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Apache Zeppelin documentation

This README will walk you through building the documentation of Apache Zeppelin. The documentation is included here with Apache Zeppelin source code. The online documentation at<ZEPPELIN_VERSION> is also generated from the files found in here.

Build documentation

Zeppelin is using Jekyll which is a static site generator and Github Pages as a site publisher. For the more details, see


# ruby --version >= 2.0.0
# Install Bundler using gem
gem install bundler

# Install all dependencies declared in the Gemfile
bundle install

For the further information about requirements, please see here.

On OS X 10.9, you may need to do

xcode-select --install

Run website locally

If you don't want to encounter uglily rendered pages, run the documentation site in your local first.


bundle exec jekyll serve --watch

Using the above command, Jekyll will start a web server at http://localhost:4000 and watch the /docs directory to update.

Contribute to Zeppelin documentation

If you wish to help us and contribute to Zeppelin Documentation, please look at Zeppelin Documentation's contribution guideline.

For committers only

Bumping up version in a new release

  • ZEPPELIN_VERSION and BASE_PATH property in _config.yml

Deploy to ASF svnpubsub infra

  1. generate static website in ./_site

    # go to /docs under Zeppelin source
    bundle exec jekyll build --safe
  2. checkout ASF repo

    svn co asf-zeppelin
  3. copy zeppelin/docs/_site to asf-zeppelin/site/docs/[VERSION]

  4. svn commit

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