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A MERN stack application deployed on Heroku
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A MERN stack web application deployed on Heroku, with a React frontend with a Express backend.

This project uses REST API design and Express to create API routes, along with Mongoose and MongoDB for data modeling and persistence.
The app will provide a way for users to:

  • see immunization data for Washington state schools by immunization type, exemption reason & more on a Google map
  • interact with the map displaying schools in the database
  • each map marker will display an infowindow w/ that schools immunization data


You will need MongoDB installed on your local machine.
  • Clone the repo:

    $ git clone

  • cd into the project folder & install dependencies:

    $ npm i

  • cd into the /client folder & install dependencies:

    $ npm i

Create a .Env File for API Keys

  • You will need to create a .env file in the root directory of the project and a second .env file in the /client folder.

  • To run this project you will need your own:

    1 Google Maps JavaScript API Key

    • In the /client/.env file add:

      REACT_APP_MAP_KEY=<Google Maps API Key>

    2 Socrata App Token

    • In the root directory .env file add:

      SOCRATA_API_KEY=<Socrata App Token>

    3 existing mLab Database account (they are no longer creating new ones)

    • Login to your mLab account & create a new MongoDB Deployment, under the free option.
    • Add a new database user & password to it.
    • Add the standard MongoDB URI from the deployment into the root directory .env file:

    MONGOLAB_URI=mongodb://<dbuser>:<dbpassword>@ds<number><number>/<deployment name>

  • To run the app, in the terminal enter:

    $ npm start

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