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R notebook and graphs for fitbit sleep project
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Fitbit sleep exploring

I am not sharing the raw data for this project since I used data from my own Fitbit archive. However, if you have a Fitbit and want to reproduce similar visuals with your own data, I've got you!

Here's what you need to do to apply this to your own data:

  1. export your fitbit archive and download it -- follow steps here
  2. find the sleep files (they should be named user-site-export/sleep-yyy-mm-dd.json) and rename them the start of the notebook to match where you've stored your archive

You can then make the following visuals with the make_graphs.Rmd code: (1) histogram of hours asleep per day, (2) nightingale plot with bed times and wake-up times, (3) raster plot of sleep by day and time, (4) animated gif of sleep over hours in the day (each dot is a day)

On the code:

  • make_graphs.Rmd is the R notebook that generates all the contents of graphs
  • make_graphs.nb.html is the rendered notebook

Here's the link to the notebook on RPubs.

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