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-*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Changes with Apache Traffic Server 3.3.0
*) [TS-1385] generic atomic operations API
*) [TS-1380] SSL wildcard lookup doesn't find the longest match
*) [TS-1315] Fix URL parsing to handle non-HTTP schemes correctly.
*) [TS-1322] CONNECT to parent proxy has URL with a trailing slash
Author: Yakov Kopel
*) [TS-1370] Restore original stale-wile-revalidate code for posterity
Author: Phil Sorber
*) [TS-1340] Improve IPv6 port example in records.comfig
Author: Jan-Frode Myklebust
*) [TS-1363] Cert path not working using intermdiate certificate
*) [TS-895] Added version checks for bison and flex.
*) [TS-1331] Wrong regex for ip in records config. Authors:
Yakov Kopel and Uri Shachar.
*) [TS-1348] Remove the active timeout when releasing or
binding server_session.
*) [TS-1350] Detect and prefer LuaJIT
*) [TS-538] Remove deprecated INKStats API
*) [TS-1345] fix signed/unsigned compilation issues in Vec
*) [TS-1343] Stat system doesn't check buffer sizes
*) [TS-1342] Lua plugin initial hook support
*) [TS-1314] Remove TS_ARG_MAX usage so that platforms with
unlimited ARG_MAX can build correctly.
*) [TS-1341] Remove remnants of TSCacheHookAdd() API.
*) [TS-1328] TSMgmtIntCreate and TSMgmtStringCreate validation.
Author: Yakov Kopel.
*) [TS-1338] SSL not handling some events properly.
*) [TS-1258] Need the ability to allow a user to alter the background fill
config values on a per transaction basis. Author: Robert Logue.
*) [TS-961] Add TSPortDescriptor API to support accepting connections with
inbound transparency.
*) [TS-1332] Silence spurious error when adding SSL certificates with
alternate names.
*) [TS-1087] TSHttpTxnOutgoingAddrSet forward declaration does not match
*) [TS-1319] Large cache (> 16TB) not working
Author: Van Doorn, Jan R <>
*) Fix a bug that ram cache and evcuation can not work
well in disks larger than 2TB. Author: weijin
*) [TS-1321] improve RT on Cluster purge missing objects
Author: Bin Chen
*) [TS-1312] Allow to open cache disk without O_DIRECT, for e.g. tmpfs
"disk" cache.
*) [TS-1289] stats codes mess up when disk fail
*) [TS-959] remove ae_ua filter
*) [TS-1310] Fix a endless loop in CacheVC::removeEvent.
Author: weijin & Hua Cai
*) [TS-1229] Fix collation in custom logging.
Author: bettydramit
*) [TS-1306] Fix WCCP build problems on FreeBSD.
*) [TS-1303] Added '=6' as special case for HTTP port configuration for
backwards compatibility.
*) [TS-1301] Add a new API, TSHttpTxnMilestoneGet(), which can be used
to retrieve the various internal milestone timers from a plugin.
*) [TS-1295] Don't assume root privileges during make install.
Author: Jan-Frode Myklebust
*) [TS-1294] initscript mentions using /etc/sysconfig/trafficserver, but
doesn't use it. Author: Jan-Frode Myklebust
*) [TS-1293] initscript should provide chkconfig header.
Author: Jan-Frode Myklebust
*) [TS-1297] Do not link all binaries and plugins with libz and liblzma.
*) [TS-1296] Do not link all binaries and plugins with libreadline.
Changes with Apache Traffic Server 3.2.0
*) [TS-1286] Cleanup some code around freelists and allocators.
Changes with Apache Traffic Server 3.1.4
*) [TS-1281] make check fail on RHEL 5.x.
*) [TS-1282] Verbosity settings for Via headers is broken.
*) [TS-1279] Fix build system for gcc < 4.3.
*) [TS-1277] Fixed issue with IPv6 URLs and remap configuration.
*) [TS-1195] Support the use of raw IPv6 address in URLs and Host fields.
*) [TS-1275] Fix startup problem where /var is on a volatile disk.
Author: Eric Connell.
*) [TS-1274] Transformation plugins can send content-length with
non-identity transfer encoding. Author: Otto van der Schaff.
*) [TS-1272] workaround for - FATAL: failed assert `0`
*) [TS-1240] Fix race in log buffer queuing code.
*) [TS-1271] deprecate INKStats API
*) [TS-1250] Cache inspector does not seem to work properly
*) [TS-1269] Building outside source tree fails on plugins.
*) [TS-1222] single tcp connection will limit the cluster throughput.
*) [TS-475] Accelerated single range requests.
Based on initial work by ericb, with help from bwyatt.
*) [TS-1236] HTTP Accept filters do not work on Illumos.
*) [TS-1075] Workarounds for linux auto-port issues in transparent
*) [TS-672] cleanup Win32 references.
*) [TS-1181] Make the overridable configs work with "byte" configs.
*) [TS-1252] Fixed include issues when using mgmtapi.h.
*) [TS-1248] update HTTP status codes and strings.
*) [TS-1245] proxy.config.http.connect_ports may be '*'.
*) [TS-1239] TSHttpTxnServerAddrSet implementation.
*) [TS-1237] custom log field/filtering improvements.
*) [TS-1090] SO_MARK and IP_TOS support for Linux.
*) [TS-1238] RAM cache hit rate unexpectedly low with CLFUS.
*) [TS-1242] Make it build with some more recent automake versions.
*) [TS-1241] Memory leaks when using TSHttpSchedule().
Author: Aidan McGurn.
*) [TS-1163] Support for raw disks larger than 2TB on Linux.
*) [TS-1230] added a paramter to the configure script to allow overriding
the calculated ARG_MAX value.
*) [TS-1208] enable check_memory() in traffic_cop for Linux.
*) [TS-1217] cop cleanup, remove unused variables & defines.
*) [TS-1209] Allow for background fill even when a transform plugin is
the producer. Author: Robert Logue.
*) [TS-1229] clean up, remove unused entries.
*) [TS-1142] record ram hit in stats.
*) [TS-1213] update will crash at HttpTransact::process_quick_http_filter.
*) [TS-1186] Fixed Perl stats API to work with 64-bit stat values
*) [TS-1227] header_filter "set" operator doesn't work if the header
doesn't already exist.
*) [TS-1210] remove 3.0.x deprecated APIs
*) [TS-1225] Remove 32 bit doc_len instances.
*) [TS-1226] Make header_filter support e.g. '=' characters in header
*) [TS-1150] Some performance improvements around the heap guard.
*) [TS-1216] Remove the initializer for some gcc`s limits.
*) [TS-1205] double free when RecDataSet in cluster mode.
*) [TS-1220] stats: cleanup and fix the wrong values.
*) [TS-1212] can not limit ram cache, also fix the stats.
*) [TS-1214] another race condition in cache init.
*) [TS-1130] Wrong CAS operation on ink_time_t on 64 bit system.
*) [TS-1127] Wrong returned value of incoming port address. This
API is deprecated, so I also fixed the regression tests accordingly.
Authors: Yakov Kopel and Leif.
*) [TS-1211] Read backlog config value to set the listen backlog.
*) [TS-1202] Install traffic_shell man/doc pages in a more appropriate
location. Author: Igor Brezac.
