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Deploying Production

The production server is managed by Puppet, and is automatically udpated whenever commits are made to the master branch of this repository. Thus code changes here are reflected in the production server within a few minutes. In the event of a major server crash, the infra team simply re-deploys the whole VM from Puppet.

Committers: please test changes to end-user critical scripts before committing to master!

To deploy a completely new whimsy VM, see Manual Steps.

Configuration Locations

Application developers may need to know where different things are configured:

  • Most httpd config is in the puppet definition whimsy-vm*
  • SVN / git updaters and definitions of checkout directories are in repository.yml
  • Cron jobs are configured by whimsy_server/manifests/cronjobs.pp, which call various Public JSON scripts
  • Public JSON generation comes from various www/roster/public_*.rb scripts
  • Misc server config is executed by whimsy_server/manifests/init.pp
  • LDAP configured in whimsy-vm*

How Production Is Updated

  • When Puppet updates the whimsy VM, it uses modules/whimsy_server/manifests/init.pp to define the 'whimsy-pubsub' service which runs tools/pubsub.rb
  • pubsub.rb watches for any commits from the whimsy git repo at
  • When it detects a change, it tells Puppet to update the VM as a whole
  • Puppet then updates various svn/git repositories, ensures required tools and setup is done if there are other changes to dependencies, and when needed restarts most services that might need a restart
  • Puppet also does a rake update to update various gem or ruby settings

Thus, in less than 5 minutes from any git push, the server is running the new code!

Production Configuration

The Whimsy VM runs Ubuntu 16.04 and is fully managed by Puppet using the normal methods Apache infra uses for managing servers. Note however that management of Whimsy code and tools is a PMC responsibility.

The puppet definition is contained in the following files:

Before pushing any changes here, understand the Apache Infra puppet workflow and test:

Manual Steps

The following additional steps are required to get a new Whimsy VM up and running - these are only needed for a new deployment.

  • Run the following command to create an SSL cert (see tutorial for details):

    • /x1/srv/git/letsencrypt/letsencrypt-auto --apache -d -d -d -d
  • Configure /home/whimsysvn/.subversion/config and /home/whimsysvn/.subversion/servers to store auth-creds.

  • Configure /var/www/.subversion/config and /var/www/.subversion/servers to use the whimsysvn user and to not store the auth-creds.

  • Update the following cron scripts under

    • - if necessary, add an rsync to the old Whimsy host
    • - add the new host
  • Add the following mail subscriptions:

    • Subscribe to Alternately, add it to the board-cvs alias.
    • Subscribe to
    • Subscribe to
    • Subscribe to
    • Add to the alias.
  • Update the lists of archivers in www/board|members/subscriptions.cgi

  • Using the www-data user, copy over the following directories from the previous whimsy-vm* server: /srv/agenda, /srv/mail/board, ``/srv/icla, /srv/mail/members, `/srv/mail/secretary`.

  • Verify that email can be sent to email addresses