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Bosh Release + PCF Tile for Apache Usergrid

This is a bosh release for the apache usergrid. The scripts provided can help create the bosh release and tile for Apache Usergrid. A version of the tile is available here:

Components Dependency

Building Bosh release

  • Ensure following files are available at the root of the apache-usergrid-release directory
cf-linux-amd64.tgz          # downloaded from CF cli github repo
ROOT.war                    # built from usergrid repo
cassandra-2.1.tgz           # Saved Cassandra 2.1 docker image 
elasticsearch-1.7.tgz       # Saved ElasticSearch 1.7 docker image 
docker-boshrelease-23.tgz   # Docker Bosh release v23
  • Run Important to ensure the above blobs filenames match the entries inside the (& each of the packages/*/packaging file)
  • Run ./ Edit the version as required inside the script

Building Tile

  • Edit the apache-usergrid-tile-1.6.yml to refer to the correct version of release tarball (for docker bosh release and usergrid)
  • Run ./ Edit the file names or versions as needed. The docker-boshrelease-23.tgz file should be present in the directory to create a valid working tile The script should create the usergrid.pivotal tile file.


  • Ensure the usergrid war file is named ROOT.war (or rename all references of ROOT.war with different file name) before running
  • If newer versions are being used, please check and replace the associated versions inside packages//spec & packages//packaging file to deal with correct files.
  • Update the tile metadata file if newer release versions are used
  • Update the content_migrations.yml if new tile version is being published