*) [TS-1198] ssl crash when certificates are missing.
*) [TS-1164] a race condition in cache init.
*) [TS-1079] Add an API function to turn debugging on for specific
transactions/sessions. This also adds a new Debug() functionality in
both core and APIs. Author: Uri Shachar.
*) [TS-1194 Change conversions to build with gcc-4.6 on OmniOS/Solaris.
Also cleanup a couple of plugins to use our "core" build environment.
*) [TS-1192] Remove gethostbyname usage in test code
*) [TS-1147] deprecate records.config SSL configuration
*) [TS-1121] Make --disable-diags at least disable Debug etc.
*) [TS-1191] Change defaults for proxy.config.dns.search_default_domains to
not use the search domains in resolv.conf.
*) [TS-1190] Change defaults for proxy.config.http.share_server_sessions to
have a session pool per net-thread. This is best performance for most
common use cases.
*) [TS-1189] Build problem with older versions of OpenSSL.
*) [TS-1178] cop will kill manager & server, even cop it self, in cluster.
*) [TS-1156] Fix timestamp log fields, and stop supporting network byte
order in various log buffers. See TS-1182 for future enhancements.
*) [TS-1017] Update logging to be IPv6 compliant, including collation.
*) [TS-1080] If we run out of Log Buffer slots, we assert.
*) [TS-1176] Eliminates the need for a delayed "delete" of log buffers.
This was a serious race condition, which was previously sold by delaying
deletes via a ring buffer.
*) [TS-1036] Improve some squid log compatiblity. Suggestions from mnot.
*) [TS-1092] Remove specific SSL termination mode, we either terminate, or
we do not.
*) [TS-1173] Improve the comments in remap.config.
*) [TS-981] Remove the support for libev (for now at least).
*) [TS-1172] Remove remap/StringHash.{cc,h}, they are not used.
*) [TS-1171] http_ui cache lookup, double free.
*) [TS-1168] Change UrlRewrite::BuildTable to be IPv6 compliant.
*) [TS-1167] Updates parent socks server setup to be IPv6 compliant.
*) [TS-1166] Remove proxy/Stuffer.[cc,h] because they were unused.
*) [TS-1162] UnixNetVConnection assertion when accepting a TLS connection
*) [TS-1135] support wildcard certificates for ServerNameIndication (SNI)
*) [TS-1140] Combine IP Allow and QuickFilter.
*) [TS-1159] Add compiler hints to debug logging
*) [TS-1143] Fixed edge case problems in IpMap.
*) [TS-1114] Fix to lock vol for CacheVC::write_vector.
*) [TS-857] Possibly related race in UnixNetVConnection::mainEvent
on inactivity timeout.
*) [TS-1149] Pretty up automake output.
Changes with Apache Traffic Server 3.1.3
*) [TS-1145] Additional clang build fixes. Author: Darrin Jewell.
*) [TS-1144] Fix out of tree builds. Author: Darrin Jewell.
*) [TS-1138] Fixed off by one range error in IpMap.
*) [TS-462] Support TLS Server Name Indication (SNI)
*) [TS-1134] TSNetAcceptNamedProtocol should fail if NPN is not supported.
*) [TS-1133] Make the max host-header length configurable.
*) [TS-1002] fix custom loggin with cquuc cquup, and introduce cquuh
to recode the client_req_unmapped_url_host.
*) [TS-701] Remove mgmt/cli/
*) [TS-1124] Move regex_remap, header_filter and stats_over_http from
the plugin repo to the main repo.
*) [TS-1111] fix crash in RangeTransform::handle_event
*) [TS-1109] fix stack dump crashing
*) [TS-1123] editline/readline conflicts when building on OSX.
*) [TS-1116] Fixes for building the source with clang/lvm.
*) [TS-1115] Fixes for building the source with Intel CC (icc).
*) [TS-1102] Cleanup of Diagnostics code. Author: Uri Shachar and Leif.
*) [TS-1117] Remove TS_HAS_PURIFY MACRO
*) [TS-937] EThread::execute still processing cancelled event
*) [TS-995] Name change for IP support (ink_inet.h).
*) [TS-841] support TLS NextProtocol negotiation
Changes with Apache Traffic Server 3.1.2
*) [TS-1110] logstats incorrectly bucketizes all status codes greater
than 599 as 5xx. Author: Manjesh Nilange
*) [TS-1094] Fixed MIME parser so certain sequences of requests on
keep alive conections no longer wedge it.
*) [TS-1084] Add compile-time format string checking.
*) [TS-1101] traffic_line -x no longer works, at least not in
reasonable time.
*) [TS-1098] Make RC script support Amazon EC2 Linux AMI.
*) [TS-1035] EventProcessor::spawn_thread doesn't check that there
is enough event threads and segfaults.
*) [TS-1096] readline support for traffic_shell.
*) [TS-1097] online help for traffic_shell.
*) [TS-1066] TSHttpTxnServerReqHdrBytesGet in has an extra
parameter (int *bytes) from the prototype in <ts/ts.h>.
Author: Alistair Stevenson
*) [TS-1089] Added TSHttpConnectTransparent.
*) [TS-1088] Added TSHttpTxnOutgoingTransparencySet to API to
control outbound transparency.
*) [TS-1083] Initial SSL next protocol negotiation support.
*) [TS-1082] Obey existing optimizer CXXFLAGS and CFLAGS at configure time.
*) [TS-1077] All proxy ports are now configured by
proxy.config.http.server_ports. All other port configuration values
are deprecated.
*) [TS-1091] CFLAGS=-w` causes configure script to wrongly guess style of
`gethostbyname_r` on BSD flavors. Author: Marc Abramowitz.
*) [TS-1073] no_dns_just_forward_to_parent configuration parameter is
ignored/not used. Author: Kevin Giles.
*) [TS-996] HTTPHdr::m_host goes stale if HdrHeap::evacuate_from_str_heaps
is called. Author: B. Wyatt.
*) [TS-1041] Populate sockaddr length. Author: James Peach.
*) [TS-1081] Eliminate an additional copy of the pristine URL string.
*) [TS-1038] TSHttpTxnErrorBodySet() can leak memory.
Author: Brian Geffon
*) [TS-1049] TS hangs (dead lock) on HTTPS POST requests.
Author: Wilson Ho
*) [TS-1056] Lost UA connections can show up as "400 ERR_INVALID_REQ"
in logs.
*) [TS-1048] Add TS API to enable plugins to use traffic server
configuration infrastructure. Author: Bianca Cooper.
*) [TS-1074] PluginVC should schedule to the local queue instead of the
external queue. Author: Brian Geffon
*) [TS-1032] Assertion when upstream connection is established (with event
handled by thread A) and immediately disconnected (handled by thread B).
Author: Uri Shachar.
*) [TS-1052] trafficserver restart does not work (needs to let the old
process die). Author: Billy Viera
*) [TS-1044] Fix TSVConn{Read,Write}VIOGet in UnixNetVConnection.
Author: James Peach.
*) [TS-1040] Teach TSHostLookup to use const. Author: James Peach.
*) [TS-1071] Debug statement in FetchSM broken. Author: Brian Geffon.
