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+About Apache Vysper
+This project aims at delivering a server implementation of both the core and IM parts of the XMPP protocol
+(as specified in RFCs 3920 [1] + 3921 [2]).
+"Vysper" is pronounced like in "whisper".
+XMPP[3] is an open, secure and extensible instant messaging protocol which has evolved from Jabber.
+It provides interoperability features for communication with other XMPP and non-XMPP servers.
+It is used and supported by many IM applications, both client and server.
+The protocol and its many extensions (called XEPs) are maintained by the XMPP Standards Foundation (XSF) [4].
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+The system architecture is separated into parts:
+* Abstract protocol handling *
+package: o.a.v.xmpp.protocol
+Protocol workflow, state machine changes during handshake, consistency checks
+Delegation to concrete handling
+* Concrete protocol handling *
+package: o.a.v.xmpp.applicationdomains
+Stanza handlers and Response builders
+Concrete processing of stanzas
+* XML parsing into fragments XMPP
+package: o.a.v.xmpp.xmldecoder
+Determines stanza boundaries in a sequence of characters and translates into (potential) XMPP stanzas
+* Server runtime incl. session handling
+server instance with all its properties and switches.
+* Stanza infrastructure and tools
+packages: o.a.v.xmpp.stanza, o.a.v.xmpp.xmlfragment
+handles stanza objects freed from any representation (XML)
+* TCP binding
+package: o.a.v.mina
+binding to TCP protocol endpoint, handling endpoint events, delivering data from/to XML parsing
+* SASL authorization mechanism logic
+package: o.a.v.xmpp.authorization
+* SEDA: staged event driven architecture
+available stages:
+reading from TCP/IP socket - XMLStreamTokenizer
+handling inbound stanzas from client - QueuedStanzaProcessor
+handling outbound stanzas to clients - DeliveringStanzaRelay
+missing stages:
+handling outbound stanzas to servers - RecordingStanzaRelay (provisorial implementation)
+handling inbound stanzas issued by self or remote servers (to go to clients or not) - missing!
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+** Contributing **
+You can contribute by creating a new JIRA issue entry (or working on an existing).
+JIRA can be found at
+You need an account there.
+Go to category LABS, component VYSPER.
+Useful URL:
+Any contribution should come in form of a patch attached to a JIRA entry.
+Currently, all coding is done unit test driven. Well, at least it should ;-)
+** Tools **
+Apache Ant is used as the build tool.
+** Compiling **
+ant compile.vysper
+** Running Unit Tests **
+ant run-unit-tests
+** Running the Server **
+ant run-server
+Server is started using class org.apache.vysper.spring.ServerMain
+** Running a test client **
+A Smack-based client can be run against the server by executing main class org.apache.vysper.smack.BasicClient
+The client also opens a UI logging all stanzas
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+ Apache License
+ Version 2.0, January 2004
+ 1. Definitions.
+ "License" shall mean the terms and conditions for use, reproduction,
+ and distribution as defined by Sections 1 through 9 of this document.
+ "Licensor" shall mean the copyright owner or entity authorized by
+ the copyright owner that is granting the License.
+ "Legal Entity" shall mean the union of the acting entity and all
+ other entities that control, are controlled by, or are under common
+ control with that entity. For the purposes of this definition,
+ "control" means (i) the power, direct or indirect, to cause the
+ direction or management of such entity, whether by contract or
+ otherwise, or (ii) ownership of fifty percent (50%) or more of the
+ outstanding shares, or (iii) beneficial ownership of such entity.
+ "You" (or "Your") shall mean an individual or Legal Entity
+ exercising permissions granted by this License.
+ "Source" form shall mean the preferred form for making modifications,
+ including but not limited to software source code, documentation
+ source, and configuration files.
+ "Object" form shall mean any form resulting from mechanical
+ transformation or translation of a Source form, including but
+ not limited to compiled object code, generated documentation,
+ and conversions to other media types.
+ "Work" shall mean the work of authorship, whether in Source or
+ Object form, made available under the License, as indicated by a
+ copyright notice that is included in or attached to the work
+ (an example is provided in the Appendix below).
+ "Derivative Works" shall mean any work, whether in Source or Object
+ form, that is based on (or derived from) the Work and for which the
+ editorial revisions, annotations, elaborations, or other modifications
+ represent, as a whole, an original work of authorship. For the purposes
+ of this License, Derivative Works shall not include works that remain
+ separable from, or merely link (or bind by name) to the interfaces of,
+ the Work and Derivative Works thereof.
