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build remove -incubating from source tarball name Jul 1, 2018
docs Added documentation for 'stream' field Jul 9, 2018
experimental/traffic_router_golang incubator-trafficcontrol -> trafficcontrol Jun 19, 2018
grove Fix compiler error where using tc.DSType Jul 11, 2018
infrastructure add tenant_id with user Jul 5, 2018
lib TO Go GET /user/current should have 'roleName' not 'rolename' Jul 12, 2018
licenses calls dbdump endpoint via TP instead of TO directly (as it should hav… Jul 3, 2018
misc Added SVG version of Logo Jun 20, 2018
test incubator-trafficcontrol -> trafficcontrol Jun 19, 2018
traffic_control/clients Update pom group_ids to match apache naming. Jun 25, 2018
traffic_monitor Fix TM to warn not err on matchset without regex Jun 25, 2018
traffic_monitor_java Move traffic_monitor to traffic_monitor_java Oct 23, 2017
traffic_ops check if username has been removed from the cookie via a logout and r… Jul 13, 2018
traffic_ops_db pinned PG version to 9.6.6 Dec 13, 2017
traffic_portal adds back menu item to view static dns entries for a ds. also hides t… Jul 11, 2018
traffic_router made changes to cleanup the PMD errors and fixed a Unit test bug Jul 5, 2018
traffic_server incubator-trafficcontrol -> trafficcontrol Jun 19, 2018
traffic_stats remove incubator ref from rpm specs Jun 19, 2018
vendor/github.com Move vendor lib/pq to root dir Jun 27, 2018
.dependency_license ignore svg logo when checking license Jun 21, 2018
.gitignore modified to accommodate for the top level May 24, 2018
.mailmap Add .mailmap file Jan 19, 2018
.rat-excludes add downloadjs (MIT) to rat excludes Jul 5, 2018
BUILD.md incubator-trafficcontrol -> trafficcontrol Jun 19, 2018
CHANGELOG.md Update changelog for recent changes Jul 9, 2018
CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md license additions Nov 16, 2017
CONTRIBUTING.md incubator-trafficcontrol -> trafficcontrol Jun 19, 2018
LICENSE Fix license for moved lib/pq Jul 3, 2018
NOTICE remove remnants of "incubator" Jul 1, 2018
README.md remove remnants of "incubator" Jul 1, 2018
VERSION bump version to 2.3 Mar 12, 2018
pkg list artifacts Jul 3, 2017


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Apache Traffic Control is an Open Source implementation of a Content Delivery Network.



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