*) [TS-1057] Expose Base64-encoding through APIs.
Author: Yakov Kopel and leif
*) [TS-1014] slow log can not print logs well on 32-bit system,
changed the %d to RPI64. Author: weijin.
*) [TS-992] Various portability fixes. Author: Piotr Sikora
*) [TS-999] Deprecate TSUrlDestroy(), it's a no-op. Just make sure
to release the marshal buffers as normal.
*) [TS-245] Add TSStringPercentEncode(), TSUrlPercentEncode(), and
*) [TS-1065] traffic_cop segment fault when enable TRACE_LOG_COP.
Author: Conan Wang.
*) [TS-1029] DNS crash if we free the memory into system. Author: weijin
*) [TS-1055] Wrong implementation of TSHttpSsnArgGet().
Author: Yakov Kopel
*) [TS-992] Portability fixes. Author: Piotr Sikora.
*) [TS-949] Fix key->vol hash to be consistent when a disk is marked bad.
*) [TS-1047] fix lots of spelling mistakes Author: Arno Töll
*) [TS-1042] correct debug message in FetchSM. Author: James Peach
*) [TS-1039] use pcre-config to find libpcre. Author: James Peach
*) [TS-1037] Fix for computing local machine address (was ignoring
general addresses).
*) [TS-1030] Improve hashing mechanism on WKS.
*) [TS-1028] Avoid triggering assert when running debug build and enabling
per-thread connection pols
*) [TS-1021] Remove extra newline from binary logs.
*) [TS-1022] Use size specific types for serialized data in binary logs.
Changes with Apache Traffic Server 3.1.1
*) [TS-1020] Make logging to a named pipe work on Solaris.
*) [TS-1016] Make the update frequency for stats configurable.
*) [TS-944] Align all configurations of paths to use the same function
*) [TS-1018] Remove obsolete OpenSSL acceleration code and configs
*) [TS-1013] Allow ssl_multicert.config to support CA chains per host
*) [TS-971] make cache evacuate work as expect.
*) [TS-982] Fixed PluginVC set active/passive address. Clarified that
it expects host order input.
*) [TS-1012] Eliminate proxy.config.http.append_xforwards_header, which
is never used.
*) [TS-1004] Transformation plugins cause connection close when content
length is not known ahead. Author: Otto van der Schaaf.
*) [TS-1011] Fixes for OpenSSL, specifically triggered for Solaris, but
generally broken assumptions in the old code.
*) [TS-989] Logging is now IPv6 compatible.
NOTE: IP addresses are now encoded as a specific type of binary
data, not a mix of unsigned ints and strings. This is a log binary
format change and therefore WILL BREAK ACCESS TO LOG DATA FROM
*) [TS-1009] Disable starting ICP continuations if ICP is not enabled.
*) [TS-1005] Use traffic_line for reload option with RC script.
Author: Jan-Frode Myklebust.
*) [TS-984] Log roll crash fixed.
*) [TS-997] ATS crashes on remap plugin initialization failure.
Author: Manjesh Nilange.
*) [TS-988] Updated ICP for IPv6.
*) [TS-994] Removed the extra splace from X-Forwarded-For.
*) [TS-934] Added some wrapping around NetVConnection for server
handling so that connection objects can be safely locked across
*) [TS-991] Fixed race / stall condition for WCCP during restart.
*) [TS-985] ts/ts.h uses C++ comments, which are technically not C.
*) [TS-928] Compile problem in TsErrataUtil on FreeBSD 8.
*) [TS-973] Eliminate proxy.config.http.verbose_via_str.
*) [TS-747] Add a new option, proxy.config.ssl.compression, to turn
SSL compression on / off. This currently only works with OpenSSL
v1.0.0 and later.
*) [TS-963] Change the way ip_allow is parsed to be consistent with
earlier versions (first match). Added default IPv6 allow. Added
regression tests for the underlying IpMap class.
*) [TS-948] Don't reload or load a broken remap.config.
*) [TS-824] Range requests that result in cache refresh give 200 status
response with full contents. Review and suggestions for improvements
by Charlie Gero.
*) [TS-964] Add 64-bit integer plugin APIs for HTTP headers.
*) [TS-932] Fix m_pending_event == NULL crash in
Author: weijin
*) [TS-830] Better error when there are CLI permission problems, or
other problems preventing operation. Author: AdunGaos.
*) [TS-979] Found a few places where we can segfault with strlcpy.
*) [TS-938] Fix VIA to avoid loopback address. For Solaris only IPv4
is supported.
*) [TS-945] Convert transparent forward requests to server style when
forwarding to a parent proxy. Contributed by Yossi Gottlieb.
*) [TS-926] IPv6 conversion of iocore.
*) [TS-967] This is a simplified version of Arno Toell's patch which does
the same: Check if any -O options where given, and if so, use those, if
not, use our default -O3.
*) [TS-957] remove IE6 from the white list of ae_ua filter
*) [TS-955] Fix the logging regression testing.
*) [TS-962] typo of key name in Author: Nick Berry.
*) [TS-958] Fix a few valgrind memory check errors.
*) [TS-567] A number of memory allocation clean up, and improvements. We
now also support building with tcmalloc, jemalloc, and you can also turn
off the freelist feature (for better debugging).
*) [TS-950] Make the HTTP header regressions work on 32-bit, inefficient,
but it works.
*) [TS-956] fix the building with zlib-
*) [TS-953] consolidate string copy/concat for examples.
*) [TS-924] More efficient sharing of origin connections.
This also overloads the config for shared connections as follows:
# 0 - Never
# 1 - Share, with a single global connection pool
# 2 - Share, with a connection pool per worker thread
CONFIG proxy.config.http.share_server_sessions INT 1
This option is now per-request (remap or plugin) overridable. This is
heavily based on William Bardwells and Weijin's work.
*) [TS-84] Unify all code to use PATH_NAME_MAX, and increase it to 4K.
*) [TS-943] Implement support for HTTP accept filters.
*) [TS-168] revert iObject and other changes, make collation client work
in the clean way.
*) [TS-941] invalid cast of off_t math to int. Author: B Wyatt.
*) [TS-940] Add new configuration option, and solaris support, to set
an initial congestion window size, proxy.config.http.server_tcp_init_cwnd.
*) [TS-931] cluster latency too high, about 24ms. this change will cut
the latency from 20+ms to about 10ms. Author: weijin
*) [TS-896] When logging config changes, we should check if it is remote
logging and clean up the collation client related data.
*) [TS-936] Fix problems with core file generation on Linux.
*) [TS-930] Fixed TSNetConnect to use network order for port.
*) [TS-1008] Add API to get TCP connection from SSN.
Changes with Apache Traffic Server 3.1.0
*) Make sure --enable-purify works again
*) [TS-888] Fix SSL by enabling the right direction on successful setup.
*) [TS-925] Switch from integer thread IDs to hex thread IDs with the
diagnostics output. Author: Brian Geffon.
*) [TS-919] All of iocore is now IPv6 compatible. Much of this work
was contributed by Yossi Gottlieb.
*) [TS-867] moving to a different thread only if the pluginvc is invoked
from a non regular thread.
