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Apache Usergrid


Usergrid is a multi-tenant Backend-as-a-Service stack for web & mobile apps, based on RESTful APIs.


We accept all contributions via our GitHub, so you can fork our repo (apache/usergrid) and then submit a PR back to us for approval. For larger PRs you'll need to have an ICLA form on file with Apache. For more information see How to Contribute Code & Docs.

Build awesome apps with Usergrid!

Apache Usergrid provides all code necessary to build and power modern mobile applications. This includes the server stack, administrative portal website, SDKs in most popular languages, as well as command line tools.

  • The server-side stack, a Java 8 + Cassandra + ElasticSearch codebase that powers all of the features, is located under /stack. You can install dependencies and compile it with maven. See stack/ for instructions.

  • The admin portal is a pure HTML5+JavaScript app allowing you to register developers and let them manage their apps in a multi-tenant cluster. Located under /portal

  • SDKs for Swift, Android, HTML5/JavaScript, node.js, Java, .Net / Windows, and Python.

  • a command-line client “ugc” allowing you to complete most maintenance tasks, as well as queries in a manner similar to the mysql or the mongo shell, located under /ugc. You can install it on your machine with a simple sudo gem install ugc

For more information

See the Apache Usergrid web site and documentation.

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