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@@ -5,6 +5,21 @@ for a given release.
Portions of this report were generated using the ReleaseNotes facility
in Jira.
+Release 1.6.10
+ [WSS-421] - WSSecSignature does not allow access to the internal BinarySecurityToken after it is applied to the security header
+ [WSS-424] - Signature Element is not inserted in the correct place in the header in certain circumstances
+ [WSS-427] - Add support for processing UsernameToken Created Dates
+ [WSS-431] - Performance bottleneck in MemoryReplayCache on high load
+ [WSS-420] - Add the ability to explicitly allow/disallow UsernameTokens with no passwords
+ [WSS-422] - Move SAML Signature Profile Validation to the SamlAssertionValidator
Release 1.6.9
@@ -541,7 +541,8 @@ with the certificate. </td>
The configuration values for setting the KeyIdentifiers for signature or encryption
are shown below. See the <a href="">Javadoc</a>
-for SIG_KEY_ID and ENC_KEY_ID for more details:
+for SIG_KEY_ID and ENC_KEY_ID for more details. For an in depth explanation
+with examples, see this blog <a href="">entry</a>.
<table name="WSHandler KeyIdentifier values">

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