*) [TS-876] forward map based on request receive port. Author: Manjesh
*) [TS-880] Major performance problem with second request on same
keep-alive connection. This is a partial fix, another 2x improvement
can be made, but too risky right now. Authors: William Bardwell and
*) [TS-900] TSHttpTxnNewCacheLookupDo (experimental) breaks requests
to origin server. Author: William Bardwell.
*) [TS-918] Allow interval-based rotation for round robin entries.
Author: M. Nunberg.
*) [TS-916] TSHttpIsInternalRequest() crashes if client connection is
terminated prematurely. Author: Manjesh Nilange.
*) [TS-466] Multiline headers handled improperly.
*) [TS-914] fix iocore_net_main_poll debug info in
Author: taorui
*) [TS-911] Remove unecessary lock in HTTP accept.
*) [TS-908] HostDB now stores IPv6 addresses.
*) [TS-813] fix http_ui /stat/ to response with content type
*) [TS-849] fix some variables for traffic_line -s setting
*) [TS-874] make asf-dist work with git repo
*) [TS-906] ATS doesn't use proxy.config.http.forward.proxy_auth_to_parent.
*) [TS-592] DNS internals are now IPv6 compatible. Externally this means
DNS servers with IPv6 addresses can be used although only IPv4 responses
are useful until other IPv6 upgrades are done.
*) [TS-907] The source address for DNS requests can be set.
*) [TS-903] Internal resolver library now IPv6 compatible.
IP address matching libraries removed, replaced with IpMap which is
faster and IPv6 compatible. SOCKS and IpAllow configurations files
will now parse IPv6 ranges, although they do not current have effect.
*) [TS-901] Valgrind found minor leaks and uninitialized variables.
Author: William Bardwell.
*) [TS-863] Make proxy.config.http.keep_alive_no_activity_timeout_out
configurable per transaction. Author: William Bardwell.
*) [TS-859] Make parent proxy not not work anymore.
*) [TS-889] Disable warnings on deprecated APIs for Darwin (OSX). This
fixes build problesm on OSX 10.7 (Lion) when using the system OpenSSL.
*) [TS-890] update remap.config comments on regexes to be
accurate. Author: Manjesh Nilange.
*) TS-885 service trafficserver condrestart does the opposite of what´s
intended. Author: Jan-Frode Myklebust
*) [TS-898] "fixed" problems reported by Coverity
1. Changed sprintf to snprintf
2. ignore error on sscanf that is safe
*) [TS-807] no config item "proxy.config.hostdb.disable_reverse_lookup" in
hostdb. Author: weijin.
*) [TS-883] Fix help / usage text to be, ehm, correct.
*) [TS-567] Cleanup, removing unecessary, and unsupported, debug features.
*) [TS-848] fix crash in net pages and remove useless option.
*) IpLookup was removed from the experimental API.
*) proxy.config.http.cache.cache_responses_to_cookies can now be overridden
on a per request basis in cache.config.
*) [TS-816] Other ports now obey specified options for both normal
and standalone usage.
*) [TS-882] traffic_logstats dies when printing log.
*) [TS-804] libcap required when running standalone.
*) [TS-730] Allow for the SSL Cipher Suite to be configured.
*) [TS-881] Better error message from TrafficCop when admin user lookup
*) [TS-875] TSFetchRestpGet(), TSFetchPageResptGet() and TSFetchUrl() have
incorrect asserts. Author: Manjesh Nilange.
*) [TS-853] Fix a few example plugins to use the new (appropriate) sockaddr
based APIs (and not the deprecated APIs).
*) [TS-870] Fix evacuate relevant codes in cache to work, Author: mohan_zl
*) [TS-869] The stat code for ram_cache miss is lost, Author: mohan_zl
*) [TS-873] Wrong code in iocore/net/, Author: mohan_zl
*) [TS-833] Continuation::handleEvent deadbeef fix, authors jplevyak and
*) [TS-834] InactivityCopy::check_inactivity crash.
*) [TS-864] Need more information from CacheHttpInfo (req time, resp time,
size). Author: William Bardwell.
*) [TS-860] Built in error for host not found looks like Internet Explorer
error. Author: William Bardwell.
*) [TS-861] Need a way to disable Vary: Accept-Encoding checking so a plugin
can take care of that. Author: William Bardwell.
*) [TS-862] Need to be able to make keep alive connections not shared on a
per-transaction basis. Author: William Bardwell.
*) [TS-865] Need to get address for a VConn from a plugin similar to how you
can get it for the various things in a transaction. Author: William
*) [TS-868] build fails with --as-needed. Author: Ilya Barygin.
*) [TS-851] run TS without a real interface
*) [TS-822] make cluster thread number configable
*) [TS-845] make proxy.config.cluster.ethernet_interface default to
loopback interface: lo on linux and lo0 on bsd derivatives
*) [TS-847] Bad timeout when using CONNECT method.
*) [TS-826] TSHttpTxnErrorBodySet() can leak memory. Author: William
*) [TS-840] Regression checks fail (again) due to faulty assert use.
Author: Arno Toell.
*) [TS-842] remove uninstall target from build system
*) [TS-648] Use hwloc library when available. This can be disabled
with --disable-hwloc.
*) [TS-398] Autoscaling threads vs Hyper Threading. This requires
support for hwloc as well.
*) [TS-760] Cleanup mgmt types.
*) [TS-359] Remove DIR_SEP and use slash directly.
*) [TS-839] Build problems when specifying lmza location.
*) [TS-828] Various memory leaks and uninitialized values. Author:
William Bardwell.
*) [TS-815] make sure that a missing yacc/bison|flex/lex is *fatal* when
building with wccp. Author: Arno Toll.
Changes with Apache Traffic Server 3.0.0
*) [TS-827] TSMimeHdrFieldValueStringInsert() can use freed memory to
edit headers. Author: William Bardwell.
*) [TS-825] negative caching caches responses that should never be
cached: Author: William Bardwell.
*) [TS-820] Restore log buffer size to previous defaults.
*) [TS-818] Assertion/abort when starting TS with SOCKS proxy enabled.
Author: Yakov Markovitch
*) [TS-810] Typo in switch statement + slight improvement.
*) [TS-809] ts.h broken when compiling C plugins.
*) [TS-798] We add broken remap rules when we encounter parse errors of
Changes with Apache Traffic Server 2.1.9
*) [TS-805] HostDB wastes a lot of storage for round-robin entries,
and the calculations of size are off.
*) [TS-806] TS_ADDTO removes duplicates, so avoid this by using the
-R option to libtool
*) [TS-793] Improve print statements for ink_freelist debugging.
*) [TS-679] The external API was changed to make it IPv6 compliant
(although it doesn't actually work with IPv6). Old API functions
were deprecated but not removed.
*) [TS-797] Wrong delete used in stats processor.
*) [TS-769] Fixed infinite loop when getting a 505 response from the
origin and the connection is keep-alive. Now downgrading keep-alive
all the time along with the protocol.
*) [TS-788] Cleaned up the request and response cacheable apis.
*) [TS-792] Add a config option (disabled by default) to support
mlock() and mlockall().
*) [TS-783] Port ATS to IA64. Author: Arno Toell.
*) [TS-778] Compile Fails on Solaris 10 (gcc). Author: Igor Brezac.
