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Stat the realtime tps of zookeepr server #5

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Apache issue: ZOOKEEPER-1804(

If you also want to know how client use zookeeper, and the real time r/w ps of each zookeeper client, you can use the patch "ZOOKEEPER-1804-2.patch"
use java properties: -Dserver_process_stats=true to open the function.
$>echo rwps|nc localhost 2181
RealTime R/W Statistics:
getChildren2:   0.5994005994005994
createSession:  1.6983016983016983
closeSession:   0.999000999000999
setData:     110.18981018981019
setWatches:   129.17082917082917
getChildren:    68.83116883116884
delete:      19.980019980019982
create:       22.27772227772228
exists:      1806.2937062937062
getDate:     729.5704295704296

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Commits on Oct 28, 2013
  1. Init zookeeper-3.3.5 of apache release.

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