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JVM Dynamic Attach utility
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JVM Dynamic Attach utility

The utility to send commands to remote JVM via Dynamic Attach mechanism.

All-in-one jmap + jstack + jcmd + jinfo functionality in a single tiny program.
No installed JDK required, works with just JRE. Supports Linux containers.

This is the lightweight native version of HotSpot Attach API

Supported commands:

  • load : load agent library
  • properties : print system properties
  • agentProperties : print agent properties
  • datadump : show heap and thread summary
  • threaddump : dump all stack traces (like jstack)
  • dumpheap : dump heap (like jmap)
  • inspectheap : heap histogram (like jmap -histo)
  • setflag : modify manageable VM flag
  • printflag : print VM flag
  • jcmd : execute jcmd command


Load JVMTI agent

$ jattach <pid> load <.so-path> { true | false } [ options ]

Where true means that the path is absolute, false -- the path is relative.

options are passed to the agent.

List available jcmd commands

$ jattach <pid> jcmd "help -all"



On FreeBSD, you can use the following command to install jattach package:

$ pkg install jattach

Alpine Linux

On Alpine Linux, you can use the following command to install jattach package from the edge/community repository:

$ apk add --no-cache jattach --repository


jattach package can be installed from AUR using one of AUR helpers, e.g., yay:

$ yay -S jattach
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