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WDI Capstone Project - AngularJS frontend for GIF-making app
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flipbook - client

Hosted on Github pages

View app/API here:
flipbook: Client
flipbook: API


flipbook is a tool for 'bringing your images to life'. With it, a user can make a basic sketch on a blank canvas or upload an image and sketch on that, and save each drawing as a 'frame' that can be compiled into an animated GIF, like a flipbook. If no image frames are selected for the GIF, the user can use their webcam to create the GIF of themselves. In addition, a simple caption can be written, stylized, and placed on top of the GIF itself for added hilarity.

General Approach

For my final project I wanted to experiement with some technologies I wasn't really comfortable with yet; despite having just finished writing upBucket I was still a shaky on Express and Node, so those were the first choices on the api side. On the front end, I wanted to be sure to use a front-end framework. I've been curious about Angular for a long time, so it made the most sense to dive in headfirst and commit myself to learning it in time for this project rather than allowing myself the freedom to tinker with it independently and indefinitely when no deliverable is actually due.

Regarding the app itself - I wanted to build a tool that did something fun, and I wanted to tinker with an idea I had for my side project; this was a first draft of that idea.

Things I would do with more time:

  • It'd be cool if a user could select an image to sketch on rather than uploading their own. I'd like to add that feature and create a 'gallery' from which a user can choose the background image of their GIF.
  • It'd also be cool to add a 'share' feature, that allows a user to email/post/whatever their GIFs to their friends.
  • Currently the app is not mobile friendly. That should change.

Front End Mockups

Creating a GIF

Create GIF experience

Live Screenshot

Login Page

Login experience

Creating a GIF

Create GIF experience

GIF Gallery

GIF Gallery experience

Technology Used

flipbook's client side is written with Angular, Bootstrap, HTML5, and Sass. The api is written with a MongoDB database, along with Express and Node.js for the full MEAN stack experience.

User Stories

Generally speaking, a user can:

  • use their email address (ideally a fake one) to sign up
  • use that email address to log in
  • get a token back from the API upon login that authenticates their session
  • upload an image as a background for a GIF
  • draw on top of the uploaded image
  • save each image as a 'frame' of a GIF
  • pick and choose which 'frames' to include in the GIF
  • add a variety of styles to a custom caption
  • turn their 'frames' into a GIF
  • view a collection of all of the GIFs they've created, and no one else's
  • view the individual GIF
  • edit the GIF's attributes (just name and a comment, for now)


After npm install run grunt for building and grunt serve for preview.

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