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Moderately-optimizing brainfuck interpreter
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bff 1.0.6

    Moderately-optimizing brainfuck interpreter

    To build with GNU tools run

    To install in /usr/bin (not sure why you'd be wanting this though)
        make install

    To clean up the build files
        make clean

    1.0.6 - Apr 27, 2015
        added special handling for [-] and [+]

    1.0.5 - Dec 10, 2012
        fixed grow() as per Mitch Schwartz note

    1.0.4 - Aug 1, 2011
        fixed xalloc() to zero newly allocated blocks - Aug 2, 2004
        fixed a bug where programs starting with < or > command
        were not handled properly

    1.0.3 - Jul 29, 2004
        further optimized the main loop, now runs twice as fast

    1.0.2 - Apr 27, 2004
        made it compilable under MSVC
        added -Wall to Makefile
        added missing string.h include

    1.0.1 - Apr 27, 2004
        the cell array is now dynamically grown when exhausted;
        the input may be read from the file

    1.0.0 - Apr 26, 2004
        an initial public release

Copyright (c) 2004-12, Alex Pankratov ( All rights reserved.
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