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raw data and code (tex&R) for "The One With All The Quantifiable Friendships" project
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Raw data, tex code, and R scripts for "The One With All The Quantifiable Friendships" (found at:

Tikz viz

In order to make the multi-colored tikz visualization from this post, run the "tikznetwork" latex code.

R viz

In order to make the R visualization found in the visualization update, run the "Rnetwork" R script.

R Packages Needed

You'll need to install the network package to run this the R script.

Data fun

If you'd just like to play around with the data yourself, download the csv file from the raw_data folder. Quick explanatory stuff: There are columns for episode season, episode number (within the season), episode name, and dynamics (which is the same thing as a character grouping in a plotline). There are a few rows for each episode of the show since each episode has a few different plotlines.

The episode dynamics are just numbers. The six friends are defined as follows: Chandler=1 Joey=2 Monica=3 Phoebe=4 Rachel=5 Ross=6

So, 236 is a plotline made up of Joey, Monica, and Ross while 56 is a Rachel-Ross plotline. Pretty easy to interpret!

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