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For complete installation documentation, see the on-line documentation at
Various popular platforms have up-to-date build instructions available
online, at
Configure & Build from Git source tree:
$ autoreconf -if # generate the configure script and files
On Linux, OSX:
$ ./configure [--prefix=PREFIX]
$ make
On OpenSolaris and FreeBSD:
$ ./configure [--prefix=PREFIX]
$ gmake
To install:
$ sudo make install
* Building on FreeBSD requires GNU make. This is the preferred make
on all platforms.
* Replace PREFIX with the filesystem path under which Traffic Server
should be installed. Default PREFIX is "/usr/local" (without the
* If you want to build using different layout see the config.layout
file for possible alternatives. You can create your own layout
and enable it with ./configure --enable-layout=ID, where ID is
the layout name you have created.
* The easiest way to find all of the configuration flags
for Traffic Server is to run ./configure --help.
By default the build will use the highest level of compiler
optimization. To alter this, specify your own optimizer flags at
configuration time:
$ ./configure CXXFLAGS=-Os CFLAGS=-Os
To compile with an alternate set of compilers, e.g. LLVM/Clang
$ ./configure CC=clang CXX=clang++
Next set the cluster interface in 'records.config'. The network
interface name will vary depending on the host operating system.
For example:
Linux: CONFIG proxy.config.cluster.ethernet_interface STRING eth0
OS X: CONFIG proxy.config.cluster.ethernet_interface STRING en0
FreeBSD: CONFIG proxy.config.cluster.ethernet_interface STRING em0
OpenSolaris: CONFIG proxy.config.cluster.ethernet_interface STRING e1000g0
To start the Traffic Server process stack (TC, TM, TS):
$ sudo PREFIX/bin/trafficserver start
The Apache Traffic Server group cannot field user's installation
questions. There are many valuable forums to help you get started.
Please refer your questions to the appropriate forum, such as the
Users Mailing List at
Thanks for using the Apache Traffic Server, version 5.
The Apache Software Foundation