*) [TS-404] Add a new API, TSOSIpSet() which allows you to bypass the
origin server DNS lookup.
*) [TS-791] Remove, it's no longer needed.
*) [TS-786] Add a perl module to edit a records.config configuration
*) [TS-779] Set thread name for various event types.
*) [TS-784] Don not use class allocator for remap processing when no
remap threads are enabled.
*) [TS-782] Remap processor creates a remap thread even when asked not
*) [TS-781] Cleanup of unusual configs, and better defaults making
records.config leaner, and a little more useful.
*) [TS-780] Retune the number of SSL threads.
*) [TS-775] Disable cluster autodiscovery via multicast when
clustering is disabled. This should hopefully fix run-time errors
with Ubuntu 11.x.
*) [TS-776] memchr in glibc has evolved, and is faster than our
version, replaced.
*) [TS-774] Add a new configure option, --enable-static-libts, which
avoids the dynamic linking hassles involved with the dynamic nature
of libts. This is for devs only.
*) [TS-773] Traffic server has a hard limit of 512 gigabytes per RAW
disk partition. This fix required changing the disk structure which
will result in a total disk cache clear (wipe) after upgrading.
*) [TS-772] Make proxy.config.http.doc_in_cache_skip_dns overridable.
*) [TS-770] proxy.config.http.doc_in_cache_skip_dns is not being read
from records.config. Author: Yakov Markovitch
*) [TS-738] 'make check` fails on x86.
*) [TS-771] Remove remaining v1 log buffer code.
*) [TS-562] Make --with-openssl path be honored with an -rpath to
libtool. This also fixes the same problem with other libraries,
e.g. pcre, zlib etc.
*) [TS-765] Make the backdoor port (8084 by default) only listen on .
*) [TS-762] Range values like -10 are processed. Author: William
*) [TS-761] Fixed bug where 3 (or more) remap plugins in a chain
couldn't be loaded.
*) [TS-763] When creating multiple SSL accept threads, we use the
wrong instantiator.
*) [TS-757] Change TSNetAccept() API to take an option for enabling
(and number of) accept threads.
*) [TS-759] Makefile in proxy/config handles $DESTDIR incorrectly.
Author: Arno Toell
Changes with Apache Traffic Server 2.1.8
*) [TS-750] TS does not fail-over if one origin server for a 2 address
hostname. Author: William Bardwell.
*) [TS-752] If you cancel a scan really quickly you can get a NULL
dereference. Also other important performance and correctness fixes
for the cache scanning code. Author: William Bardwell and jplevyak.
*) [TS-749] Connection hangs if origin server goes down in the middle of
a response. Author: William Bardwell.
*) [TS-753] TS-753 Some more cleanup in InkAPI, move a few experimental
APIs to ts.h
*) [TS-751] Experimental TSHttpTxnCacheLookupStatusSet(HIT_STALE) calls
cause a crash. Author: William Bardwell
*) [TS-748] Client side transparency doesn't work on trunk.
*) [TS-702] FATAL: failed assert `j < block_count`.
Author: Yakov Markovitch
*) [TS-746] Allow to remove URL fields with "NULL" (or 0) values.
*) [TS-744] Configurations to control SSL session reuse and cache
size. Authors: qianshi and Leif
*) [TS-716] Bug where NetVC could be double free'd.
Fix for DNS crash: bad memory management of HostEnt structures. It is
not clear that this fixes the bug entirely. Some of the stack traces
are consistent with this bug, but some are not.
*) [TS-743] Support separate configs for keep-alive enabled for _in
and _out connections.
*) [TS-741] traffic_manager handles sockets incorrectly.
*) [TS-742] assert triggered wrongly (in debug builds).
*) [TS-740] Traffic Server fails to build on kfreebsd.
Author: Arno Toell.
*) [TS-737] Small hackish fix for rc/ so rc/trafficserver
will work with FreeBSD. Author: G Todd.
*) [TS-735] Disable ccache by default, use with --enable-ccache.
*) [TS-734] Remove unused fields in net stats pages.
*) [TS-212] Startup service support for Solaris. Author: Igor Brezac.
*) [TS-629] fix some non-portable char == unsigned char assumptions.
*) [TS-621] Update with changed / removed
*) [TS-641] Remove a bunch of Web UI related configs and code.
*) [TS-719] is not self-contained.
Author: Igor Brezac.
*) [TS-729] Fix bugs with Via Headers handling. (Note: This is
unlikely to have caused the crash the bug report)
Author Leif Hedstrom
*) [TS-721] Incorrect http hit ratio in stats.
This also removes a number of obsoleted stats and also disables
stats aggregation in, one more nail to WebUI's
grave. Author: Leif Hedstrom
*) [TS-728] Remove the --enable-webui option, since it doesn't
produce a running webui anyway. Also remove html2
*) [TS-685] Rename partition.config because it doesn't have
anything todo with disks. Also rename all code related to it
so as not to confuse anybody.
*) [TS-714] Fix traffic_shell hanging on every command
*) [TS-562] Fix TCL linking to honor custom library dirs.
Author: Eric Connell.
*) [TS-624] make install should not overwrite etc/trafficserver/.
Author: Eric Connell.
*) [TS-465] Allow for existing Server: string to not be overwritten.
This adds a new semantic for the value "2" to this option.
*) [TS-633] Fix reverse mapping with different schemes.
Author: Andreas Hartke.
*) [TS-715] Fixes and cleanup for Perl client. Author: Billy Vierra.
*) TS-550 Remove an unused / unsupported debug tool. Also update the
remap code to use our standard linked list (Queue in this case).
*) [TS-704] Link traffic_server dynamically to make distros happy,
since --disable-static will work.
*) [TS-545] Clean out more cruft from MIXT legacy.
*) [TS-713] Honor the offset within do_io_pread.
*) [TS-712] Fix compile problems with clang / llvm
*) [TS-545] parent.config (and perhaps other configs) have an unused
concept of "tags" for MIXT media. Cleanup remaining MIXT junk.
Changes with Apache Traffic Server 2.1.7
*) [TS-711] Don't schedule remap.config reloads on a network threads.
We now schedule this task on an ET_TASK thread, which avoids blocking
a net-thread for several seconds (when reloading very large remaps).
*) [TS-710] Do not dlopen / reload a remap plugin .so more than once.
*) [TS-588] Change Remap plugin APIs to use URL TSMLoc, and normal
ts/ts.h APIs for getting and setting components.
*) [TS-708] TsConfig doesn't handle backslashes correctly.
*) [TS-209] add support for raw disk on Solaris: credits: Igor Brezac
for both the code and testing!
*) [TS-705] Fixes for compiling with gcc v4.6.
*) [TS-706] hardware sector size's over 8K current report an Error
but are passed through resulting in lots of disk waste.
*) [TS-707] The random number generator from 1-23-2011 is using the
same seed for all threads = collisions in the cache
*) [TS-700] Need additional controls in cache.config.
*) [TS-696] make check fails on libtsutil due to missing libresolv
and librt. Author: Eric Connell.
*) [TS-691] LogFilter not working for "int" types.
Author: Eric Connell.
*) [TS-692] Add an experimental API to modify the outgoing IP address.
