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raw data and R code for "Building Visualizations Using City Open Data: Philly School Comparisons"


Clone the repo and run the R scripts of interest (using R version 3.1.2 (2014-10-31) -- "Pumpkin Helmet"):

To make the violin plot

Run violin_plot.R

To make the map plot

Run points_on_map.R

Data notes:

All data was downloaded from Philly open data portal!!! (Yay open data!!!) All originals are in the "downloaded_data" folder Code then calls these files in making the two visuals of interest

Get school and score data

2014_2015_SCHOOL_PROGRESS_REPORT_20160208.xlsx downloaded from (last updated July 21, 2016) (first sheet resaved as csv for ease of calling into R)

Get long and lat for schools

Schools.csv downloaded from (last updated 1/21/15)

Get ID numbers for merging for schools

"2014-15 Master School List" (last updated 9/8/15) (second sheet resaved as csv for ease of calling into R)

Get data for mapping

"Zipcodes_Poly" folder downloaded from

Ping me if you have any questions/concerns

Here's my email: