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Whimsy Project TODOs

The Apache Whimsy project is maintained by volunteers, and includes both the core server and ASF:: libraries, as well as many individual applications. Patches are welcome - as is reporting bugs or asking questions.

This TODO 📝 list is used by various committers for tasks, improvements, and crazy ideas alike. Comments appreciated.

Core Improvements 📍

  • Share common code for places where we jump thru hoops or regexes to account for historical or file formats or odd PMC names.

  • Improve code sharing between www/roster and www/board with lib/whimsy, as above regexes, and improving themes.rb use

  • Higher level documentation of various lib/whimsy/asf modules, so that they and their associated output public/*.json files can be better used across whimsy and other tools.

Crazy Ideas 🎉

  • Create templates for new applications and normalize behaviors of existing applications to make a more consistent user experience.

Done 🏁

  • Define core ASF style & header information in the model and implement in various applications. lib/whimsy/asf/themes.rb

  • Improve error handling in appropriate scripts to provide friendly user-visible cues on completion or stacktrace. Best practice to use _body? in scripts and do complex operations inside that block: then wunderbar will emit header and formatted error message for user.

  • Implement custom server error messages. (done for /www browse and roster tool)

  • Show flow of data generated or consumed, tying back to the Role/Group that maintains it. www/test/dataflow.cgi

  • Implement directory level index functionality to display a list of other available (and publishable) scripts there. Scan curdir; forall *.cgi where second line includes WVisible, display name/link. Using a positive comment ensures only scripts wishing to be displayed are visible. Effectively done as much is valuable: www/committers/tools