All your questions are belong to us
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apaleo API

All your questions are belong to us.

This repo is for you to ask questions and support issues you encounter when using the apaleo APIs.

Reporting issues

Simply create one of those issues:

  • bug: when you receive a 500 response, something does not work as described in the documentation, or anything unexpected
  • question: when you're stuck on a specific implementation detail, or have a general question on all things apaleo API
  • feature request: make a wish.

What to write

The more information you give us, the easier it will be for us to help you. However, please do not post any passwords, client credentials, tokens, secrets, personal data like emails, customer names or account codes. This is a public space.

This repo is a nice and happy place. Please don't troll, insult, post adds or anything your grandparents would disapprove of. If we see this happening, we'll delete the comments and might even ban you.

More info