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The membase engine

This is the membase engine. Initially, somewhat jokingly, it was called the "eventually persistent" engine. The name stuck, we think mostly because it's easy to say.


You will need a storage-engine capable memcached and its included headers.

The easiest way to do this if you don't want to install memcached from source would be to just create a source tree and reference it.

Building Memcached

For example, assume you keep all of your projects in ~/prog/, you can do this:

cd ~/prog
git clone -b engine git://
cd memcached
git checkout engine

Building the Eventually Persistent Engine

cd ~/prog
git clone
cd ep-engine
./configure --with-memcached=$HOME/prog/memcached


An example invocation using the ep engine from your dev tree and keeping the database in /tmp/ep.db looks like this:

~/prog/memcached/memcached -v -E ~/prog/ep-engine/.libs/ \
    -e dbname=/tmp/ep.db
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