*) TS-676: logic in Store::clear and Store::read_config is wrong.
Author: mohan_zl.
*) [TS-680] Change many typedef void* types to anonymous structs.
*) [TS-690] Schedule some callbacks on the ET_TASK threads
*) TS-689 Restore TSMgmtUpdateRegister() to the SDK APIs.
*) [TS-550] Remove MgmtPlugin.{cc,h}.
*) [TS-657] Proper validation of RWW settings on startup.
*) [TS-688] Remove the "tag" modifier from parent.config.
*) [TS-682] Segfault when partition.config is used.
*) [TS-687] Build failures on FreeBSD8
*) [TS-684] config.layout for gentoo linux, may also be used on Fedora
*) [TS-675] Make redirect and reverse maps work again.
Changes with Apache Traffic Server 2.1.6
*) [TS-678] Add a config option for try-lock retry delay.
This adds a configuration option
proxy.config.cache.mutex_retry_delay INT 2
2ms seems to be fairly optimal, with little detrimental effect on CPU
usage. We'll fine tune this further in the next release.
*) [TS-674] Fixes for cache.config and the "modifiers" to work.
*) [TS-641] Remove inktomi*.css and some files only referenced by it.
Removing mgmt/html2/charting. Remove the now empty mgmt/html2/tune.
*) [TS-590] Cleanup all SDK APIs to be more consistent. This changes a
large number of APIs, so please check updated docs and signatures in
ts/ts.h. A new tools, tools/, can be used to help
identifying areas in existing plugins that might need changes.
*) [TS-673] Make the default configurations more conservative
for when content is cacheable.
*) [TS-672] Remove unused/unreferenced Win32 header files and
code paths
*) [TS-671] Detect install group based on install user.
*) [TS-644] Fix clustered cache pages crash.
*) [TS-651] Clear all stats when we ask to clear the local stats.
*) [TS-489] Remove the "connection collapsing" feature, it was poorly
implemented, and caused major problem if enabled. We should redo this
for v3.1 in a way that fits with the HttpSM [author: mohan_zl].
*) [TS-668] Add support for URL stats to traffic_logstats.
*) [TS-665] Remove HTTP_ASSERT from the code base, use standard asserts.
*) [TS-663, TS-664] Fixes to WCCP with mask assignments, and trunk build
*) [TS-662] Make per partition stats for bytes_used work.
*) [TS-661] Delay the copy of per transaction configs until a plugin
actually tries to modify a setting. We also add these settings to the
list of configurations that is overridable:
*) [TS-660] Cache scan can not be canceled.
*) [TS-505, TS-506] Changed the defaults to deal with read contention on
the cache, this dramatically improves the performance on cache misses.
*) [TS-655] Reorganize some code to reduce binary foot prints.
*) [TS-653] Bogus logcat conversion of squid timestamps.
*) [TS-643] Unable to purge objects on other servers in full cluster mode.
*) New 64-bit random generator.
*) [TS-639] Rename the management APIs from INK* to TS*.
*) [TS-650] Remove the dead v2 stats code.
*) [TS-649] Dynamic libraries for mgmt APIs.
This makes libts -> libtsutil, and we now support making .so's for and All binaries are changed to use this,
except traffic_server which continues to use the libtsutil.a library
(for performance on e.g. 32-bit platforms).
This also renames the public API include file to be
#include <ts/mgmtapi.h>
*) [TS-647] Move Layout out of iocore and into lib/ts.
*) [TS-638] Rename various directories:
proxy/mgmt -> mgmt/
proxy/mgmt/cop -> cop/
All "cli" APIs are now also migrated into mgmt/cli, unified into one
single cli.
*) [TS-641] Cleanup of Web2/HTML2.
*) [TS-636, TS-637] Remove various unused source files.
*) [TS-631] Rename proxy/http2 -> proxy/http and proxy/mgmt2 to proxy/mgmt.
*) [TS-582] Add an example to records.config for how to bind a specific IP.
*) [TS-491] Cluster port was activated even with clustering disabled. This fix also
adds monitoring support for the "cli" unix domain socket.
*) [TS-593] Cleanup of
*) [TS-324] Cleaning up some old TCL files and dependencies.
*) Remove traces of FTP references [TS-324] by purging the now useless TCL
bindings to it.
*) [TS-513] Fix configure issues for sqlite3. This fix eliminates all of
SimpleDBM, sqlite3 and bdb dependencies. It also fixes the "make
distclean" problem, and clean things up a bit.
*) [TS-491] Add the CLI interface to Traffic Cop, and make it possible to
run traffic_manager without listening on the cluster port.
*) [TS-583] Build fails if --disable-webui is added.
*) [TS-618] Removing traces of CCAS/CCASFLAGS.
*) [TS-627] Fixes for "make check" to succeed (author: Arno Toell).
*) [TS-632] Fixes for bad cast and cleanup for Intel CC.
Changes with Apache Traffic Server 2.1.5
*) More 64-bit issues has been identified in the SDK and HTTP core, and
fixed [TS-620].
*) Code cleanup of old transparency code and options [TS-613].
*) We now require a compiler (or libc) that provides atomic
operations. This includes gcc 4.1.2 or later, Intel CC, clang (recent
versions) as well as Sun's Solaris compilers and libc [TS-618].
*) Support normal default path for remap plugins [TS-616].
*) Change default settings for MSIE User-Agent sniffing [TS-615].
*) Remove remnants from InktoSwitch. This removes the following
configurations [TS-614]:
*) Modify TSContSchedule to take a thread type, and add
TSContScheduleEvery [TS-589].
*) Added support to allow some select (~50 or so) records.config
configurations to be overridable per transaction. This is done via new SDK
APIs, as well as a remap plugin provided with the core [TS-599]. The new
APIs available are
*) Eliminate dedicated default DNS for SplitDNS [TS-597]. Author: Zhao
*) Eliminate configs [TS-605].
*) Old traffic_net configurations are eliminated [TS-601].
*) Multiple preads: this patch is only active if you call do_io_pread on
the cache. This includes a regression test for do_io_pread which is at
least a smoke test of the new code. [TS-61]
*) Migrate from home-grown regular expression classes to pcre [TS-604]
*) Reduce number of calls to regex matcher for standard requests with
well-known-strings (WKS). [TS-603]
*) Parse Range: requests a bit better. Prior, a request like like Range:
bytes=100-200 would return 0-200. Additionally, Range: bytes=100- would
not parse properly. [TS-596]
*) Remove old, unused configuration code (duplicated) [TS-576].
*) Bump the SDK version numbers properly [TS-595].
*) Migrate from our own int64 ( to int64_t / stdint types. This also
changes the SDK, so ts/ts.h users should now use int64_t etc. [TS-594].
*)./configure will now tell us more about its defaults.
*) Add better tests for eventfd, making sure sys/eventfd.h exists
*) Stub / base implementation for the Task thread pool [TS-589].
*) Cleanup of traffic_logstats, and also add support for JSON
output. Several new options and query args added to select output format
and data [TS-587].
*) Add back support for using the default DNSHandler from This
helps with SplitDNS [TS-580].
*) Fixes for DNS to properly schedule and initialize [TS-570].
*) Fix make check so it actually compiles [TS-586].