+ "Contribution" shall mean any work of authorship, including
+ the original version of the Work and any modifications or additions
+ to that Work or Derivative Works thereof, that is intentionally
+ submitted to Licensor for inclusion in the Work by the copyright owner
+ or by an individual or Legal Entity authorized to submit on behalf of
+ the copyright owner. For the purposes of this definition, "submitted"
+ means any form of electronic, verbal, or written communication sent
+ to the Licensor or its representatives, including but not limited to
+ communication on electronic mailing lists, source code control systems,
+ and issue tracking systems that are managed by, or on behalf of, the
+ Licensor for the purpose of discussing and improving the Work, but
+ excluding communication that is conspicuously marked or otherwise
+ designated in writing by the copyright owner as "Not a Contribution."
+ "Contributor" shall mean Licensor and any individual or Legal Entity
+ on behalf of whom a Contribution has been received by Licensor and
+ subsequently incorporated within the Work.
+ 2. Grant of Copyright License. Subject to the terms and conditions of
+ this License, each Contributor hereby grants to You a perpetual,
+ worldwide, non-exclusive, no-charge, royalty-free, irrevocable
+ copyright license to reproduce, prepare Derivative Works of,
+ publicly display, publicly perform, sublicense, and distribute the
+ Work and such Derivative Works in Source or Object form.
+ 3. Grant of Patent License. Subject to the terms and conditions of
+ this License, each Contributor hereby grants to You a perpetual,
+ worldwide, non-exclusive, no-charge, royalty-free, irrevocable
+ (except as stated in this section) patent license to make, have made,
+ use, offer to sell, sell, import, and otherwise transfer the Work,
+ where such license applies only to those patent claims licensable
+ by such Contributor that are necessarily infringed by their
+ Contribution(s) alone or by combination of their Contribution(s)
+ with the Work to which such Contribution(s) was submitted. If You
+ institute patent litigation against any entity (including a
+ cross-claim or counterclaim in a lawsuit) alleging that the Work
+ or a Contribution incorporated within the Work constitutes direct
+ or contributory patent infringement, then any patent licenses
+ granted to You under this License for that Work shall terminate
+ as of the date such litigation is filed.
+ 4. Redistribution. You may reproduce and distribute copies of the
+ Work or Derivative Works thereof in any medium, with or without
+ modifications, and in Source or Object form, provided that You
+ meet the following conditions:
+ (a) You must give any other recipients of the Work or
+ Derivative Works a copy of this License; and
+ (b) You must cause any modified files to carry prominent notices
+ stating that You changed the files; and
+ (c) You must retain, in the Source form of any Derivative Works
+ that You distribute, all copyright, patent, trademark, and
+ attribution notices from the Source form of the Work,
+ excluding those notices that do not pertain to any part of
+ the Derivative Works; and
+ (d) If the Work includes a "NOTICE" text file as part of its
+ distribution, then any Derivative Works that You distribute must
+ include a readable copy of the attribution notices contained
+ within such NOTICE file, excluding those notices that do not
+ pertain to any part of the Derivative Works, in at least one
+ of the following places: within a NOTICE text file distributed
+ as part of the Derivative Works; within the Source form or
+ documentation, if provided along with the Derivative Works; or,
+ within a display generated by the Derivative Works, if and
+ wherever such third-party notices normally appear. The contents
+ of the NOTICE file are for informational purposes only and
+ do not modify the License. You may add Your own attribution
+ notices within Derivative Works that You distribute, alongside
+ or as an addendum to the NOTICE text from the Work, provided
+ that such additional attribution notices cannot be construed
+ as modifying the License.
+ You may add Your own copyright statement to Your modifications and
+ may provide additional or different license terms and conditions
+ for use, reproduction, or distribution of Your modifications, or
+ for any such Derivative Works as a whole, provided Your use,
+ reproduction, and distribution of the Work otherwise complies with
+ the conditions stated in this License.
+ 5. Submission of Contributions. Unless You explicitly state otherwise,
+ any Contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the Work
+ by You to the Licensor shall be under the terms and conditions of
+ this License, without any additional terms or conditions.
+ Notwithstanding the above, nothing herein shall supersede or modify
+ the terms of any separate license agreement you may have executed
+ with Licensor regarding such Contributions.
+ 6. Trademarks. This License does not grant permission to use the trade
+ names, trademarks, service marks, or product names of the Licensor,
+ except as required for reasonable and customary use in describing the
+ origin of the Work and reproducing the content of the NOTICE file.
