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Couchbase (.couch) storage file C library


  • snappy.
  • Lua interpreter, to run the test suite

How To Build:

  1. config/
  2. ./configure
  3. make

Build output library will be in the (invisible) .libs directory -- i.e. .libs/libcouchstore.dylib on Mac OS, or .libs/ on Linux.


  1. make test

This will run the native tests, and also the Lua tests if Lua was installed at the time the configure script ran.

If the tests pass, the output should look something like:

opening nonexistent file errors... OK
dump empty db...  OK
save_doc...  OK
save_docs...  OK
local docs...  OK
compressed bodies...  OK
changes no dupes...  OK
PASS: testapp
All 1 tests passed
Running lua tests.
Local doc test: PASS
Simple truncation test: PASS
Various mangling of headers: PASS
Explicit bulk test: PASS
Big bulk test: PASS