*) Remove RAF pieces [TS-584].
*) Replace the SDKAllocator with a ClassAllocator [TS-577].
This reduces the amount of memory allocation for plugins, but requires
that plugins now religiously release the handles that they are expected
to release (i.e. no automatic gc is done for lazy developers).
*) Fixes for getting the altinfo regression check to succeeds [TS-171].
*) Fixes for some transform, and other, mismatches of int vs int64 in the
new APIs and underlying cache [TS-456].
*) Eliminate misguided string copies in the SDK [TS-579].
*) Fix build of ts.h and tsxs when the .in files changes [TS-574].
*) Move libinktomi++ and librecords to lib/ts and lib/records [TS-571].
*) Add SDK API calls to directly get the elements of the running TS
version [TS-568].
*) Added WCCP support.
*) Bring IPv6 functionality back to trunk, for incoming (client)
connections [TS-18]. Original author: Tsunayoshi Egawa.
*) Segfault with HTTPS, fixed by correctly initializing SSLNetVConnection
being added to freelist [TS-559].
*) The old logs.config custom log format is no longer supported. Only the
XML custom logs are now supported. This eliminates the config
as well, since it's the only option for custom logs [TS-556].
*) All log configurations (and stats) are renamed from log2.* to
log.*. This is to avoid confusion, since Apache Traffic Server never had
the old (obsolete) log system. There's now only one log system, log
*) Many fixes and improvements on the Stats pages subsystem. This now
properly supports (if configured) various internal URLs, like
http://{net}, http://{hostdb} etc. [TS-554].
*) The NewCacheVC is removed [TS-551].
*) Support for the Alpha processor is eliminated [TS-552].
*) A number of unecessary memory allocations are removed, improving
performance under heavy load. [TS-550, TS-549]
*) All streaming media (MIXT) configurations are now properly removed from
code and default configs [TS-544].
*) URL scheme was case sensitive in the cache key [TS-474].
*) Fixes for broken API signatures, additions / modifications to the
following API:
TSReturnCode TSHttpTxnArgSet(TSHttpTxn txnp, int arg_idx, void *arg);
TSReturnCode TSHttpTxnArgGet(TSHttpTxn txnp, int arg_idx, void **argp);
TSReturnCode TSHttpSsnArgSet(TSHttpSsn ssnp, int arg_idx, void *arg);
TSReturnCode TSHttpSsnArgGet(TSHttpSsn ssnp, int arg_idx, void **argp);
TSReturnCode TSHttpArgIndexReserve(const char* name, const char*
description, int* arg_idx); TSReturnCode TSHttpArgIndexNameLookup(const
char* name, int* arg_idx, const char** description); TSReturnCode
TSHttpArgIndexLookup(int arg_idx, const char** name, const char**
TSReturnCode TSHttpSsnTransactionCount(TSHttpSsn ssnp, int* count);
This was all combine into [TS-504], but also see [TS-503].
*) Many fixes for broken regression tests!
*) RNI is now completely cleaned out [TS-536].
*) Fixes for SplitDNS (co-author: mohan_zl) [TS-435].
*) HTTPS to origin servers, with Chunked responses, would hang [TS-540].
*) Mismatched APIs using "unsigned char*" [TS-458].
*) Rename / modify TSSetCacheUrl() API, the new prototype is
TSReturnCode TSCacheUrlSet(TSHttpTxn txnp, const char *url, int
If length == -1, then the API will calculate it using strlen() [TS-520].
*) All public APIs, structs and defines are now prefixed with "TS" instead
of the old "INK". There are two exceptions, for the deprecated INKStats*
and INKCoupledStats* APIs [TS-521].
*) The hooks around "remap" has been organized, and a new hook as been
added (for post-remap). New / renamed hooks are
In addition, a new API was added, to allow a plugin to skip the remap
phase completely:
TSReturnCode TSSkipRemappingSet(TSHttpTxn txnp, int flag);
These fixes went in with [TS-529] and [TS-530].
*) INKHttpTxnSetHttpRetStatus not honored when an API transaction is
reenabled with INK_EVENT_HTTP_ERROR [TS-535].
*) Various defines for version identification has been moved to the public
ts/ts.h include file, e.g.
#define TS_VERSION_STRING "2.1.6-unstable"
#define TS_VERSION_NUMBER 2001006
The intended use is for plugins to be able to verify available APIs at
compile time (vs the existing runtime checks) [TS-534].
*) Traffic Server should now build on ARM processors. Commit message is
appropriately describing the situation with this CPU:
This is a sad day of defeat. Not my defeat, but more a collective human
Question: "Chips fabricated today don't have 64bit atomic primitives?"
Answer: "Be sad."
The ARM box we're working on (armv5tejl) doesn't support any 64bit
This means we need a method of using a global (yes, giant lock of death)
to protect modifications of arbitrary 64bit integers in process space.
We could make this less contentious by allocating pagesize/8 mutexs and
then protecting an int64 based on its page offset. Instead, I think we
should mobilize to burn these architectures to the ground and use public
embarrassment to fix future instruction sets. If another platform has
this issue, we'll want to change the define to:
TS_ARCHITECTURE_LACKS_64BIT_INSTRUCTIONS and turn on the global death
lock based on that.
This does not change performance on any other platform -- it's compile
time capital punishment. [TS-533] and [TS-135].
*) Very old APIs, that have been deprecated since long before the Apache
Open Source project, are removed. Also, only three public include files
are now available:
ts/ts.h ts/experimental.h ts/remap.h
Various other cleanup related to the APIs was also done [TS-522].
Changes with Apache Traffic Server 2.1.4
*) Fixes to clustering, that caused an assert to trigger after the stats
changes [TS-519].
*) Make the checks when to honor the Content-Length: header less strict,
against origins without Keep-Alive [TS-500].
*) Eliminate old ssl_ports feature, it's completely replaced with the
connect_ports configuration [TS-517].
*) New script available to help build plugins, tsxs [TS-512].
*) Simple, brute force (and efficient) status code stats counters
*) Generalize RecDumpRecordsHt to use RecDumpRecords which is a
callback/map pattern [TS-508].
*) Fix plugin APIs to be compatible with the 64-bit changes in the
core. This is an incompatible change with previous releases [TS-14].
*) Fixes for stats around origin connection counters, used when allowing
for origin connections to be reused between clients [TS-501].
*) Experimental supoprt for a dedicated DNS thread. This can be enabled
with the records.config option
CONFIG proxy.config.dns.dedicated_thread INT 1
This feature is possibly useful for very busy forward or transparent
proxies [TS-307].
*) Accept threads can leak some amount of memory. This patch also supports
multiple accept threads (very experimental!) [TS-496].
*) HttpSM has an assertion that checks the client URL against the cache
URL, which breaks INKSetCacheUrl [TS-495].
*) Return value from pcre_exec tested incorrectly [TS-493].
*) Improved loop detection using the Via header [TS-490].
*) Fixes for Solaris build (yay, it builds!).
*) Remove filter.config remnants [TS-486].
*) Cleanup in InkAPI [TS-485].
*) Move PKGSYSUSER to [TS-482].
*) Unresponsive server can stall ATS [TS-480].
