svn /trunk/, /branches/ and /tags/ must
be used for each component.
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