+ 7. Disclaimer of Warranty. Unless required by applicable law or
+ agreed to in writing, Licensor provides the Work (and each
+ Contributor provides its Contributions) on an "AS IS" BASIS,
+ implied, including, without limitation, any warranties or conditions
+ PARTICULAR PURPOSE. You are solely responsible for determining the
+ appropriateness of using or redistributing the Work and assume any
+ risks associated with Your exercise of permissions under this License.
+ 8. Limitation of Liability. In no event and under no legal theory,
+ whether in tort (including negligence), contract, or otherwise,
+ unless required by applicable law (such as deliberate and grossly
+ negligent acts) or agreed to in writing, shall any Contributor be
+ liable to You for damages, including any direct, indirect, special,
+ incidental, or consequential damages of any character arising as a
+ result of this License or out of the use or inability to use the
+ Work (including but not limited to damages for loss of goodwill,
+ work stoppage, computer failure or malfunction, or any and all
+ other commercial damages or losses), even if such Contributor
+ has been advised of the possibility of such damages.
+ 9. Accepting Warranty or Additional Liability. While redistributing
+ the Work or Derivative Works thereof, You may choose to offer,
+ and charge a fee for, acceptance of support, warranty, indemnity,
+ or other liability obligations and/or rights consistent with this
+ License. However, in accepting such obligations, You may act only
+ on Your own behalf and on Your sole responsibility, not on behalf
+ of any other Contributor, and only if You agree to indemnify,
+ defend, and hold each Contributor harmless for any liability
+ incurred by, or claims asserted against, such Contributor by reason
+ of your accepting any such warranty or additional liability.
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+ =========================================================================
+ == NOTICE file for use with the Apache License, Version 2.0, ==
+ =========================================================================
+ Apache Vysper, an Apache Labs Project
+ Copyright 2006-2008 The Apache Software Foundation
+ This product includes software developed at
+ The Apache Software Foundation (
+ This product also includes software developed by
+ Spring Framework (
+ This product also includes software developed by
+ The Legends of the Bouncy Castle (
+ This product also includes software developed by
+ Erich Gamma, Kent Beck and the JUnit Team (
+ under The Common Public License 1.0.
+ This product also includes software developed at
+ (
+ under the MIT License
+ This product also includes software ("nekopull") developed by Andy Clark
+ under The CyberNeko Software License, Version 1.0
+ NekoPull is used with kind permission of Andy Clark (andyc at a. o.). Thanks, Andy!
+ This product also includes software developed by
+ Jive Software (
+ under The Apache License
+ Please read the LICENSE.txt and ABOUT.txt files in the root directory of
+ this distribution.
+ This distribution includes cryptographic software. The country in
+ which you currently reside may have restrictions on the import,
+ possession, use, and/or re-export to another country, of
+ encryption software. BEFORE using any encryption software, please
+ check your country's laws, regulations and policies concerning the
+ import, possession, or use, and re-export of encryption software, to
+ see if this is permitted. See <> for more
+ information.
+ The U.S. Government Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and
+ Security (BIS), has classified this software as Export Commodity
+ Control Number (ECCN) 5D002.C.1, which includes information security
+ software using or performing cryptographic functions with asymmetric
+ algorithms. The form and manner of this Apache Software Foundation
+ distribution makes it eligible for export under the License Exception
+ ENC Technology Software Unrestricted (TSU) exception (see the BIS
+ Export Administration Regulations, Section 740.13) for both object
+ code and source code.
+ The following provides more details on the included cryptographic
+ software:
+ Secure Socket Layer library by The Legends of the Bounty Castle
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+Status Apache Vysper
+* Overall status *
+currently, XMPP base protocol is evolving
+XML parsing is working and stable for regular xml stanzas
+XMPP overall protocol flow and stanza handling is stable
+session handshake is in progress, session init, TLS are working, SASL is work-in-progress
+run "ant run-unit-tests"
+* standards supported *
+RFC3920: incomplete
+RFC3921: incomplete
+** TODOs **
+* Legal *
+nothing currently
+* Streaming Features *
+RFC3920/6. SASL Support:
+ error support
+ tests
+ all mechanisms other than ANONYMOUS
+RFC3920/7. Resource binding:
+ server resource registry
+ binding logic
+ error handling
+* XMPP Features *
+IQ stanzas
+Message stanzas
+Presence stanzas
+* General Features *
+Management (including using MINA JMX features)
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