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updated CHANGES since 1.0.3 (since r110834)

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+Changes since v1.0.3:
+- bug fix: Fix for (Radu Preotiuc)
+- updated ant docs (Kevin Krouse)
+- bug fix: throw BuildException if exception happens and failonerror=true (Kevin Krouse)
+- added version api (Kevin Krouse)
+- bug fix: links in ant help docs (Kevin Krouse)
+- improved validation error message to print list missing elements (Kevin Krouse)
+- moved ..underlyingXmlObject() method from FilterXmlObject abstract class to DelegateXmlObject (Ray Birklid)
+- bug fix: XMLBEANS-62: Avoid class cast exception when compiling older schema namespace (James Stratchan)
+- bug fix: validate mixed content against fixed value constraint (Kevin Krouse)
+- bug fix: mixed content with fixed value constraint can't have element children (Kevin Krouse)
+- bug fix: XMLBEANS-54: fixed totalDigits facet for xs:integer (Kevin Krouse)
+- add option to pass in "##local" to -allowmdef (Ray Birklid/Radu Preotiuc)
+- uriprefix option to the .xsdconfig files. (Kevin Krouse)
+- bug fix: Fixed JavaQNameHolder - pretty namesapce manager (Eric Vasilik)
+- Added maven files in default recommneded locations. (Dutta Satadip/Joseph Hindsley)
+- Vaidation optimization for JIRA bug XMLBEANS-37. (Cezar Andrei)
+- bug fix: Remove anonymous type from list if it has minOccurs = maxOccurs = 0 (Kevin Krouse)
Changes since v1.0.2:
- interface extension (Cezar Andrei)
@@ -9,4 +30,3 @@ Changes since v1.0.2:
- perf improvement when using List.toArray() by passing in
an array of right size (Kevin Krouse)
- fixed memory leak in CursorData (Cid Dennis/Kevin Krouse)
-- add option to pass in "##local" to -allowmdef (Ray Birklid/Radu Preotiuc)

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