*) UrlRewrite cleanup [TS-434].
*) Build TS with clang (author: Igor Galic) [TS-427].
*) Better support and handling of DNS round-robin options (author: Zhao
Yongming) [TS-313].
*) Make it possible to "write" Content-Length headers > 2GB [TS-471].
*) Better support for Age: headers, and avoiding overflows [TS-470].
*) Added a configure option to size the API stats "slots". The new option
is --with-max-api-stats=<n> [TS-454].
*) In, make snprintf() around Debug statements conditional for
performance [TS-459].
*) Cleanup / optimize Via: string generation [TS-460]. Also make the
default for Via: on responses to be disabled (it can leak info).
Changes with Apache Traffic Server 2.1.3
*) Removed the remnants of NCA from the source [TS-455].
*) New plugin APIs for stats, and making the "v2" (incomplete) stats
experimental (no longer built by default) [TS-390]. See for more
*) Cleanup in duplicated configs, and obsoleted configs [TS-447] and
*) Remove some remnants of SNMP [TS-401].
*) Cleanup of MIX and LDAP/NTLM remnants [TS-443].
*) Make the target fragment size configurable for the disk cache. This
adds a new option, proxy.config.cache.target_fragment_size [TS-445].
This should dramatically improve large file disk performance.
*) Improve build include dependencies [TS-442].
*) Cleanup / fixes for remap plugin chaining [TS-224].
*) Support the rc/trafficserver script for FreeBSD [TS-211].
*) traffic_shell shows wrong RAM cache size > 2GB [TS-439].
*) Better warnings / errors when bad NIC is configured [TS-327].
*) Add support for hardware sector sizes 512 - 8192 bytes (e.g. 4096, the
new standard). Autodetected for raw devices on Linux (no support for
other OSes yet), and added a new configuration
CONFIG proxy.config.cache.force_sector_size INT 4096
This change invalidates the entire cache as well, since it's no longer
compatible [TS-43].
*) Added APIs to override the cacheablity of the response [TS-395].
*) Add OSX support to 'trafficserver' script (author: Dan Mercer)
*) Fix for (very) large buffers fed to the cache [TS-413].
*) Forward transparency is available on Linux kernels with TPROXY
*) Fix defaults / max for DNS retries [TS-424].
*) Improvements for Perl admin module (author: Adam Faris) [TS-418].
*) Problems with specifying separate config files for SSL certificates and
keys [TS-405].
*) Logging: Default settings for diagnostic logging [TS-55].
*) Fixes to Debian layout (author: Igor Galić) [TS-415].
*) Remove DNS proxy support [TS-422].
*) rc/trafficserver start/stop quits with bogus status on success (author:
Igor Galić) [TS-429].
*) Increase default max in-flight DNS queries [TS-423].
*) Update so the pristine URL will work for reverse and forward proxy.
Also, clearing the url on transaction close (author: Wendy Huang)
*) TS fails to use user ID with user name > 8 characters (author: Yakov
Markovitch) [TS-420].
*) Duplication of RAM cache hits and miss statistics (reading 2x) (author:
John Plevyak) [TS-453].
Changes with Apache Traffic Server 2.1.2
*) Improvements in resilience against DNS poisoning and forging of
response packets [TS-425] and [CVE-2010-2952].
*) Segmentation fault in INKError when error output is made both in error
log and as debug messages (author: Yakov Markovitch) [TS-419].
*) Debian layout for config.layout (author: Igor Galic) [TS-415].
*) Eliminate extraneous stats thread [TS-411].
*) CACHE_FRAG_TYPE is now not a power of 2 [TS-76].
*) Remove unnecessary stats update [TS-390].
*) Get basic features to compile with Intel CC [TS-400].
*) More 64 bit issues, this time in the PluginVC code [TS-380].
*) Add configure option to enable detailed logging [TS-392].
*) Make sure to honor user settings for "dirs" (author: Theo Schlossnagle)
*) Errors on failing to bind / listen on a specified port [TS-247].
*) Exempt quick filter for [TS-397].
*) Cleanup after "layout changes" (author: Zhao Yongming) [TS-389].
*) Fix remaining (non-API) INK64 etc. [TS-365].
*) Segfault when using show:network [TS-109].
*) Update all examples to use non-deprecated APIs [TS-266].
*) Do some cleanup on Connection::fast_connect and
Connection::bind_connect (author: Alan M. Carrol) [TS-320].
*) Remove LLONG config option [Ts-364].
*) Cleanup some proxy/mgmt2/tools [TS-16].
*) Cleanup a little more of webui [TS-91].
*) TCL missing [TS-326].
*) logstats does not work with layout changes (author: Zhao Yongming)
*) Convert bogus IOCORE_MachineFatal and IOCORE_ProcessFatal to Warning
and MachineFatal respectively based on review of the code and related
uses [TS-144].
*) INKIOBufferReaderCopy, INKIOBufferWrite should take void * instead of
char * [TS-67].
*) Adds APIs for aio disk read and writes using the internal aio support
in iocore (author: Wendy Huang) [TS-387].
*) Solaris 10 (x86) 64-bit patch (author: Igor Brezac) [TS-388].
*) Fix for 64-bit conversion [TS-385].
*) Creating transaction specific 'to URL' in case of regex remap match
*) Backing out m_capacity_host changes [TS-383]
*) Solaris 10 port work.
Changes with Apache Traffic Server 2.1.1
*) Allow SI decimal multipliers for numeric configuration parameters
*) Standardize configure options by allowing to specify the location for
any third-party library, and split library detection code into separate
.m4 files [TS-345].
*) Reorganization of the path layout system. Add --enable-layout=LAYOUT
configure option that can select layout from config.layout file
*) HTTP state machine is now 64-bit "clean", allowing for caching and
proxying documents larger than 2GB [TS-34].
*) Fix for truncated Content-Type on TS-generated responses [TS-290].
*) Performance improvements on cache for larger(ish) objects.
Changes with Apache Traffic Server 2.1.0
*) Support for many more platforms, including FreeBSD, MacOSX and Solaris.
*) Code cleanup to get the ATS software into a distributable shape. This
means that certain things are missing, or not functional (intentionally).
*) Support for larger Cache Partitions up to .5 PB (Petabytes), reducing
*) Reduced Cache miss latency (sub millesecond).
*) RAM Cache pluggability, new algorithm (CLFUS) and optional compression.
*) Support for TCL v8.6 and later [TS-246].
*) The cache is now 64-bit "clean".
Changes with Apache Traffic Server 2.0.1
*) Port of CVE-2010-2952 for 2.0.x [TS-425].
*) Backport part of TS-322 that deals with indexing arrays with char
(author: Marcus Ruckert) [TS-334].
*) Backport TS-336 to 2.0.x. Problems with make install DESTDIR=...
Changes with Apache Traffic Server 2.0.0
*) Change SDK versioning schemes to 2.0 [TS-249).
*) Minor additions to the SDK (see the docs for details).
*) Support regexe_map rules in remap.config [TS-80]
Changes with Apache Traffic Server 2.0.0-alpha
*) Code cleanup to get the ATS software into a distributable shape. This
means that certain things are missing, or not functional (intentionally).
*) Ports available for most Linux distros, including 64-bit.
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